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Did the US betray Israeli by not using it's veto on the anti-settlement UNSC resolution

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Started: 1/16/2017 Category: Politics
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This refers to the 2334th resolution on the 23rd of December last year that stated Israeli settlement in occupied territory (the boarders of which they concluded were outlined by the 1967 boarders) is a violation of international law.

While you can take geopolitical implications into account in your argument but I'm mainly arguing on the moral side of things so mainly only use geopolitical effects to the extent they result in harm or benefits to people that could cause the actions to be seen as moral or immoral.

By betray I'm taking to mean a serious breach in your moral obligations to the betrayed that were previously established.

I am willing to debate all conclusions and assumptions made in the resolution.

My first point ,the US's alliance with Israeli has always been in the interest of ensuring the survival of the country of Israeli and the safety of Israeli's. The Resolution did not compromise either of those thing. The Resolution had no physical affect as was a vote to show that the members of the council disproved of the Israelis actions not a vote designed to force Israeli to destroy Israeli settlements in occupied territories. Even if the resolution is used as president to later make a second resolution that more forcefully orders Israel to stop making settlements in occupied territory this may harm Israelis interests to some extent but it would not seriously put Israel at risk of destruction or harm the majority of Israelis.

In summary the US is not obliged to ensure Israeli can create new settlements therefore its not betrayal to abstain in a vote that shows that the UNSC nations disapprove of settlements.


I believe that in abstaining from the UNSC vote to condemn Israel's settlement actions in disputed territory, the U.S. betrayed Israel.

As to your first point about the United States' alliance with Israel, the United States is not defending Israel in any way. With their abstaining from voting is appears that the U.S. is abandoning Israel. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines alliance as "a relationship in which people agree to work together." This resolution, while not actively punishing Israel, is condemning Israel for making settlements in disputed territories. If Israel is forced to abandon these territories, it's narrowest point will be approximately 10 miles wide. That is narrower than the narrowest part of the state of Delaware. Being surrounded by hostile nations, Israel would soon be wiped out.

My first point is that the United States should have vetoed the resolution and defended Israel from their larger, more hostile neighbors.
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