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Dictator Debate

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Started: 3/9/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate is more of a game than anything. My opponent will be debating me for the position of world dictator.

The rules are simple:
1. You're merely pitching how you would rule the world if you are voted dictator.
2. You can use real issues, but you are not required to, and since this is global there may be some new challenges to look for.
3. The first round is for acceptance and your dictator "name" and slogan.
4. The second round is for your pitch: aka; how you will run the world!
5. The goal is simply to get people to vote for you.

My Dictator Name:

I am Fideli-Olama Sitler, and I am running to be the dictator of the world!

Slogan: F.U.N: F is for friends who do stuff together! U is for unanimously working. N is for nobody arguing against my authority.


I accept, seeing as this appeals to my ego, lol.

Name: Matt Borden
Slogan: Novus Ordo Seclorum
Debate Round No. 1


I, Fideli-Olama Sitler, welcome Matt Borden to the political debate which will determine who becomes the world's dictator. I will be organizing my ideals, plans and goals for the world by category.

***Foreign Policy***

Firstly, the current international borders will no longer be in effect. New regions will be made over the continents, which will be determined by groups that share interests. An example would be relocating those who are American conservatives/republicans to the southern side of the United States and the liberal/democrats to the northern side of the U.S. This relocating would be global based off of chemistry between beliefs, social standards and so forth. This policy would be to ensure that peace would come easily by avoiding quarrels such as the gun control debate currently in the U.S.A. Ultimately the Republican side of the U.S.A. would end up being more like Switzerland according to their policies, but would live in harmony because of their agreement over issues such as abortion, gun control and so forth. There will be slight issues when separating people in this manner, which is why evaluation sheets which help you see where you stand politically, religiously and so on, will be offered so that you can be located in the proper region. Going by which values you hold as priority you can ensure that you are in the right location. Locations as you move around the globe will have different degrees, such as California may be for Christian Liberals while Tennessee will be for Atheist Republicans.

These regions I speak of will act as their own countries. Using the United States as an example; these countries will act as the states do in accordance to the federal government, but with less freedom. My personal selection of representatives for these regions will be underneath me to ensure that I can approve or disprove of whatever a region may be trying to do. All requests to move in any direction for every region will be brought to me once a month and no action will take place unless I approve of the request.

***Justice System***

If I win this election I will be sure to place Matt Borden at the head of the justice system. The justice system consist of courts in the regions and governed by the regions, and any case that is brought to the international level (or federal level) will go directly through me where I will evaluate the evidence then and there. I will make the verdict and go from there. The governing of the region's courts is entirely up to them as long as they follow the laws of the head of the world aka; me.


The prison system will be simple. Anyone who is incarcerated for their crime will be sent to work camps where they will work off the value placed on their crime. Values will be determined through region courts and federal cases will automatically be life sentences if seen as guilty. Life sentences will be served on off shore oil rigs, where we will get production out of their prison sentences. Other prisoners will be working for construction purposes in their home regions, and on farms in rural regions. The prisoners will be working alongside overseers who will be armed at all times.


Local transportation in regions will consist no longer of subways, but instead of roller coaster rides. This is merely something I wish to see and as the dictator of the world I will ensure that this policy is made.

International travel will consist of subways, and planes. Ships, boats and water based transportation will only be used for fishing, finding oil and prisoner transfers.


I will be taking a communist approach to work and careers, but in a new light. At the age of seventeen everyone will be taking a career license exam. The exam will show you what you would be best at and you will be given three of your top choices. There will always be three choices, but when selecting your choice you must train and remain on that career path for at least ten years before requesting a transfer. The transfer will allow you to renew your career license, will a new exam to determine your new three choices. You must choose from the choices provided, you cannot choose something that may have been on your first exam, but isn't available on your others. Ultimately, your choices will be based off of your skill set and what the economy/work force requires of you.

There will be an international currency. Much like the United States currency, it will be printed on paper, but instead of presidential faces, my face will be on the currency. Just because, why not?

A Major change in a world controlled by me will be the way in which we settle "wars" or disputes among regions or "countries." Every country will be continuously training their international "armies" in local soccer leagues. All international warfare and disputes will be settled from international soccer leagues. The standard format will be the best two out of three matches. While civil war matters will be disputed by me after a case has been presented. World Wars will basically create World Cups which will continue to occur, but instead of every 4 years, they will be every 2 years.

Unfortunately, I must stop my round prematurely because of some unforeseen events. I will leave my case as such and wish you the best of luck, Matt Borden.


Hello world, I'm Matt Borden. Elect me as your President, and I'll send human civilization back to the Dark Ages! It'll work like this:

1. I'll seize absolute power, as my plan would face heavy opposition from the World Congress, and my plan would likely take up to a decade (longer than a normal dictator term) to accomplish.
2. The UN will eradicate the most complex bacteria, leaving behind only more primitive bacteria. No special anti-biotic bacteria.
3. All scientists would be executed.
4. All scientific textbooks would be destroyed.
5. The internet would be destroyed.
6. Everyone would be forced into naturous areas, being removed from all advanced technology.
7. All remaining advanced technology in the former hands of civilians would be destroyed.
8. All remaining soldiers would deposit their equipment in a facility which would then be blown up.
9. Prophets would be sent to the new primitives and preach the "Cult of the Silver Mongoose"; all technology would be forbidden as blasphemous.
10. The UN Government would be disbanded.
11. I'd put myself in a cryostasis tube (the last piece of technology) for humans thousands of years later to revive.

Thus, the world would be reverted to the Dark Ages. Everything would revert back to a feudal system and 300 monarchies scattered about the world.
Therefore, vote for me, please. Thank you. Ooh ooh! Aah aah!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Hanspete 3 years ago
If you are separating the world into 300 monarchies into the Dark Ages, can I rule a Greco-Turkish Kingdom? :D :D
Posted by logicinlife 3 years ago
If you're elected, Matt, I request to take my throne in Scotland since I have the royal genealogy from the first king of Scotland.
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