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Do Video Games effect children negatively?

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Started: 4/8/2016 Category: Entertainment
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No. I am a huge gamer. I don't have any bad effects in me.


Hello, I accept your debate.

Here are the reasons why I believe video games (if too much) can affect children negatively.

1. Consumerism - Many children who are avid video games fans spend their money on excessive computer upgrades, too many gaming consoles, expensive video games, etc.

2. Social Life - Spending too much time on video games can make your social life bad because you are spending your time in front of pixelated graphics. Instead of going out and talking to people in person, you sit in front of the TV or computer and play for hours.

3. Influence - Violent video games give an unrealistic view of real life and desensitize the games, thinking killing is fun.

4. Physical Health - Spending too much time looking at the screen can give one a poor eyesight. According to a fact I read somewhere, if you spend time playing in front of the screen for few hours then go to bed, you can cut off one hour of your life.
Debate Round No. 1


Bestkid forfeited this round.


Since you forfeited and had not a single supporting details even on your first round, I automatically win.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Samcoder1 2 years ago
The Pro argument about consumerism isn't true considering everyone does things that make them happy. This is the purpose of disposable income, which would go towards something equally simple if not on computer games. Nothing wrong with spending money on something you enjoy doing.

Also with the social life, children often communicate on computer games with each other, so it is certainly a different form of social interaction as we are used to, but not necessarily less social.

There has been extensive research into whether computer games cause violence most of which have shown only a slight correlation and indeed no signs of causation. Arguably violent children are drawn to violent games rather than violent games creating violent children, but who knows.

Indeed there are some physical effects caused by excessive video gaming, but no more so than excessive TV watching. But also video games can also improve children's visuospatial abilities which are essential when undertaking a number of real world problems.

Very difficult topic which I'm undecided on, but just food for thought considering the con hasn't given any arguments yet.
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