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Discontinue Development-related Aid to Africa

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Started: 11/17/2010 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Over the past few years we have been helping Africa with development-related aid. They have been using it, but they've barely changed. We are in a tough economic situation right now, and we've already spent at least $9 billion in Africa since we've gone over. Where are the fruits of our bearing? Where is the evidence that all the money and time we've spent has not gone to waste? There is none. They have abused our help, they will never be able to survive by themselves if we're their crutch, and it's way too expensive for us to afford. In consideration of this, I urge you to vote affirmative on this bill.

Point 1: In the past, they have abused our help. Africa has taken our help and has used it up, and now they just want more. We are losing more and more money helping these people, and what have we gotten in return? Nothing. Nothing but depletion. How do you fix somebody else's problem when you haven't even fixed your own? You can't. That's just irresponsible. I understand that there are people who want to help the situations in Africa. That's why there are programs out there for people who do want to help and volunteer. But the U.S. as a whole nation simply cannot afford to waste any more time or money to people who don't show any improvement for all of our work and help. We are not wanted in Africa. We are outsiders and intruders to them. We cannot force ourselves onto people who don't like us. The only reason why they are showing any likeness for us is because we help them, when they can't even help themselves. Let another country with fewer burdens take care of Africa.

Point 2: Africa cannot lean on the U.S. as a crutch forever. Our help to Africa is like drugs to a junkie. We say that we are supporting them to help them become a more developed, democratic, and stable area. But we are not supporting them; we are carrying them on our backs! What the U.S, is doing with Africa is like teaching somebody to ride a bike by riding the bike yourselves, and letting them sit on your back and not touch the bike at all. We are their crutch. They are using our resources, our money, our time, and sucking it up, but they don't give us anything in return. Africa is barely any better than it was before we went over, and they won't get any better, until we make them take care of themselves. They'll never be stable until they know how. And as long as we do all the work, they're just sitting on the sidelines and watching.

Point 3: It's too expensive for our current economy. Africa is an extremely corrupt and violent continent, and we can't waste time dealing with power abusers when we could be using the $9 billion to deal with something else, such as health care, the war, our economy, public option, or something more important to us and our problems. We are in a very tough economic situation right now, and we really could use the money that we're investing in Africa. The money that we're using in Africa could be used to deal with more pressing issues in America right now. The responsible thing to do is to deal with the most important issues first, and then deal with the other ones after.

Conclusion: So in conclusion, as long as we've been over there, they've abused our help, in order for Africa to be a stable, democratic, and developed nation, they need to stand on their own two feet by themselves, without our help, and all the help we're giving them is costing us economically. We simply cannot afford to waste any more of our precious time and money on something that we can't support. In consideration of this, I urge you to vote affirmative.


I accept.

As the Negative I only have to prove the opposition wrong. If I do that Vote in Negation.

He says, that Africans abuse U.S. Aid but that's not true. We need to be instituting education in Africa. The only way to do that is by education, and aid. They won't abuse us if we do that. Then, he says Africa can not lean us forever, that's true but, reducing aid will not solve the only way o solve is to implement education in the region. And he says its to expensive and the U.S. can not afford it. That's ridiculous reject that notion look to the fact that we have spent more money in Iraq and Afghanistan and they are the reason that we have so much money spent is not Africa it's other nations and voting affirmative would not solve for that. We will still see the impacts of a bad economy.
Debate Round No. 1


Just to clarify: I'm a girl.

My oponent says that we need to instsitute education in Africa. We are already doing that, and there have been no signs of continuance improvement. We've tried everything, but we can't help a country whose leaders are not willing to accept our help.
He says that the only way to solve the problem in Africa is to implement education, but we are already doing that, and as I just said, it's not working. There hasn't been any sign of significant change in Africa, The government is corrupt in places, and the government has used their power in the past to intercept our efforts. Trying to help develope Africa is like trying to knock down a solid brick wall with a feather.
He says that the U.S. has used the majority of its money for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the U.S. is already $9 trillion in the whole, and we can't afford to continue to waste money in a futile, yet good-hearted effort.


Sorry, about the guy thing.
Line by Line: She says, were trying to implement education right now, but that's not try what we have been doing is giving food. When you think of Africa you automatically think of giving food, not education. Voting neg is key to solve that physiological mindset. And she says, that the leaders aren't accepting the Aid but, that's also not true Africa wants as much Aid as they can get the last G20 meeting proves. And she says, that the Government is corrupt, yes it is and the only way to solve that is to implement education. The Africans don't know what aid is and only education can solve that. And she says, were 9 trillion dollars i the hole but also says, they we've spent 9 billion dollars in Africa since we have been there. The problem with that is voting affirmative won't solve 9 billion dollars is not substantial to 9 trillion. Counter Plan: We should reduce our military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. The reason why is because, she concedes that we spend hundreds of billions of dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the only way to access her economic advantage is to vote negative.
Debate Round No. 2


AC forfeited this round.


BlackNovice forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mattrodstrom 6 years ago
"Please don't insult my debating skills."

what debating skills??

Posted by BlackNovice 6 years ago
@m93samman. I'm not really sure what your trying to say by focus, and that'w what someone would say in the middle of a debate round but, not to be rude but, I'm one the first freshman National Qualifiers in the NFL history. Please don't insult my debating skills.
Posted by m93samman 6 years ago
@BlackNovice: That sounds like exactly what someone would say in the middle of a debate round to refute a point. That's not how you debate formally, though. Try to focus.
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