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Developed countries are responsible for Global Warming.

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Started: 8/3/2013 Category: Science
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Industrialized countries are far more likely to cause damage to the environment which can cause damage to the climate. The nations who participate in manufacturing release more dangerous greenhouse gases that cause damage to the ozone and can eventually cause climate change. Undeveloped nations have a much smaller footprint in regards to ozone damage. It is this reason that the developed countries have a responsible to the 3rd world countries to clean up their environmental act.



The industrial revolution did not start last week.

1760 was the date, and pretty much between then and the late 20th century, developed countries in North America and Europe and Japan were the dominant industrial machines that kept the world going.


Developing countries from Asia and South America followed the industrial economic model and became the factories of the world.

Their lower cost of operation, due to very low cost of labor at first, made them the de facto destination for industrial production outsourcing.

Factories that were originally in developed economies started to shift their operations to places like South East Asia, India and China. But they are merely offshore extensions of corporations that are based in America, Europe and Japan who are seeking ways to drive cost efficiency and profit while feeding the demand from developed and emerging markets. Globalization accelerated this process.

While home grown companies and factories emerged from developing economies, they are predominantly export-oriented, either to provide low cost parts or act as cost repair centers for the developed world.

Developing countries are notorious for side-stepping labor and environmental issues to retain their competitiveness, which are not possible in 1st world democratic countries which have come to adopt stricter regulations. This further fueled the movement of factories out of the 1st world and into developing countries.


Global warming wasn’t a fad that started yesterday.

Measurements from deep deposits of glacial ice at the Antarctic show a decline of global temperatures leading to the industrial revolution and a sharp increase preceding it, and that amounts of residual carbon deposits show a correlation between global temperature and carbon in the atmosphere.

Due to the size of 1st world industrialized countries accounting for 60% of the world’s GDP, they remain a large contributor to carbon emissions. While it’s true that developed countries have recently increased their relative emissions, this is largely due to their export-oriented economies targeted towards 1st world countries; and their attractiveness as cost-efficient locations for factories of corporations based in 1st world.

The role of developed countries in the industrial revolution and the “mutually-beneficial” relationship it enjoys with the industrial and export-oriented economies of the developed world cannot be ignored.

This debate is not about whether global warming is true or false. In fact the motion presupposes it and the history of the early and modern industrial revolution and globalization show that both developed and developing countries are complicit regardless of who now plays a more proactive role in addressing the issue.

In closing, both developed and developing countries are equally accountable for global warming and in lieu of their mutually-beneficial relationship, are equal stake-holders.

This satisfies the motion that developed countries have an equal responsibility in mitigating global warming.
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Posted by DT 5 years ago
So how does this work?

Is round 1 acceptance only? Or do I start with my opening?
Posted by Hatstand 5 years ago
You've named yourself the wrong side of this argument. Con is disagreeing with the statement in the topic. You should be pro if what you've written is anything to go by.
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