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Dis rap battle (Opponent goes first.)

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Started: 12/12/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Dis me, insult me do your best. let's have some fun.
1.My opponent must go first so I know I'm not wasting my time with a forfeiter

2.My opponent should Not rap on their final round, so we have 2 raps each.

3. Do Not vote on spelling and grammar/ sources. Only "most convincing argument matters" which is the best rap.


Im gonna dis ya so bad, you gonna say....ouch!
ya gonna get so fall off ya couch!
You gonna think ...damn he a ..grouch!
But I ain't, I must insist....
I'm just bored...not even pist!
Ya mama so dum she think the earth is flat..
Cuz when she take a dump the earth go splat!
I told her, nah it the earth still round...
No matter how much you sh*t on the ground :)
Debate Round No. 1



It's a sad fact, yo mum smokes crack,
she got a burning yearning and there's no going back,
her knuckles drag down to the ground when she walks,
spit comes out of that bitches mouth when she talks.

Your mum eats stacks of food, cus she has depression,
You're dumb and arse cracks being screwed, is your obsession.
I've seen a cow with more wits, than you and your mother,
I've been to plough more tits, than you and your brother.

When I verbally kill your mum, your grief will be my success,
When I actually drill her bum, she'll feel relief and no more stress.
Your mums methane, will corrupt the atmosphere,
It'll sprain your brain and erupt your hemisphere

This is like an, immoral castration
It's kinda like, an oral annihilation,
You should feel, mental strangulation,
Your brain will peal, and receive an entire reconfiguration,
To say you're stupid, is a dire oversimplification.


The "Sad Fact" ...your Flo is fancy'N'tidy
But mines got BALLS, cuz im from the ....90s.
Hey,. ......Justin Bieber .........wannabe
I had Ice Tea ...and mutha-fuckin..Public Enemy!
You diss my mom, what the hell do you know?
Your mom put the H in nasty, ....trashy Ho!
Your mom so dum she think you got 50 dads.
An army of men gave her their ...........gonads.
Can you hear what I am
Your mom so horny she probably get in bed-wit-you.
Read what I'm Spelling cuz it ain't no....silly... lie....
When your mom is changing, you peek'n like a SPY!
Let me give you a tip .....take it and hear.....
I'lll be damn sure to make it bloody clear....
Your mom SO loose, you better pick her REAR!
You know you wanna hit-it hard, like you a SPEAR!
Damn son, this old white dude Slayed you!
your rap is cheap, ......but I get PAID to.
(Mic drop)
Debate Round No. 2


(Imagine if the best part of every rap you've ever done, was to merged into one super rap. Mine would look something like this.)
Fred, I'm sorry but you've been mislead.
I'm a godlike divinity,
And you're yet to lose your virginity.

You talk about "mic drop"
When all you do is drop your vowels,
By the stench of your rap, You've dropped your bowels.

How can you drop the mic, when you're using a computer?
We can tell it was a flop, and you're losing this verbal shooter.
Your playboy dad always drops your thong,
You enjoy it, though you know it's wrong.
It's time to show you why I'm here,
This rhyme will blow you, till you're queer.

It sounds like you're taking this way too serious,
Something tells me, that makes you delirious,
The essence of my instrumental bars are mysterious,
Your nonsense shows your mental reservoirs are imperious.

Like a plant absorbs light, your mum absorbs bacon,
Her belly is a blight and her arse is forsaken.
Your mother is overweight and known as the "giant"
She will salivate for scraps cus her hunger is defiant

I will break you, like your mum breaks her diet,
She's got a fake d**k, I bets that's made you quiet.
When you're not choking on your mum what do you do?
I bet you're poking up your bum, you dirty Jew.

Your mother's stench is unbelievable,
It makes my stomach clench, it's inconceivable.
She has an obscene pig face,
She has got no hygiene, it's a disgrace.

I can tell that you're mentally slow,
You mean well but, indecently blow
I feel like I should put it blunt,
I'm surreal and you're a c**t
I apologize, I didn't mean to swear,
But I prioritize, this is verbal warfare,
I will traumatize, I'm your rapping nightmare
Do you feel butterflies? I aim to impair.

Your raps are idiotic, I find it kinda cute,
My raps are chaotic, I've assigned you a mute
All of this should constitute,
My adept ability to persecute,
You've wept, now I will execute,
This I know, to be absolute,
And your mums a prostitute.

I hope the depth of my insults wasn't too complex,
Did the breadth of the results create a mental vortex?

I'm a verbal architect,
My lyrical design is of pure intellect,
My rhymes are, satirical and boarder line holy dialect.

(Keyboard drop.)


You talk about "mic drop"
When all you do is drop your vowels,
By the stench of your rap, You've dropped your bowels.

I loved that part dude. Good job
Debate Round No. 3
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
It's been fun Fred, thanks for accepting. Not many people can put up a fight like you have.
If you ever want to try and get your mojo back, challenge me again. I will always accept.
Posted by fred70 1 year ago
You got skills. Maybe I've lost my mojo.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
xD old man, you from the 90s? more like 1900s

*drops ur mums wig*
Posted by fred70 1 year ago
Darn, I should've said your rap is free but I get paid to.
I still beat the brakes off-ya
Posted by fred70 1 year ago
I was doing rap battles before you were born. And my beard is the bomb.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
Get a shave you bum,
I bet you crave ur mum.
Posted by madness 1 year ago
Damn fred you hairy as f***
Posted by madness 1 year ago
Nice rap dude. Mine is almost done.
Posted by fred70 1 year ago
I beefed up my last Ryhme, I meant to type "Nah bi*tch"
Not "nah it" :(
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