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Do Hippies Smell? (Joke Debate)

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Started: 2/4/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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(This is a JOKE debate.)

Rules: 1. None.

I believe that Hippies Smell due to the fact that they are all covered in fleas, and they are, in general, dirty and ugly. I personally think, based on the smell, that they smell like balls. I may be wrong, but, of course, things smell differently to every person, even hippies.


I thank the AFF for the debate.
My understanding of the resolution is in the comments
Being ugly effects sight, not smell
Fleas may or may not correlate to the presence of smell. No evidence provided by Pro.
The presence of dirt has been shown to not necessarily cause foul odur. (
My balls and hippies do not smell similar
Hippies like weed and often smell like it. Weed is an aquired smell. Weed's can actually smell good.
I await AFF's responce.
Debate Round No. 1


This video provides a good look at the smell of hippies, amongst other things.

I have seen them hippies near my farm. I have smelled them from a distance, and it is not good. They're always playing their guitars and spreading around diseases. They've been doing weed and LSD all the time, and I'd rather not have my farm smell like a drug cartel headquarters. I don't think they smell, I KNOW they smell based on personal experience.

-Toby Queef


AFF did not reply to my rebuttals so they stand.
New Rebuttals:
1)Pressing up my nose, the video does not smell bad. This evidence works in my favor.
2)Seeing them, smelling distance, music, and spreading disease does not impact smell.
3)As I live within driving distance from a great city for hippies, I'd say I am well addressed on the subject like my opponent. ( #2).
4)Drug cartels also smell like dead bodies. I have not met a corpsey hippy.
5)I established weed is not bad.

Debate Round No. 2


It should be noted that many Hippies do not live in one specific place. A nomadic lifestyle can greatly reduce hygiene, which can cause people to smell.

I made that there cartel comparison because a common saying is that when something smells bad, it smells like death. It was also made because I had found many discarded drugs on my farm. After they left, the area reeked for several weeks. My town even had a committee report on the visitation.

I will still argue this case for 'Murrica.



I've already established that hygiene does not necessarly impact smell
They still don't smell like a drug cartel.
My other rebuttles hold, including that weed doesn't smell bad.
Pro is too vague when he mentions that hippies left drugs on his farm.

Because I've established that weed is an aquired smell, which meens that after exposure (which pro points out his experience was come and go), weed can smell amazing. Hippies smell like weed. Therefore, hippies can smell amazing.

I urge a con ballot.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cam13619 3 years ago
Posted by cam13619 3 years ago
I overestimated how far 500 characters can go. Wrote a page and realized it was characters, not words. haha
Posted by cam13619 3 years ago
My understanding of this debate:
In order to extend as to what I believe my role in the debate will be, my understanding is as follows:
1.The resolution pertains to that of hippies having a foul odor ("In general, hippies have a foul smell")
2.My opponent is affirming the above claim and I am negating
3.My opponent claims there are no rules, and I understand this to be those beyond reasonable debate.
4.The resolution gives the burden of proof to the affirmative.
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