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Do taxes go to the right places?

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Started: 4/15/2016 Category: Politics
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The answer to this is simply no. Tax money is more likely to end up in a corporations pockets then where it should. For example, why do we keep laying teachers off, but have plenty of money to fund a war we have nothing to do with.


1. First off, What War is the Opponent talking about ? If he is talking about the Iraq War, then he should know that President Obama withdrew nearly all the Troops from Iraq in 2011.

But one could say that Early Withdrawal from Iraq caused the Rise of Isis and the Region's Chaos.

" It also made a grave mistake by withdrawing its military forces in 2011. "

2. That aside, what really comes down to is the issue of where our tax dollars is being spent. Now unlike what my opponent says with no credible evidence, Teacher Hiring has gone up. In fact according to the New York Times, " Districts are struggling with Shortages of Teachers. "

The Bulk of Funding for Schools and Teachers do not come from the Federal Government like my opponent asserts but comes from State and Local Funding through Property Taxes and Sales Taxes. And The Government leaves Education up to the states.

Now there is a problem with the Distribution of Funding for Schools. As Jonathan Kozol the education activist, teacher and author, famously described in a interview, " "We need to have urban schools that are so good that they will not be abandoned by white people, and this is impossible without equitable funding. Until we have equitable funding for our urban schools, there"s no chance in the world that white people in large numbers are going to return."

But that is another issue....

3. Also unlike my opponent asserts, Military and Defense is going down.

So much that people are worried it might be too small.

4. And Finally, of course we have waste in the Government. In fact, the Citizens against Government Waste has released a new book, " 2016 Congressional Pig Book " detailing all the waste and abuse in the Our Government. But those can be fixed....... to paint a broad brush is simply stupid.
Debate Round No. 1


Just because some website says something does not make it true. I have felt first hand the problems with our tax system. Most households that rely on food stamps are unable to provide adequate meals for themselves and their family members. They receive barley over $130 a person a month. Can you feed yourself properly with $130 a month? Why should we spend so much money on wars? All war is good for is enhancing ones greed. If the USA was attacked, like Pearl Harbour, the yes, we should go to war. We shouldn't go to war simply because someone lives a different way then us or has some resource we want. And actually, ISIS has been PROVEN to be funded by the CIA. They would have sprung up eventually, even if our forces still heavily occupied the area. And might I ask, Where do you think the CIA received the money to fund ISIS? ;(


1. My opponent has accused the CIA of funding the Islamic State. Now there is no evidence to support that Claim. That claim was sprouted by Anti American Forces who seek to undermine the Legitamacy of the United States Government. And who are these Anti American Forces ? Iran who has been proven to fund Islamic Terror Groups and has no interest in defeating ISIS instead to advance their own interests. Syria, Palestine, and other Countires who have ties to Terror Groups.

Accusing a Government of Funding the enemy without any evidence to back it up is frankly irresponsible, and requires alot of will power.

2. Second of all, America is not in a " State of War, " per se. Doing that would require a Declaration of War by Congress. What America is doing is using the Resources it has allocated by Congress to do Air Strikes, Sending Special Forces, and other means. President Obama has not asked for more Funding.....he's using the funds that are already there allocated by Congress. In fact President Obama has asked for cuts to Defense Spending.

" News last month of the U.S. Army"s decision to cut 40,000 active-duty soldiers, shrinking to 450,000 by 2017, "

" The White House had already begun work on a new national-security strategy to accommodate drastic defense cuts. "

3. According to the Heritage Foundation," spending on Social and Economic Programs dramatically outpaced spending on national security: 61 percent compared with 38 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars,Defense Department outlays now account for only 15 percent of all federal spending"less than its share before 9/11. Add in state and local government spending, and national security accounts for only 10 percent of total public spending. "

So are we spending more on Wars and Defense ? Let us remember that America is not in a Official State of War so........

4. Mandatory Spending in the Government however is way more than Defense Spending. Social Security alone takes up 1.25 trillion Dollars compared to 609.3 Billion for the Military. Military Spending as whole takes up a very small chunk compared to Social Secuirty Spending and Medicare Spending.

5. " All war is good for is enhancing ones greed. If the USA was attacked, like Pearl Harbour, the yes, we should go to war. We shouldn't go to war simply because someone lives a different way then us or has some resource we want. "

This question is somewhat of a paradox....... I mean like.... If War is to enhance Greed but then World War 2 was justifiable.... this argument makes no sense. Now is my opponent is saying that we should declare War only if we are attacked then okay...... but his argument makes no sense.

6. Our Tax system and how we spend are two totally diffrent things. We have Record Tax Revenue going in. 2.8 Trillion. But we over spend. 3.413 Trillion....... In 2012, Taxes were raised for the Rich. So what we have is a spending Problem but it's not the Military. It's Social Security, Medicare, and Interest on the Debt.,

" The Office of Management and Budget predicts that Defense Department spending will decline from 15 percent of total federal spending to just 11.7 percent by 2020. That"s because spending on Social Security, health care and interest payments are soaring.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that, left unchecked, spending on just those three programs will exceed federal revenues within 20 years. "

Now you mention Food Stamps. Can you feed Yourself Properly with 130 Dollars a month is a ........ stupid argument. Poverty and Hunger is caused by the Government giving out Handouts...... thus starting a cycle of Dependency. Jobs can provide hunger relief better than Food Stamps.

My View is that you can save money and bring people out of Poverty by reforming our welfare System.

So in conclusion, My Opponent has not answered the points which I have presented but has spewed out more Innuendos without evidence. Your turn !
Debate Round No. 2


TRaCKBoY forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Here we see the problem with years of failing to actually teach anything in government schools. Defending the nation is a constitutional function of government. Paying teachers is not.
Posted by DBPDX 2 years ago
Taxes actually go to wasteful social programs trying to motivate the unmotivated scum off the street.
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