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Do celebrities make for bad role models?

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Started: 3/1/2016 Category: Education
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Today in our world many kids are following the wrong path of our so called celebrities.
I am not saying that they are all bad but most are well known for what they do and I don't only mean singing or dancing but they have a reputation.
Here are some examples:
1) Britany spears went from crazy famous to losing her kids and shaving her head off (LIKE WHAT?!!) It was all because of some kind of break-up from Justin Timberlake ( Like hello we all been through that why do you think its only suppose to be about you?)

2) It's pretty obvious that Miley Cyrus knows exactly what she's doing with all her onstage antics. But when there's no real message behind such shock tactics, it's hardly something worth emulating. Yet some fans will watch them and think that it's cool - and want to be like their idols.

3)Many celebs have some very young fans, and they know that very well. But that doesn't stop them from behaving in a way that's not suitable for their younger fans to see.

4) It's not unreasonable to suppose that when celebs act up, they're doing so to get press attention. And it works. Bad behavior always appears in the media, but there is something very cynical about this. Fans lap it up because they love bad boys (and girls), but why admire someone for attention-seeking behavior? And if they're genuinely misbehaving, that really isn't something to admire.

Celebs take their fame and attention to advantage, like our so called good girl Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana0 went into overdrive from good girl to attention hog and I am not saying that they don't deserve to have attention but like every human being on this planet there is always a time for everything and you don't have to change just to please people there are other things to do that shows positive things to kids , because sooner or later our next pop star might turn into another Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus and one day it might be your kid acting like that . We all have our rights and wrongs but don't make another wrong by allowing your kid's to make celebs their role models, because there is always someone that is gonna replace someone else and if I were you I wouldn't want my kid up there on the stage sticking his tongue out or shaking his gluteus maks umus=(Butt) , every one has a limit and when they reach it or go beyond it all your going to see is a whole new person whether its good or bad ( most likely bad) Remeber fame is just another excuse for celebrities to act they way they do!


While there are most definitely some celebrities out there who are a bad influence (Miley Cyrus), that does nor mean all celebrities are necessarily a bad influence. They can show kids their dream of growing up to be famous (even though they might not get there), and also show them that just because they are famous does not mean that they can abandon manners and responsibility. They will show kids that just because you don't have to waste it or refuse to donate, and that you really should donate to a charity. And while there are definitely a lot of bad celebrities out there, that doesn't mean that they all are, and instead of keeping track of the bad ones, we should look up to the good ones instead, and let them be role models for us.
Debate Round No. 1


As I said in my previous argument NOT ALL CELEBS ARE BAD, but that doesn't mean that they are all good either. Most of the celebrities today would do anything to get famous and yet some still don't understand that they are not only exposing or showing themselves in a bad way they are also gaining followers to do what they do or support it. There is always a chance that they can show good things and be respectful and what not, but if I were a mother I wouldn't take the risk especially in this generation with all the peer pressure and celeb overdrive it's just not right to support that. You are not only hurting yourself but also your kids by exposing them to celebs and other bad things they do. There might come a time in your life when you find your kid up there doing the same thing. Let's not allow it to go further then it did.


I understand that not all celebrities are bad. But some can be a very good influence to younger kids that want an ambition. That is all im saying,
Debate Round No. 2


There are about 1 out of 10 that are good and respectful celebrities as shown in studies maybe even less and those 1 out of ten are not really even that famous to begin with so you really wouldn't know much about them. ALL I AM SAYING IS THAT ITS BETTER NOT TO TAKE THE RISK AND KEEP YOUNGER KIDS SAFE FROM OUR CORRUPT SOCIETY.


Again, just because People magazine doesn't report on them, doesn't mean you cannot look up to them or hear about them. There are plenty of celebrities out there who do good things. It is not 1 out of 10, it is more like 4 or 5 out of 10. Just because someone might do bad things, people should be able to look past that, and look up only to the good.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con might have won if he started mentioning Celebs that were good role models and had some sort of debate to back them up. However he didnt. Pro showed how Miley Cirus and the like are bad role models and why. Hence the debate goes to Pro.