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Did the Soviet Union play a more important role in defeating Nazi Germany during WWII than the West

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Started: 4/7/2015 Category: People
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Actually, when Hitler invaded Poland in 1938, England and France and some other countries declared war on him but for 6 months they did nothing, allowing Hitler to mobilize his troops and annihilate all of Britain's army. Then he attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941. The USSR was unprepared, and was losing heavily. The only successful battle that the USSR had was The Battle of Moscow, where the German soldiers were pushed back. After which, at the end of 1942, The Battle Of Stalingrad happened, which showed that Germany can be defeated. It was the USSR that freed most of the Eastern Front, and stormed Berlin, while The Allies only helped the last 11 months of the war when it was clear that the USSR was winning. More Russian soldiers and POWS died in the war than Jews, with Russian deaths numbering 27 million people.


First, I don't agree that the Soviet Union do play a more important role than the West; so it's unlikely I'll win this debate. Nonetheless, I'll try my best. Also, given the question above, these are what each side should be arguing, so there's no confusion:

- Con = Arguing why the West was more important, or simply why Russia was NOT most important
- Pro = Arguing why Russia was most important and why the West was not. (I should be arguing this)

As the first part of the argument, let's start with the basest of points. While, as you've mentioned, the USSR suffered a severe number of casualties; with their exceedingly large population and armed force, they were able to sustain such casualties without too great an impact other than to the public morale. Initially, German tactics had surprised and overwhelmed the Soviets, with the repetitive use of pincer attacks to surround Soviet forces and result in mass surrender or massacre. However, all the ground that Germany gained was swiftly lost when the tide turned and Russia began using Germany's own tactics against it.

While Western powers were focused on liberating France, and later suppressing the Japanese; the USSR was the key Eastern power capable of keeping pressure on the German army. While Hitler had thought Russia to be an easy conquest, he believed his focus would be the West; and thus the chaotic transformation to the war, on his part, threw his plans into turmoil. Fighting a war on two fronts proved to be a difficult one, and eventually placed too much pressure on Hitler and the German army.

During the course of the Second World War, the Soviet Army made considerable progress on ground, pushing Germany further west, and further into its own country; while the Western powers focused on aerial strikes, and made only gradual progress with its land forces. The Western focus on bombing German targets, while remaining important, can be considered less important than the impact of the Soviet progression on land - most significantly the infiltration of Berlin and the Reichstag during Operation Barbarossa.
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah, while most of this is true, do not forget that Russia had just become a Communist coutnry, and with Hitler's sudden attack on the USSR, Russia had no time to get anything ready. But in the space of a year, we were able to learn the German's tactics, and we built the T-34, one of the most heavily armored tanks in the war, making it harder for the Panzers and the Tigrs to destroy them. The Russians also managed to turn their avation, from one of the worst, to one of the best, although not as good as the German, but still pretty good because of Pokrishkin, a Russian ace, who revolutionized the Russian air force. Also, at that time, submarine and ship warfare became popular between the 2 countries (Russia and Germany), and both tried to build the best submarines. These submarines were often better than the Germans. in 1942, the Allies in the West were getting destroyed by the German Panzer and SS divisions. The US came into the war in 1944, when Russia had done most of the heavy lifting, and the Allied forces began to help Russia more, as at that time, they had been pitting the 2 countries against each other. During WW2, there were more Russian casualties than there were Jewish or Allied. The total amount of Russian deaths was 20 million, but now historians say it was around 27, almost 30 million. Overall, during this war, Russia did more than the Allies could ever do during the span of a few years.


George_Lenton forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Also, at the start of the war, The USSR managed to turn the tide of the war in early December 1941, when the Russians repelled an attack by Nazi Germany on Moscow. For the first time since the war began in June, The Soviets were able to show their true power. Then in 1942, at the battle of Stalingrad, which was the crucial turning point in the war, the Russians managed to defeat and surround Hitler's Wehrmacht, which at that time, was unstoppable and unbeatable. They also managed to defeat Hitler's 6th Panzer Army, as well as repelling the Germans' new tank, the Tigr. Russia has had many wars throughout it's history, and so when Stalin realized that if they do not increase their industry, and catch up to Hitler, they would lose. So in the space of a year, the Soviets became a military superpower.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by George_Lenton 3 years ago
Additionally, Britain not only lent similar (but fewer) of the above, but also provided the necessary experts and military personnel to man some of the vehicles, but also provided numerous amounts of air power to the Russian army. All of which aided in the siege of St Petersburg and later battles to take place.
The total worth of aid provided to the USSR alone amounted to approximately "13 billion.

The USSR was unable to successfully combat the German force without the aid from Western powers, as alone they were incapable of transporting military equipment, and lacked the food or water to sustain their soldiers (hence early in the war thousands of Russian soldiers were deserting all the time).

The point made by @biggest_pro_going is redundant. The number of Russian deaths greatly exceeded any other country in the war because their armed force was the largest (in terms of soldiers) and their tactics were terrible to start with, constantly being slaughtered by German pincer attacks. This has no relevance to their contribution to the war.

A swift summary:

- Russia was incapable of sustaining its army alone, and couldn't battle the German army without aid.
- Allied forces were involved in the war since September 1939, just more intelligently (via air warfare).
- Allies provided a MASSIVE amount of aid to Russia.
- Allies crippled the German economy during the war with varying tactics.
- Allied forces entered the crippled German territories, providing pressure while the Soviet Union caused more pressure on the Eastern front.
- Allies caused severe demoralisation in the German public's morale. (A country at war without the backing of its people can never win - look at vietnam).

Finally, do not slander your competitors when you cannot provide a decent argument, and when your argument is based on vague and false knowledge. You're clearly biased, and you ought to actually research your arguments first.
Posted by George_Lenton 3 years ago
Ok. Then in this case I'll have to argue the opposite. You're incorrect to state the allies only joined the war in 1944. The invasion of Normandy was in 1944, the first allied invasion on the Western(ish) front, but had previously invaded Sicily in 1943 via the Italians.

However, the most prominent impact the allies had in WW2 was their consistent air strikes, similar to the German "Blitz" but more focused. Both the British and Americans focused bombing (eventually) on key targets such as important transportation infrastructure such as railways or harbours. Alongside this, later they focused attacks on military outposts and production centres, severely crippling the German economy. Also, consistent attacks on Cities, much like the Luftwaffe in Britain, caused considerable reduction in morale. As a result, German spending on anti-air defences greatly exceeded the necessary production rate, wasting resources enough to build thousands of fighter planes; and resulted in the nightly bombardment of flak into the sky, simply to show the German people that they were 'safe'. This, of course, only further devastated the already damaged German economy.

More importantly, considering you're so insistent that Russia did most of the work, the only reason the USSR was able to support their army in combating the German force was because of the aid supplied by the Western powers (mainly America due to the Lend-Lease policy). Approximately 4 million tonnes of goods were provided to the USSR by America alone, including food, clothing and transportation such as trucks and combat vehicles with necessary ordnance. Without such, the Russian army wouldn't have been capable of progressing, and thus unable to force the German army back.

See next comment.
Posted by GreatOratorStalin 3 years ago
@GeorgeLenton I am clearly aruging that the USSR did more than the Allies. All of my points point the USSR, because the Allies did nothing, and they only came in 1944, when the USSR had done most of the heavy lifiting. But don't confuse yourself, this is too advanced for ur small mind to comprehend.
Posted by biggest_pro_going 3 years ago
This is rather confusing, but still the USSR clearly contributed much more than the west to winning the wan and of course beating the Nazis. - 9/10 German deaths occurred on the Russian front - That is all the info needed to prove my point.
Posted by George_Lenton 3 years ago

-- You're arguing the wrong side. At points you're even sometimes arguing both sides. Please actually decide for which argument your going to base your evidence and points on.
Posted by wolf121612 3 years ago
Well you got your date wrong hitler invaded in 1939 September 1
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