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Do humans have free will?

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Started: 6/10/2015 Category: Philosophy
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I will argue that we have free will.

free will
noun: free will; noun: freewill

the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion.


I accept :)
Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Think about a recent decision you had to make. It could be whether or not you will buy candy next time you're at the store. When you go to the store you end up buying candy because you want to eat something. But you know you have free choice to not buy the candy, just like you didn't last time you went to the store. You decided to buy an apple instead. You know, because you have successfully chosen different options in the past, that buying that candy or not is choice you are free to make.


Many Worlds Interpretation: The Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics holds that there are many worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time as our own. The existence of the other worlds makes it possible to remove randomness and action at a distance from quantum theory and thus from all physics. Every quantum state is realized, but in a differen't world. So whatever action you take in this world, has been predetermined from the wavefunction of the world.
Imagine Schrodinger's Cat. The cat is both dead and alive even before an observer causes the function to collapse, because in any given world it has been determined.

There Is No Way For You To Come Up With A Reason For Your Thoughts:
Thought Experiment With Color:
Pick a color. (This is literally as free as it gets)

I presume you picked some color, let's see if you freely chose it.
1.Well it's safe to say you did not choose any color you didn't know. Like Nyanza.
2. It's safe to say you did not choose any color that you knew, but did not occur to you. I presime you know the color Fuchsia, but maybe it did not come to you.
3. What about the colors that you knew and came to you but you just didn't pick them. There's no reason. Say you narrow it down to green and blue. If the though "Green", randomly comes to you, then you didn't choose it. If you didn't consciously choose it, then it was an unconscious act. let's say you choose green, because you saw a cool green car yesterday. Well in regards to psychology we can say in confidence, that the green car had nothing to do with anything. Even if it did, there's no reason for why you didn't think "since I saw green yesterday, let's go with blue".
4. I think we have a good basis to say we don't really consciously choose anything, but even when we do, there's no way to gather a reason why. You don't choose what you choose, but even when you do, you don't choose what you choose what you choose. X->X/ X->X->X/ X->X->X->X-> N. There is an unavoidable infinite regression.

Your Brain Chooses What You Do:

A subject is to choose a random moment to flick their wrist while the controller measures the associated activity in their brain.
To determine when the subject feels the intention to move, they asked to watch the second hand of a clock and report its position when they felt that they had felt the conscious will to move. originally,Libet found that the unconscious brain activity leading up to the consciousdecision by the subject to flick his wrist began approximately half a second before the subject consciously felt that he had decided to move.
So what's all this mean? It means that the mechanism by which a conscious thought is conceived, is unconscious and therefor deterministic. There is no way that you could of not felt the decision to move when you did.
Debate Round No. 2


banjos42 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
unless you join because of a belief
Posted by MoltenDiamondGaming 2 years ago
I was going to join this debate, but then I realized that if I joined I would be on the con side.
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