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Divergent is WAY better than the Hunger Games

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Started: 10/23/2014 Category: Movies
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Divergent is better than the Hunger Games because it has some Christianity and shows that it's okay to be different and stand up for yourselves. While the Hunger Games has no Christianity in it and shows that you have to fight it out every time. The characters do have hope but it really doesn't mean anything. what are they hoping for? that someday they will be happy? hope comes from God, and God only. If they were Christians then they would already be happy. They might be struggling but they wouldn't be completely lost.


Hunger Games has done considerably better than Divergent. Not just in sales but with the cast as well as having a better movie plot.

Movie/Book sales
Hunger Games: Opening Weekend: $152,535,747 | Total Domestic Gross: $408,010,692 | Worldwide Gross: $686,533,290

Divergent: Divergent (PG-13) ... Opening Weekend: $54,607,747 | Total Domestic Gross: $150,947,895 | Worldwide Gross: $288,722,997

Hunger Games Book: 27.7 million copies sold for just the first book.

Divergent Book: The three books in Veronica Roth"s dystopian trilogy sold a combined 6.7 million copies. Note that this was the whole series.

If we look at sales alone, Hunger games made more than triple the amount as Divergent across all spectrums of the movie world. When we go over to book sales, the Hunger Games sold more copies than all three of the Divergent series book combine by more than 4 times the amount of copies.

Movie Casts
Next we have the cast of the movies, the hunger games cast has gone on to do bigger and better movies than the cast of divergent. The cast of The Hunger Games are more recognizable then those of Divergent. As we look at the names Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth. They are all big named actors and actresses that have all been in big named movies and continue to do big movies.

The Divergent cast is little known except for a few and even those few have not done anything too big in a while. Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet, and Miles Teller are the only few who people would recognize from this movie. The movies they have been in have not been as big as the cast of the Hunger Games.

Movie Plots
The Hunger Games plot is riveting and heart wrenching at the same time. It is about a rebellion and the punishment that people must go through because of that rebellion. However one girl decides that she does not want to play by the rules and sets out to make her own path, becoming a symbol for everyone without even knowing it. By becoming this symbol for the people they start to fight back and create their own rebellion once more.

Divergent is about a nation being divided in to factions that have their own way of doing things and everybody stays where they belong. The main character does not fit into a faction and has her own way of thinking about things. This poses a threat to the leaders and they are forced to try and kill her before she opens everybody mind to a new way of thinking.

Next I would like to address my opponents comment on how the Hunger Games does not involve Christianity.
Christians are called to fight. But like Katniss, we will succeed not by our own strength or ingenuity, but by our weakness. As the Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:10, "For when I am weak, then I am strong."

I think that this quote pretty much sums up that the Hunger Games does in fact have Christianity in the movie. Katniss is fighting despite not wanting to. She does not want to be a symbol of hope but it just turns out to be that way. She is sacrificing herself to save her younger sister, which is something not everybody would do.

"I was struck by the level of sacrifice and strangely selfless heroism that we find in the film," Paul Asay, senior associate editor for Focus on the Family's review blog, Plugged In, told The Christian Post in an interview on Monday. In his own review, Asay wrote "The premise and plot of The Hunger Games can recall for some the Church's earliest martyrs " those who took part in another bloody spectacle on the floor of the Roman Colosseum."

With all this being said I think that The Hunger Games can only get better with time and Divergent will stay at the same level with new movies that will follow the same path as the first one.
So based on economics, cast, plot and the Christianity involvement The Huger Games is clearly better than Divergent.
Debate Round No. 1


Does sales really matter? In the modern world people are going to be drawn to things that are evil, and don't have anything to do with God. We are so lost that we don't look at the good qualities of movies. Like God. We look at Christians and say "Ew. He's not cool! He is a Christian." So again, I'm not sure if sales matter. If we just look at the violent and evil qualities then of course there is only going to be bad things in the movies we see today!


The debate topic is Divergent is Way better than the Hunger Games.
I am simply putting out facts that the Hunger Games is better than Divergent for multiple reasons.
As I said previously The Hunger Games does have elements of Christianity in the movie, and there are good qualities in the Hunger Games. Its about one girl standing up for what she believes in and that's what Christians do.
Debate Round No. 2


It might be something Christians do, but they do not explain that. They just say that it's the right thing to do. I agree that it is the right thing. But we should give the credit to God.


All I have to say is that based on facts and reports, Hunger Games is better than Divergent. As far as the Christianity aspect, it is there in the movie and my opponent even agrees that Christians do what they believe in. Which as i stated is what Katniss does in the movie. Due to my earlier arguments going un answered I would have to say that the Hunger Games is better than Divergent.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ImagineBeauty 2 years ago
What does God have to do with a movie. Why does it have to be religion based? It should be based on how well the movie is produced. No movie needs to be religion based to be good. There are a lot of amazing movies out there including the Hunger games that aren't religion based. So what does it matter, just watch the movie and who cares if there is religion or not. Just enjoy the movie for what it is and not if it has God or not. The Hunger Games is about an uprising in the districts and how this is how to keep peace, with the games. Again there doesn't have to be religion to make a good movie. The Hunger Games talks about hope because it is stronger than fear. Most people in the Hunger Games hope for peace or to not die. So drop the religion and enjoy the movie for what it is. mmk? mmk.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con showed several reasons why Hunger Games could be considered better than Divergent. Con also showed that Hunger Games is a Christian as Divergent. Arguments to Con. Also Con was the only one to use sources, so sources to con.