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Do video games influence bad behavior?

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Started: 1/23/2015 Category: Games
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Video games do not influence bad behavior. The behavior of the players is purely judged by their decision making. You may see violent images in a game, but common sense tells you that you cannot just run around and break laws like you are some guy in grand theft auto. Therefore, my conclusion is clear, bad behavior has no ties to video games.


Video games do influence bad behavior as most of the video games these days are shooting games. Shooting games can seem harmless as they are not real but they are the main cause for shootings. For example, in 2013 the new batman movie came out and in the opening night there was a shooting. You know why? Because it was revealed that he was playing call of duty before going there. Shooting games need to stop as they promote bad behavior.
Debate Round No. 1


The shooter may have been playing the game Call of Duty, but was that really the 100% cause of his erratic behavior? I think not. Things like shootings and many other crimes may be blamed on video games, but the truth is, these people have been pre-wired inside of their heads to do bad things, or they made that choice on their own. No object of entertainment can sway the mind of any sane human. Vulnerable people in society may be drawn to violent video games, people with low self esteem, or aggressive people in general. Does this mean the cause of violent crimes is based on the violent games people play? The sad truth is, no. That is like saying that video games are an object of mind control or an evil voice in their head. Human willpower cannot be changed. Video games are just a source of entertainment, not an object for brainwashing. Concluding this counter-argument, everyone has a CHOICE to to bad things. Whether or not they do them is up to them and their mind, not video games.


Evil is just not inside people and they don't wake up and say "I want to kill people", they have a motivation which is sadly video games. Video games are basically another reality in which you can do whatever you want and then the people who play these violent games think the world is a virtual reality, therefore those people go out and actually kill people. As I said before these kinds of video games make people choose to do horrible things to their and our communities.
Debate Round No. 2


I have never once said evil is inside of us (future debate topic my friend). The only thing I have stated is that bad choices are nothing but, choices. They want to do bad things for some unknown to the world reason. That is their choice though, it is not some result of brain mesmerizing video games. I can agree to some level that video games that are violent contribute to things such as anti-social behavior, but if you WANT to commit a crime, you do it. There is no extrinsic motivator in the equation. Willpower is a whole 'nother thing entirely, and it isn't on the receiving end of puppet strings pulled by Call of Duty. Sure you can go around and kill people in a video game, but people aren't, convinced by video games that they are above the law and have a get out of jail free card if they kill someone. The world doesn't chug down that track. Video games are nothing but a hobby for people. Choices are made, they may be good or bad, but they are choices, conceived in someone's head.


All of these choices have a reason behind it and that's video games. Violent video games are the main cause of deaths as they are just another form of reality and the people who play it think it's okay to kill. I guarantee you no killer just wakes up and kills others. There is always a reason behind these killings and sadly violent video games are one of the main reasons people kill. Violent video games need to start.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by m8 3 years ago
Pro failed to make any attempt at proving anything.

'it was revealed that he was playing call of duty before going there'
That may or may not have anything to do with him shooting up the theatre.

'they have a motivation which is sadly video games'
You're literally just stating your personal belief without any assertion.

' these kinds of video games make people choose to do horrible things to their and our communities'
You can't just randomly say things as your argument. Your arguments (?) would be equally viable if you had just said, 'Jesis luvs me' in every round.

' Violent video games are the main cause of deaths'
This can be disproved very easily. It took me five seconds to Google a stat that shows that heart disease is the main cause of deaths.

'a reason behind these killings'
Gee, I wonder what... Mental illness?

'violent video games are one of the main reasons people kill'
Jesus Christ... I have more solid proof for you. I came up with it myself. 'Videogames are a virtual reality that make people kill each other oh my god it's the end of the world as we know it curse you videogames'.

'Violent video games need to start.'
The most hilarious possible line you could have typed out. They need to start? You completely invalidated your entire argument.
Posted by SofaKitchen 3 years ago
Let's go teams! ;)
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