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Did Jesus have a sex drive?

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Started: 2/13/2017 Category: Religion
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Did the son of God have a sex drive?
Debate Round No. 1


Did Jesus have a sex drive?

By all rights Jesus was a man. He was flesh and blood. He had a penis....right? I should think he does anyway. If he had a penis then he had a ball sack, which means he was producing the hormone testosterone. If he was producing testosterone then this would give him a sex drive and the need to mate, with either man or woman. Depending on his sexual preference (which I will get into in a bit).
If he was not producing testosterone, then he would have a high pitch voice and sound like a young girl.

Saying "Jesus did not have a sex drive" would be doing him a massive dishonour, so I would be careful what you say next time.

What was Jesus's sexual preference?

It's been well stated many times that, Jesus never had a son. Why not? He was a man in every sense. His male instincts must have been crying out to him.
The question of "Why didn't Jesus have a son" raises a very interesting question, was Jesus even a man? We know he wasn't a woman, so maybe he was A sexual.
God wouldn't be sexist enough to create a son to represent the holy spirit. It is highly likely that Jesus was an A sexual individual IF he didn't have a sex drive.

With all the Godly powers in the world (and possibly a sex drive) you must ask, why did Jesus decide to hang out with 7 male disciples? Why not 7 really hot female disciples?

Theory 1: Jesus was a gay man and enjoyed the company of other males.
Theory 2: Jesus had a really high pitch voice and no women wanted to be around him.
Theory 3: Jesus was a sexist pig and didn't believe women would make good disciples.


All of this should at least suggest something about the Bible and Jesus is fishy......It doesn't quite add up does it? I don't care if Jesus is a gay man, nor do I care if he is A sexual and genderless. It would be weird though.
What I do care about is, does Jesus have a sex drive? This would tell us everything we need to know about the Bible. The answer, I believe, is simply, yes.


Opponent has contradicted himself in his argument by very well stating he could be wrong. He uses no sources. There is nothing in the bible to suggest Jesus had a sex drive. That's all.
Debate Round No. 2


I never said "I could be wrong." Please provide a quote and stop making up false accusations. I am very calculated with what I say and I did not say that.

The burden of proof is not just on me, it's on both of us. I have to give reasoning as to why Jesus might have a sex drive, you must give reasoning why he has no sex drive.
Do you even understand how debates work?

There is nothing in the Bible that suggests Jesus had NO sex drive. Therefore it's open to interpretation.

You want sources? Ok.

Regarding Jesus's sex drive:

Regarding Jesus's nuts.

My opponent provided us with a sentence and hasn't given us a real argument, nor has he defended his view which is -"Jesus has no sex drive."
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PFJones 1 year ago
@What50 no
Posted by What50 1 year ago
Con is the best debater of the whole website.
Posted by Justiceforall1 1 year ago
Jesus had a purpose for being on earth, according to the bible. I do not believe Jesus had a sex drive because that is not what he came to earth to do. He came to die for the sins of sinners, and I highly doubt that sex was something that was on his list of things to do on earth for his father. Whatever idiot thinks that jesus could have been gay- The bible speaks for itself on the fact that God was against homosexuality, Jesus is God through the trinity, Jesus was not gay
Posted by godreal 1 year ago
god yes
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
I probably didn't need another round for this.
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Well he was probably homosexual as most profets. Sex drive ? Who cares. But why would it not be "average" ?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
A semantical Con would've argued he didn't have porn (a hard drive containing sex).
Posted by Sui_Generis 1 year ago
good luck to the con... it will be a tough battle, assuming you're arguing within the confines of Christian theology.
Posted by Accipiter 1 year ago
If you look at Jesus' story you can clearly see that he hung around with a bunch of guys all the time, never got married, never had a girlfriend, no evidence at all that he ever French kissed a woman and never had children. Now if Jesus had a kid we could assume he had sex with a woman at least once, but he never did. All of this indicates that Jesus was probably homosexual and if he did have sex it was most likely anal.
Posted by Masterful 1 year ago
Good point I will be sure to add that into my argument.
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Reasons for voting decision: Arguments go to pro: Con never provided any actual arguments. Pro provided the argument that Jesus was a man, and naturally would have a sex drive because of male anatomy. Conduct goes to pro: Con lied about pro saying he could be wrong.