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Did the US Forces kill Osama bin Laden

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Started: 1/30/2013 Category: News
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Osaka bin Laden is still alive because:

1.The US Forces Have no proof.
The US Forces might not have killed bin Laden since they have no proof about him dead. They say that after they killed bin Laden they buried him in sea but what they should of done is bring the body back to USA show the body to president Barack Obama and on TV to proof that yes we killed bin Laden leader of al-Qaed. There are photos of Gaddafi dead but no photos of bin Laden dead

2.No one found his body

Many people explored the sea of where bin Laden was buried but no one ever found his body.Obama stated that reason they threw bin Laden`s body in sea was only because no country wanted to accept burying him but I think that's bullsh*t

3.Iran stats think that bin Laden died before the US raid
Iran believes that bin Laden died from a illness a few years after the 9-11 incident. Iran is allot closer to Pakistan the USA and know more information about how it is to live there

That's pretty much all I got for now



First off, id like to say that I can't even see why you want to debate this but I'll go along with it anyway. Of course he is actually dead, even though the government lies to us on occasions they don't lie when it has to do with something that will gain them support in the end, that would be idiotic. The only they never brought back the body was because after the devastating attack of the place he was staying the body was to badly hurt to mean anything if it was brought back home. Secondly we were honoring the customs of Muslim culture by doing what we did to his body and avoiding what politicians like to call a international crisis by taking his body and parading it around the United States. And in response to the photos, would like to see hundreds of photos of the president dead all around the world?, and there are several photos that are not reveled to the public because of the high level of clearance that went along with them, but there are photos.

Now in response to there being no body found, it is very hard to find a body from in the ocean and probably very few people tried looking as you did say, no one wanted him. Another reason is that it was honoring some type of Muslim culture by doing this and in the end it helped us to not go to a bigger war with all of the Muslim people in the world.

Finally, these rumors have been circulating for years that he's dead or he's not actually real and what not. It was also seen a strategy to say that he has been dead so that maybe the US would not try so hard to destroy the entire country and they could then build up an attack against us.

So in the end all of your ideas are basically paranoid rumors made up to figure something out that we don't 100% know and although it is not 100% stated it is clear they are likely true facts and can't be argued against.
Debate Round No. 1


The reason why I choose this topic to debate is because lots of people don`t know if bin Laden was really killed or not , as you said, lots of peoples think it may be a rumor. Anyways, the US always wanted to be the most powerful country in the world , so why wouldn't`t they lie to bring in some of the attentions towards them. President Obama keeps on saying that yes , we killed bin Laden but the problem is that president Obama did not even seen the body himself. But if the US wanted to throw the body in sea, I have no problem with that but they should have at least show it to Obama then throw it down a sea near USA.

Or maybe they could have done what they did to Saddam Hussein. Bring him back to the US alive bring him in a court room then if he`s charged guilty (that he probably would have been) just hang him. I'm not saying bin Laden is still alive. I also think he`s dead because he was just running away from the US military with not lots of sources to survive with. What if they made the whole Pakistan thing up. What if he was never in Pakistan. Yes, I think bin Laden is dead but long before the US raid. Bin Laden was traveling alone with not much help because he was on the US most wanted list.

Listen to what this guy was to say about it


The US wouldn't lie about such an event as killing bin Laden in order to be the most powerful nation for two reasons. First off is that it wasn't a lie, we really did kill him and only guys like you who because there's not a mountain of evidence to prove it say its false. Secondly the US already had been getting ahead in this war and even if bin Laden was still alive it never would have changed our position because other events had been shifting our position even before this event occurred. The worlds attention was already pointed as one previously also, as it always is just because we are a key player in world affairs, as are China and England.

Obama had no need to see the body because he watched the entire operation in a military base, as the executive office had been in charge of this mission from the Bush administration and was going to see it through to the end. On a live web feed several different members of the the strike force repeatedly confirmed the identity of bin Laden as did several prisoners of the same place he was hiding out at, proving that he was defiantly dead, if the bullet holes weren't proof enough.

The reason they didn't bring him into court was because they were attacked on route and in the compound and with only split second decisions to guide them the safest choice was to kill bin Laden, as that is what would have happened in the US anyway, and it was probably for the better because it could have caused an international incident over who tries him and where he is tried for his crimes. It is almost parallel to the Hitler scenario, except that he killed himself in that case, because the criminal was going to die regardless of the outcome it was just a matter of when he wold die and by whose hand.

As for the made up attack, I don't believe the US government is low enough to lie about the deaths of several marines, the crashing of a helicopter, the destroyed compound they were fighting in, and all the dead Iranians and Pakistani-ans whose deaths were shown to the world after the attack. Bin Laden was alive up until this point because he's been seen in other places with members of his followers all though the middle east. He's been leading them since the start of the war, and this can be proven. He even went so far as to be seen on films attacking the US that have been seen.

The fact of the matter is we out smarted them and won a critical battle; bin Laden is dead and just because you didn't touch he corpse doesn't mean it didn't happen. Question, do you not believe in the space landing either?
Debate Round No. 2


RawChicken forfeited this round.


I believe the fact that you have no continuing argument proves my point.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mike374040 5 years ago
Yes you did.
Posted by RawChicken 5 years ago
i know i failed my spelling and grammar badly
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