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Do Monsters Exist?

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Started: 3/17/2015 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round Acceptance only,

2nd round opening arguments

3rd round rebuttals

4th round second rebuttals

5th round Conclusion

Please follow the above format and enjoy the debate,

Monsters are real ameen


I accept this debate.

Pro has kindly provided us with a definition of "monsters" in the comments section:

"I am talking about Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Yeti, Chupacabra, aliens, and all forms of unknown creatures which we call monsters,"

It is clear that he is referring specifically to monsters which are commonly thought of as being mythical.

Since he is making the positive claim, he has the burden of proof to show that such monsters most likely exist.

I hope to have an interesting and semantics-free debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I begin in the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful,

Monsters are real

There are many types of monsters,

in this debate I will prove the existence of 4 monsters, Mothman, Lizard Man, aliens, and ghosts,

I will also prove what they really are inshallah,


Mothman was a creature seen in

point pleasent west virginia

He was 7 feet tall, shaped like a man, had 10 foot wings, no head, no arms, but red eyes on it's chest,

it could fly 100 miles per hour without flapping it's wings,

the reports are consitent,

it was seen by over 100 people, they were all honest to God, and they were not liars or crazy,

Linda Scarberry saw the Mothman, she was honest her entire life, didn't do drugs, didn't drink that night, and wasn't crazy, but she saw the Mothman, and it terrified her, and she died in 2011 believing she saw Mothman, and she didn't seek publicity her who life,
she was telling the truth obviously,
Marcella Bennet also saw the Mothman, and she saw it up close,
she was also very honest and reliable, and terrified of her experience,
and she fell on her daughter Tina when she saw it (physical evidence)
both witnesses had other people with them who saw the Mothman, proving it couldn't be an hallucination.

Mothman was real, there is no way 100 honest people got together and conspired the whole thing, nor could the Mothman be a sandhill crane, since it had no neck, and was broader and bigger then a sandhill crane, it couldn't have been a barn owl either, since Marcella Bennet saw it close up, and it was bigger then a man, owls are small, ameen

Mothman Prophecies by John Keel

Lizard Man

Lizard Man was seen by Christopher Davis, He was changing his tire, until the lizard man came and attacked his car, the creature was half man half reptile, and had three fingered claws and toes, and red eys,

Christopher Davis passed a lie dector test about his experience, proving it was real,
an honest person who is not a master at lying can't pass a lie detector test, he too died believing he saw the lizard man, and he did not seek publicity in his life either ameen

Source: Animal X


UFOs are proven to exist, in tinley park they proved aliens exist, now the question is are they non human? Alien Abductions prove the answer is yes, Travis Walton was abducted for 5 days, and passed a lie detector test about his experience, there were other people with him, they also passed lie detector tests, ameen

Cattle Muttilations ^ are the best evidence for aliens, they can't be the work of predators, since there are no foot prints around the carcasses, and they can't be Satanism either since there are no foot prints, and they can't be the millitary since they could use their own ranch, rather then mess up farmers buisness, they must be the work of non humans/monsters ameen,

source: History Channel's UFO Hunters, and Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton


There are many types of ghosts, bhoots, churails, headless horsemen, etc,

I personally have seen ghosts so I know they exist,

I saw a man, a woman, and a dog, and I could see right through them, and they went behind a car and dissapeared,

since I saw Ghosts I know they are real ameen,

So what are they? What does Science say? What does the Quran say?

Now these monsters are not flesh and blood creatures, they are apparitions or electromagnetic induced hallucinations or transmogrifications of energy, under the control of a non human force,

John Keel proved that these things are ultraterrestrials not extraterrestrials in nature, in his book UFOs Operation Trojan Horse.

These things are basically invisible forms of energy in their true form, but can matterialize into any shape or form they want, they can also posses us and make us hallucinate ameen,

think about it, we can only see a tiny protion of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light,

The electromagnetic spectrum only makes up a small portion of the matter and energy content of our universe, most of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy,

There could be beings and forces all around us that we can't see ameen,

The Quran talks about 2 types of ultraterrestrials,

angels, made of light,

and Jinn made of fire,

the light angels are made up of is probably energy at the ultraviolet end of the spectrum

and the fire jinn are made up of, is probably energy at the infrared end of the spectrum,

since fire is mostly infrared energy ameen,

angels can come in human and other forms,

Jinn can come in human and animal forms,

they both do this by converting their energy bodies into matter (E=MC2), ameen,

Jinn can also posses people and manipulate their electrical brain circuits and make them hallucinate,

Michael Persinger proved electromagnetic fields can make people hallucinate, and since the Jinn are electromagnetic energy they can easily interfere with our energy field/Aura, and posses us and make us hallucinate ameen,

The Quran is the ultimate proof of Jinn/ultraterrestrial,

since no one can make a chapter like it,

it is full of scientific miracles,

such as,

the Big Bang (21:30) Extraterrestrial life (42:29) Black Holes (77:8) multiverse (1:2)

and the Quran even talks about string theory, other dimensions, and dark matter,

it says there are seven heavens, the nearest heaven is where the stars are, (outerspace) so that means there are 6 more heavens which we can't see, string theory says that there are 6 other dimensions we can't see, and these dimensions/heavens could be the dark matter scientists are looking for

and as I said the Quran talks about the electromagnetic spectrum, because it talks about angels (UV energy) and Jinn (IR energy) ameen,

so believe in Islam and know there are monsters out there ameen

Monsters are real ameen



WillYouMarryMe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


It appears Con has forfeited the last round,

very well then,

I would also like to point out then that even modern science has accepted the concept of other dimensions and parallel universes,

According to M-theory our universe is inside a membrane and there are other membranes that make up other universes,

also it is possible that beings living in other universes can cross over into our universe by means of a wormhole,

these creatures are seen over the same areas year after year and century after century,

and ancient monuments have been built over these sites,

it is highly possible there are portals on this earth that allow creatures from other universes to enter our world,

this could be what monsters, such as bigfoot, lochness monster, Mothman, El chupacabra, Jersey Devil, etc might be,

also M theory states there are 11 dimensions,

and 11 dimensional being can see us, but we wouldn't be able to see it,

it could go through our 3 dimensional reality, and manifest itself in any shape or form it wants,

this is what monsters could also be, higher dimensional beings ameen,

Read the book flat land for more information.

Monsters are real ameen

and also watch History Channel's UFO hunters the episode on Vortexes for more information also,

JazakAllah khair ameen


Apologies for forfeiting the last round.

My opponent makes one crucial error-- he never establishes an epistemological framework with which we can decide when there is sufficient justification to believe that something exists. He seems to be insinuating that we can believe things on the basis of nothing more than anecdotal evidence derived from the experiences of a few people; this is an extremely flawed viewpoint because people's experiences are completely subject to a variety of inaccuracies, including errors in sensory perception, cognitive biases, and lapses in memory. Experiences are far too subjective and fallible to lend them the amount of epistemological credibility Pro does. Thus, even if every single sighting Pro cites did happen (which we shouldn't because most of his sources are blatantly biased blogs), we shouldn't accept that the sightings actually represent reality.

Humans construct accurate models of reality by continuously interacting with and experiencing it; simply witnessing something once is not nearly enough to believe that it truly exists, because as explained earlier, anecdotal evidence is inherently unreliable. Only by observing something over and over again do we gain confidence in its existence, until the likelihood of it existing becomes high enough that it is no longer worth considering the possibility of its non-existence. We believe that zebras exist not because a couple tribespeople in Africa have seen them, but because billions of people have seen, studied, and even lived amongst them, with each observation further confirming that zebras do, indeed, exist. Pro simply has failed to show that we have even *close* to the amount of observation of / interaction with monsters necessary to conclude with any sort of rational confidence that they exist.

The resolution is negated.
Debate Round No. 3


Con doesn't consider any of my arguments,

I have shown that the witness of the lizard man passed a lie detector test,

and other people also saw the lizard man

also over 100 people saw Mothman,

and there were many multiple sightings at the same time,

4 people experienced the first Mothman sighting,

and they went to the police after their experience,

and the police man considered them reliable,

so they couldn't have been lying or hallucinating,

also Con did not consider my proof of cattle mutilations,

they couldn't be the work of humans or animals, since there are no footprints,

the government can't be behind them since they could just use their own ranch,

they must be aliens/non humans/monsters who are behind these cattle mutilations,

My theory on cattle mutilations is that these interdimensional beings feed on the energy of these cattle and that is why they mutilate them,

This seems to be the only rational explanation since there are no foot prints around the carcass, ameen

So I challenge Con to debunk my Cattle mutilation argument,

and I hope to see Con discuss cattle mutilations on he next round, ameen

also Con thinks I only have anecdotal evidence to support my arguments,

I will now present hard evidence these monsters exist,

two photos that are genuine, and show a baby alien and the Jersey Devil,

<a href=; width="360" height="270" />

<a href=; />

I dare Con to debunk this hard evidence,

these photos are NOT photoshopped,

and they show a real baby alien and a real jersey devil,

they appeared on TV and real scientists analized them,

proving these are real,

and scientists did DNA tests on the Baby alien and proved it was no creature known to earth,

my theory is that these monsters come from another dimension, which is highly possible according to modern physics and String Theory,

also it could be possible these monsters are a Creation of our Consciousness,

Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, psychic phenomenon and others do support and prove the idea consciousness creates matter and reality and not the other way around,

if our consciousness is creating the universe, it can easily create monsters as long as we believe in them

these monsters need not be hallucinations but could be tulpas,

being created by us that take on a physical existence,

Quantum Physics does support the idea we are creating reality,

so we might as well have the power to create monsters that appear as physically real as us ameen,

now what ever these monsters might be,

they are real,

I have shown hard evidence,

I have shown real pictures of a baby alien and the Jersey Devil

I dare Con to debunk my evidence,

I have met the burden of proof,

I have provided a body with the Baby alien case,

I provide photographic evidence with the both cases,

and I provide DNA evidence with the baby alien case,

so I have met the burden of proof,

there is no room left to doubt the existence of monsters,

the burden of proof has been met

Monsters are real ameen



I concede the debate. You win.
Debate Round No. 4


Thanks Con it means a lot to me


WillYouMarryMe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by slave123 3 years ago
thanks guys
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
*Moderator update*

tajshar2k's vote has been reported on the grounds that Con forfeited, so it is improper to award arguments to Con. However, a forfeit is only a reason to award conduct. Debaters are entitled to award arguments to whoever they think won, even if the debater in question asks judges to vote for his opponent. Judges have free will and don't have to do what the debaters tell them to. They are supposed to vote for the person with more convincing arguments. This RFD sufficiently explains every point it awarded, and gave Pro conduct because of the forfeit.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Reported vote: Midnight1131 // Moderator action: Removed<

4 points to Con (arguments, S&G). {RFD = Reasons for voting decision: Pro needs to stop putting spaces in between every line, and saying Ameen at the end of everything was really unnecessary. Also, Con defeated all of Pro's arguments in one round. Just having 100 people come together and say something's real doesn't mean it's real. Also, Pro took so many things from his previous debate, which he lost. Losing a debate doesn't mean you can copy and paste the whole thing again, hoping you win. Sources are tied, because con gave no source, and the sources pro gave were very biased, such as ""}

[*Reason for removal*] This vote is highly suspect given that Con forfeited every single round except one, and in that round only wrote two paragraphs. This RFD is not specific enough about why two paragraphs from Con defeated all of Pro's arguments, and seems to introduce its own arguments into the RFD (about 100 people coming together, an example Con never used.
Posted by tajshar2k 3 years ago
I gave you the point for conduct. Are you happy now?
Posted by tajshar2k 3 years ago

Why don't you read my RFD and understand why I gave Con the vote. Instead you go on to insult me by calling me a homosexual pig, even though I'm straight.
Posted by tajshar2k 3 years ago
I gave conduct a tie, if you read my RFD, you will see why. If you read Bluesteel's rules of conduct, you will see.
Posted by GarlicBred24 3 years ago
Atheists > Muslims any day of the week. This is coming from a mormon.
Posted by slave123 3 years ago
Monsters are real atheists are losers
Posted by slave123 3 years ago
You atheists are cheaters my opponent forfeited and you still vote for him i hate you atheists
Posted by RXR 3 years ago

What a biased vote. Con forfeited and conceded. But for what ever reason you gave the vote to con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro pretty much copied everything from his last debate. "I have shown that the witness of the lizard man passed a lie detector test," None of pros' links gave proof of that. Even the links you gave don't prove anything on your debate, and arguably aren't trustworthy. You leave unnecessary spaces and spelling mistakes. Even though Con forfeited, you keep spamming your arguments with ameen. Even in her one paragraph, Con made one simple point that summed up her whole point. "Humans construct accurate models of reality by continuously interacting with and experiencing it; simply witnessing something once is not nearly enough to believe that it truly exists," Since Pro didn't prove a single shred of unbiased evidence, he lost in my opinion.
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