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Do soccer players really deserve their big salary

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Started: 9/14/2013 Category: Sports
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Do soccer players really deserve their high salary?


Why should they not get the salaries that they get? Each player works hard at a game that they love and enjoy. They are some of the best athletes in the world. Why not pay them to compete and perform? Cause in all honesty, the team sponsors and anyone financially invested in the teams make a lot of money. Millions in some cases. Why should the players not get some of that which is gained by their game performance?
Heck, I'm willing to go watch it be played, I'll even pay to view it. Why should what I pay not go at least a little to them?
Many of them do not see their family members for great amounts of their lives because they are off playing and training. Their pay is partially compensation to that in some respect.
I think they earn what they get paid in most senses. some I will agree may get paid a tad much, but their contracts are not without stipulations and are based on performance and the players actions as a whole.
Debate Round No. 1


Let's take an example, world without football. Since week, month and year nothing would change, but if where weren't any other professions such as doctor, teacher or extremely crucial professions - miners, pilots and so on, the world would change drastically. However, footballers earn much more than all these professions all together. I do agree with you that football players deserve a good payment, but not millions. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi earn $114 thousand dollars a day. On average, in Europe football player earns a minimum million annually, in countries such as England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy this figure sharply increases. There are a lot of extreamly important professions that should be high paid, to them it is disrespect and unfair. I think that footballers should have a pay cut or they should give a part of their salary to charity and there would be no arguments about this topic. Gaining a huge amount of money by "Running and kicking a ball" is disrespect to other professions( Javier Zanetti, 2012). Moreover, a great number of people are suffering from famine and crisis, which lead to many deaths. Didn't you think about it before?


I disagree that nothing would happen if we didn't have the athletes performing anymore. DO you understand how many people turn to these games every week as a means of social bonding? I would argue that having these help members of a state and in some cases, citizens of a country bond to some level. Sociologically it is important to have these games and athletes around. (This can be seen all the way back through history. Mayans, Africans, Ancient Egyptians. They all had some sort of sport that was of some sociological advantage to the community, nation or kingdom. It promoted pride.)

As far as athletes pay compared to Medical professionals. I would agree that it may not be RIGHT, that there is such a pay margin. However, these are set within the fields that they are in. For how FAIR, it may be does not necessarily apply.
Is it fair that my father a computer technician makes a lot more than I do as a chief? We both work the same hours, have the same work ethic and kill ourselves for the job about the same level. But it is fair as his field sets his salary at 30 grand higher than my field does. I may not think that it is right, but it comes down to the standards the field you are in sets it.
In the world of professional Sports, so many things raise the margins of what you are worth. Not all athletes get the same pay. I think that Doctors are underpaid to hold you life in the balance sometimes, but having been almost killed by a Doctors mistake myself I think that they can be over paid as well. It really comes down to the standards of the field that you are in.

Not to address the starving children of the world. I HAVE thought about that. But, have you though about, How many of our athletes give hundreds of thousands of dollars in some instances to charities, soup kitchens and other means of trying to help the under advantaged, poor, homeless and starving? David Beckem gave his salary to a charity if I remember the news correctly. (That's like, 5.5 Million.) Many athletes go to their home towns and give back as well as give time and money in other areas. All the SuperBowl Memorabilia for the losing team, (ya know in case they were the ones that won.) Goes to countries in need to help cloth them.
Something that bothers me when people bring this up as you have done here today, is that first off we don't do enough here to take care of our own homeless, starving and dying citizens in this country to help the rest of the world. Not that we shouldn't help the rest of the world that's not what I'm saying, but we forget about our own people all to much. The things I have mentioned above that US athletes do athletes of other countries do as well. But way are you picking only on the athletes here?
Should not every single citizen of this country give to try to help the under privileged, starving, dying, homeless, sick etc. Of this country? TO focus only on one salary earning member of society is not Fair in any sense even if it was Donald Trump. That is all I am saying here.
Debate Round No. 2


. A public figure should be the good example for people around him, let alone their fans. Just count how many cheating and sexual scandal which involves footballer. We don"t want our "kids" to follow John Terry"s lead in cheating, do we ? And should we see the lads goint involves in night life party like Adriano and Ronaldinho just because they are the idol? There are still many unexemplary deed such as shoplifting, street brawl, or even drug abuse. Once again I must stress how great the influence of the idol could affect their admirer. The admirer could follow the footstep to destruction without even knowing it. Such bad-manner player really do not deserve such big sum of money.
Lets take Ronaldinho as example. Just when he reached his peak in career, he began to be disoriented. The bright spotlight, money, admiration, luxury, and elite life was beyond his childhood imagination. Then the downfall began. He was tempted to attend flickering night life, spending money without worry of starving at next day, and other luxuries he couldn"t afford back then in Brazil. And why was he tempted to do so ? Because he had money. The money pours into his account like torrential rain, an amount which he has never seen before. Well it tells us, however bad is the background, however pitiful is the past experience, overpaid salary is not an excuse to allow footballer earns such big money.


First off, thank you to my opponent for this debate. Good luck in the voting.

Second, I wish to to point out that my opponent has not actually refuted my points as I have done in the second round.

Though I agree that ideally a public figure should be a good example for all of those around him, you cannot exactly discriminate against one job field. We continued to pay President Clinton his normal salary throughout his sex scandal. We supported and continued to pay David Letterman through his sex scandal. Robert Downy Jr. we supported and paid him his salary back in his Drug and partying days. Mel Gibson still got acting rolls even though he made some racist remarks. John Edwards we supported and continued to pay throughout his scandal. Ted Kennedy, no need to say more there.
The list goes on, the point is that it does not seem to matter that we pay these public figures high salary's and they are not the stare role models. It is the fact that they are human and they have reached a point of greatness and we want to pay them because they made it. All can be corrupted by money and go through outlandish and ridicules phases and stupid actions. They worked to get to the place they are, why don't they deserve their pay?

Most of America and the rest of the world has loose collars for public figures in the sports industry because they enjoy watching them perform. Why not pay them the salaries we've set it at?

I feel that my opponent has not inducted a solid argument in all retroscope that concludes that athletes should not get their current salaries.
Debate Round No. 3
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