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Did Ben Carson say anything wrong about Muslims?

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Started: 9/27/2015 Category: Politics
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Dr. Ben Carson, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate, made some "controversial" comments in regards to a Muslim becoming President. The Leftist media has jumped onto what Carson said and have tried to twist his words into something that they aren't. Dr. Carson said nothing wrong and didn't in any way, shape, or form, go against the Constitution in saying he wouldn't support a Muslim being president.

His Statement:


The issue that Mr. Ben Carson brings up, I would say from my perspective, show that Ben Carson is implying islamophobia in this statement. Faith has little to no impact on what makes you a leader. As an example, Bernie Sanders believes in Judaism and the Torah would be his holy book. What is wrong about this statement is how he doesn't think he make an informed opinion about Islam and what it actually is. Furthermore, the approval rating of Muslims in the United States is lower than atheists! Which implies that we dislike Islam which was actually based from Christianity mind you, than the absence of a God and Mr. Ben Carson is no exclusion to that message.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that we have a special nation that is accepting of all religions. I, personally, couldn't support someone to be the commander in chief that practices Sharia Law. That is not meant to be a generalization about all muslims in America. I think Dr. Carson made it very clear that a muslim can run, but he couldn't support them in becoming president. Frankly, I heard no Islamophobia in his statement and just saw a man stating a point about what he believes in. He didn't say anything negative regarding muslims, he only shared his opinion on Sharia Law and its compliance with the United States Constitution. If a muslim were to renounce Sharia law to be below the constitution I don't beleive Dr. Carson would have a problem with that person being president. To go farther people of ALL faiths that win the highest office in the land MUST not lead the American people based on their religious beliefs regardless of the religious beliefs they may own.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Brancook 2 years ago
Its sad hat this is even a debate. It is obvious that Sharia Law and the Constitution don't mix. Although many do not want to admit it, the Constitution was written by Christians with a Christian moral value system. Sharia Law is the Muslim belief system. It is what there world view is based on. If a Muslim is strict in his beliefs, then he follows Sharia law in his decisions. For the unstudied person that means, No Democracy, No other religions, Women are property, Property doesn't have rights, Life has no guarantees and can be taken for a variety of reasons (being Homosexual, Blasphemy, Being of another religion). You can not defend a religion that follows the Koran were it is the documented and legal practice to kill, rape, and suppress anyone against the Islamic faith. For that reason if a person believes in Islam, then they cannot fulfill the duties of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights which guarantees the freedoms that Islam considers illegal and punishable by death.
Posted by retroz 2 years ago
The funny thing is, we already have a Muslim president...

Islam is patrilineal (passing down by father)...
His grandfather was Muslim...
Making his father Muslim...
Making him Muslim...

No matter how much he claims to be a Christian there is no way he is... He was born a Muslim

This is also true with Jews
Judaism is matrilineal (passing down by mother)
XYZ's grandmother is Jewish
XYZ's mother is Jewish
Making XYZ Jewish
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