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Do you Think Bullying Is Being Dealt With Appropriately At Schools

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Me as a student I personally do not think schools are appropriately dealing with bullying at schools, with all of these anti-bullying campaigns, I think all of them are just so we stop worrying about the issue.


Look I know bullying is a thing now a days because I am in High School. The issue is that you are stating that programs that schools that use anti-bullying campaigns are not appropriately taking care of the issue is ridiculous. It is always better to spread awareness towards an issue. My school has a week dedicated to why bullying is a problem and I have barely ever seen any bullying in my school. Schools do have to intervene and educate, now it really depends on how much a person gets out of the education in their classes will impact the attempt of bullying.
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I know I may of worded my 1st statement wrong, what I meant is do you think there could be more done to help out, And also violence Is NEVER a option


First of my opponent continues to believe that there is a problem with anti-bullying programs. Anti-bullying programs have provided help for certain programs. There is always the few people who don't learn much from anti-bullying programs or anti-drug programs, but the purpose of anti-bullying programs is to show kids the problems with bullying. Also adding on to the argument is the fact that School's do properly punish students, and if they don't legal action is usually taken and the heads of the school are fired and the cycle continues. So schools make sure that they take care of the problems by alerting their teachers to keep an eye on certain groups.
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Posted by TheRealSpassky101 1 year ago
Bullying is usually caused by a bad home life.
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Here is what every boy needs to know...

Boys tease other boys. It is similar to puppies play fighting. They will scratch and growl but in the end it is just play. If one boy does not respond well, if he just takes it like a timid wimp, he will then be tested. Everyone looks at him as if there is something wrong with him because there actually might be something wrong, so they test him. They push him more and more.

That is what bullying is. Bullying is when boys do what is natural to them but a wimpy boy does not know how to respond and gets tested over and over until he reaches his limit and fights back. This is the natural order. This happens in humans and dogs and every freaking species on the planet.

The way to stop bullying forever is to teach kids to stand up for themselves. It always starts with teasing and jokes. Kids need to know how to respond, which is to tease back and joke back. Then you are seen as standing up for yourself.

The second step is to be physical. Physicality is 100% natural in all mammals. If someone pushes you, you should push back. Keep it playful but let them know you are not a wimp and will stand up for yourself.

Bullying is not the fault of the "bully". Bullying is the fault of the "bullied" because that wimp could not even pretend to have a speck of self-worth.
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