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Did President Obama do a good job in foreign affairs?

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Started: 10/22/2012 Category: Politics
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Resolved: President Obama did not do a good job in the foreign affairs.

I believe President Obama has hurt our relations between other nations, and since tonight is the foreign policy debate what better time to debate the topic then the present. I would like the Con to demonstrate how President Obama has made relations better. Do not mention anything domestic, but you can link them (ex: President Obama starts to withdraw forces from Iraq, which will help us economically). That is about it.

1. No trolling, semantics, or misbehavior.
2. MUST use sources for arguments!
3. Please be a good sport and conduct yourself in a respectful behavior (Goes with rule one).
4.No arguments in the last round.
5. First round is for acceptance.

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Opening Arguments
Round 3: Rebuttals
Round 4: Closing statements


Alright. I want to thank my opponent for opening up this debate and I, in turn am very honored to accept this debate offer.

(I am very new to this '' so forgive me if I do not understand some structures and whatnot.)

The debate topic is 'Did President Obama do a good job in foreign affairs?' First of all,

Attempting to end war in Iraq. -
Killing of Bin Laden- symbolic representation that America will crush all foreign opposition.
Foreign policy in Somalia, pirates etc.
Obama sent in Hilary Clinton to check things
Asia- Obama's administration on southeast Asia-
India and Pakistan competition over nuclear weapons- settled
India fighting with china, southern-central portion- settled by Obama
South Asian nuclear weapons - Slight delay on Obama's part.
Debate Round No. 1


Throughout this presidency our relations with other nations drop, fast and furious, Libya, and Israel have dangerously hurt us in foreign affairs. I will be presenting my argument based in the order with other small miscellaneous items toward the end.

1. Relations with other nations: Our relations with other nations have fallen dramatically over the last four years. At the beginning of the president's term foreign relations peaked, but have since declined. [1] Why? I contend to believe that the confidence in the US has also dwindled. [1] Not to mention scandals such as Libya and Fast and Furious, which I will get to later. As evidenced by [1] the president has clearly have made the US less likable than he claims.

2. Fast and Furious: Fast and Furious is a scandal... A scandal where the Obama Administration supplied Mexican Drug Cartels and gave them weapons. [2] Fast and Furious didn't make it on the news much except Fox or barely mentioned anywhere else and wasn't even brought up in any of the presidential debates. For this I believe this was dangerous and reckless.

3. Libya: I don't care what anyone says in the media abut this. This is a plain out scandal and cover up. President Obama lied for 14 days straight blaming the attack in Benghazi on a Youtube video. [3] Now we know that Romney was correct and his claim supported. Libya was buried until October 24, 2012 when reports came out. As we know now the president lied blatantly to ALL of the American people. Two hours after the attack on Libya commenced he had e-mails upon emails about the attack. I believe that is the main point in my argument that not only did President Obama lie, but he also showed he couldn't keep American people alive over seas. [4]

Other facts: During the debate Romney called Obama on the "Apology Tour," which is true. [5] The president had in fact, on a tour to France, called the US "dismissive" and "derisive". I believe this also shows [6] The Apology Tour as Romney put it did happen. We have freed many nations in the past. Based on American history, I will go into depth:

Mexico and Latin America (Monroe Doctrine)
France and Germany (WW2)
East Berlin Russia or back then called the USSR (Cold War and Berlin Airlift)
Italy (WW2)
Israel (After WW2)

Those are just a few countries we have helped liberate. So Romney was right to say that we have not dictated other nations, but freed them from tyranny.

So as a result my argument stands: President Obama's foreign policy were not only bad, but gave a feeling to more Anti-American feeling throughout the world. As well as going on the Apology Tour which damaged our credibility as a leader nation.



Mishy8311 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I have only a few things to point out now. As facts come out about Libya, it is shown that President Obama is incompentent when it comes to dealing with a sudden crisis. Please refer back to my previous argument, for my partner didn't give a rebuttal, nor argument. Thank you.


Mishy8311 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Since my opponent didn't get the propose his argument for the debate I will just go ahead with the closing.

As we've seen in recent weeks, the Obama administration has not done a good job in foreign affairs. From the apology tour to Libya to the favorability ratings of the US, it is shown that his policies don't work. Please keep my previous arguments in thought when you vote "con." Thank you.


Mishy8311 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Mishy8311 5 years ago
In response to The Underdog's comment, I would like to say that this debate has been a failure due to my lack of presence. This is merely because i was preoccupied with other matters for quite some while. I will take heed of your advice and hope that my actions does not denigrate your dignity in anyway. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
Posted by TheUnderdog 5 years ago
Thank you Mishy for accepting the debate. First before the debate I would like to give a few tips to you. When I post my argument, you post your argument and explain, using sources you develop a commentary around your beliefs. Since you are "pro" You believe that Obama did a good job in foreign affairs. When I post my argument follow the format. Follow your opponents format whenever you debate someone. I believe it not only helps you be an effective debater, but it helps develop how to be able to debate. For me I am also new to, but I have been at the debating scene for a while. This is not meant to undermine you, just to help you. I want you to succeed not to fail. So I wish you good luck and have fun!
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