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Do dogs or cats make better companions?

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Started: 10/7/2015 Category: Science
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I think dogs make better companions because
1.They are more loyal.
I heard stories of dogs sacrificing their lives to save their owner. So they are more loyal. And I have not heard any stories of cats being loyal. Cats are so independent, that they might not even need anybody.
2.Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats
Dogs can be taught tricks more easily than cats because if you try to teach a cat, they are most likely to scratch you ,just walk away or both. most dogs do try to learn the trick you are trying to teach them unlike most cats.
3.Dogs keep you fit.
You have to take them for a walk everyday. And walking dogs outdoors will help you to keep you fit and give you fresh air. Have you seen anyone walking a cat?
4.Dogs can be police dogs, fire dogs and guard dogs and maybe more.
Dogs can be trained to be many things. There is no such thing as a police cat, fire cat, or a guard cat.
5.Dog's sniffing skills can come in useful
Dogs are good at sniffing, and they can help you look for your things using their sniffing skills. Police dogs can even sniff out drugs.
So dogs make better companions than cats.


I don't think you can say dogs are "better" than cats. Dogs are a lot more trouble. Both species are capable of a lot of affection to their people. Cats are a lot less trouble. They cost a lot less. They don't need an hour of your time every day. They don't need a yard. It takes a lot longer to train a dog and it's a lot more trouble. For that, you get an animal that can go with you places, but it pretty much means they have to go with. You can leave a cat in the house with water and food and a litter box for a couple days. You can't do that with a dog.

I think dogs act more human than cats. But as cost/benefit analysis of how much trouble your pet is, as compared to how good a companion it is, I think cats are every bit as good as dogs. Between a good cat and a good dog, I'm pretty agnostic about the difference.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting my debate. Anyway, dogs are social animals while most cats are solitary animals. There are lesser social cats than solitary cats. So most dogs are more capable for affection to human beings than most cats. You can train a dog to do his/her business inside a tray . Dogs can be given water bottles like the ones in hamster cages. You just have to fill it up with water and leave it in your house. I have a pet dog and he has one of those water bottles. He drinks it independently and we only have to fill it up in a couple of days which is a lot less troublesome. They can also be given machine dog feeders dogs can take themselves independently until they are full which will help them to survive for a couple of days. It will cost some money, but once you buy the water bottle and machine dog feeders, you will not have to spend anymore money on a dog day care. Dogs can be trained the 'stay' trick. My dog took less than a month to learn it. Cats do need some time to be toilet trained as well. They need about 2 months or more. Anyway, the topic is 'Do dogs or cats make better companions' and not 'do dogs or cats make better pets.'Dogs are called 'men's best friend.' And why do you only bother about the cost of the companion? The more expensive it is, the better the quality it has.


I am pretty much a dog person, but kitties are just fine in my book. I think having a pet is a great thing. Whether I chose a dog or a cat would depend on what I had time for. I think a busy person who doesn't have an hour to spend with a dog every day should choose a cat. My dog BB is a very active, athletic dog who needs a mile run every day. If she doesn't get her run, she'll pester me to death. I use a bike and let her run her excess energy off, but sometimes riding a bike through a car wash is what Oregon feels like. But really, she must have her walkies every day or she'll drive me nuts. On those days, I'd trade her in for a nice lazy kitty :)

I don't think you can say dogs are better companions than cats. I think it's more like you must be more of a companion to a dog than you are to a cat. Dogs are far more high maintenance. They need people who have the time.
Debate Round No. 2


If you have a dog, you need to walk it everyday regularly and like I said in my first argument, walking a dog everyday keeps you fit. You need to exercise everyday even if you are a busy person to keep yourself healthy. Your dog needs to run a mile and you use a bike to let her run her excess energy off and riding a bike for a mile is a good exercise. Health always go first. If you have a cat, you will not have to walk your cat and ride a bike to let the cat run her excess energy off. Cats can always go outdoors for a run herself. That is a lot less troublesome but you will not get as much exercise as having a dog. You need exercise if you like it or not to keep yourself healthy.


retrovision forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
Con forfeited last round, conduct to Pro. S&G equal. The arguments points are tough here...the resolution is about which animal makes a better COMPANION, not pet. Pro actually points this out in round 2, but later continues with arguments about health benefits, which don't speak to a companion. So, I will weigh each side's arguments for companionship, nothing else. Pro points out dogs' loyalty which one would expect from a companion, while Con points out cats' affection, which is also companion-like. Pro points out dog tricks that could be used to help you out like a companion would, and that dogs can protect you like a companion would, while Con, well Con tends to focus on cost, maintenance, trouble, time devotion, and a large yard not being necessary for cats; this does not speak to companionship, but efficiency. Con even says about dogs particularly that "you get an animal that can go with you places." There's nothing more companion-like than going places with you. I view this as a concession of a pretty major point given the resolution. Con also mentions that "dogs act more human than cats" which speaks to their potential companionship being greater than that of cats. With these two conceded points and Pro's greater focus on dogs' companionship than Con's focus on cats' companionship leaves me buying that dogs are better companions than cats thus arguments to Pro. There were no sources.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
this debate is impossible with 9 billion people on the planet, where lifestyle not preference determines the difference,
even if one person has a suited lifestyle to cats in 10 000 people. it is still not a rational debate.

Time and place.

I prefer cats at the moment.
Posted by HazelStone 2 years ago
This is my first debate with someone else
Posted by HoKiaJunn 2 years ago
I would say dogs definitely, the way I view 'better companion' or best companion is which ever one is willing to sacrifice more for the safety of others. Dogs risk their lives protecting their owner, this kind of loyalty is hard to find even in humans nowadays. A cat will think of it's own safety first, and once it is safe it still won't come to the decision to protect it's owner, whether cats view their owner as their owner and not just a servant is also another issue that can be discussed.
Posted by Blade0886 2 years ago
yeah, while I much prefer cats to dogs, I got to admit dogs make for more "useful" companions, on the practical side of things
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