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Do you believe in TRUE LOVE / FOREVER?

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Started: 11/8/2013 Category: People
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So, guys. Greetings again. I'm here to debate with someone, because I really want to know your thinking about this topic.

Do you believe in love, that never ends? True love?
Or do you think there is no such thing ?

I'm taking the PRO position. Let the best 'man' win. (I'm obviously a girl.)


I accept.I believe that the so called 'True Love','for ever and ever' etc is just a myth that is promoted by movies and literature, and is something comparable to the ghosts and vampires in Horror stories.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and ultimately all relationships lose their novelty.

I will be arguing that sexual love itself is just a trick your mind plays on you to ensure you have babies.I am looking forward to your views on this topic and why you believe in true love in the next round.
I hope the best man wins too!..:)
Debate Round No. 1


Hey there.

First of all, I really do not understand how can you compare LOVE, that the whole world is based on, with vampires, horror movies, etc.? I understand that you didn't mean love such as friendship, love towards parents, etc. here, but still. I don't get it.

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever loved somebody so much, that you wanted them to be happy, more than you wished that for yourself ? I have been. And I still am. I think when you love someone, you just know. You feel it and there are no particular words to describe it. You feel like one, you boy/girl/wife/husband is not only your lover, but also your best friend and life-companion. And I think that's what makes love so special and what makes it last.

My mom and dad have been together since the age of 13. They are 42 now :)



As I told you earlier, I am from India.In India,over 90% of marriages are arranged by families, yet less than 10% end up in divorce.

My own parents were together ever since i was born, they said that love is a Verb,it is a choice you make..I have been in what I thought was 'true love' many times since Highschool.the key word is "many times".I keep breaking up and still the same feeling comes with another person.I am not talking about lust here, I am talking about that feeling where you genuinely ccare about the person, even more than yourself.But i found out that once the novelty got over it used to always lead to some problem and an eventual break-up.

Let me explain the comparison.I don't believe in ghosts, I know rationally that ghosts are simply something they show in movies for fun.But, when i sit all alone in the dark, or in a creepy place like an abandoned house or a temple, i get scared, and all those stories come to life.

Like that the 'True love' that you see in movies is something that is very short lived and something that probably does not exist.But, when you are sitting next to an interesting(not hot) guy/girl you will think that you are in that love,but it will exist until you get into your first argument.

In my opinion, love is a choose to love someone.You are attracted to that person because your body releases pheromones when it finds someone who can give you healthy children.But whether the relationship lasts depends on whether the partners want it to last.

The whole world exists because of Love, but that is because of the goodness that is there in everyone's heart, what i call the pieces of God, or the love for all God's creatures.

the 'Movies' love creates extremely unrealistic expectations, and results in a lot of divorces and problems.

Yours truly,
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, I do not believe we are God's creatures. I believe we're all Mother Nature's children.
And then, I am not from India, and here, people have their own freedom and standards, and we can choose our partners all on our own.

And I wonder, how can you even use that as an argument, that there is no such thing as true love, only because in your 'country', meaning India, family chooses your date? Of course then you divorce yourselfs. That's all I have to say, and I think it's obvious...

Hugs back, Artpop.



I appreciate your beliefs that we are all mother nature's children.Personally, i feel god,truth, the all, the soul of the universe, Animus Mundi, mother nature are all the same thing, but i think you misunderstood my point.

Let me tell you some facts according to wikipedia:
the crude divorce rate in India is only 10.01%, but the divorce rates in Slovenia, your country is 38% and in nearby Slovakia, it is as high as 47%.

In my country, most people have absolutely no choice in choosing their partner, but more people remain married for ever and ever.So if 'true love' was really something that happens on first sight, why is it that people in Europe have such high divorce rates?Even in India, upto 80% of divorces are done by people who thought they were in love.

Luckily, my parents broke tradition and had a love marriage, and feel that i should do the same too.This is irrelavant.

In India, your family chooses not only who you date, it decides who you marry.People may have their own freedom and standards in your country, but if true love really exists like how you explain the fact that most of them never find it?

In India people make a choice to love the person they were married, they chooose to adjust and be happy and live long and contented lives.
Secondly,Have you ever had a break-up?I have had some since highschool.Everytime you have a break-up people feel depressed, they feel they can never love again. But almost everyone finds someone else,If there is only *one* person for you like they show in the movies, why is it that you can always find another person even though you were convinced at first that person was the *one*?

I hope you understood my comparison with the ghosts in the movies.'True love' is something that exists only in movies. Ask your own parents, or anyone who has been in a lasting relationship, they will tell you that love is a choice. It is something that you actually do, not just a feeling, that is what separates us from animals.

Compassion for others and altruism, Love for all life is what separates the great humans for the ordinary.It is what i believe achieves union with God.This is the true love that makes the world go round.

If you are unconviced restart this debate.:)

Wish you a nice day,
hugs and kisses,
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CynicalDiogenes 3 years ago
iruini09, you even agreed with me after the debate...:(
Posted by CynicalDiogenes 3 years ago
why iruini09? why?
Posted by Artpop 3 years ago
Only man-women. Thanks for that kind of question, I hope many others will see it too.
Posted by CynicalDiogenes 3 years ago
By true love, do you mean the only Love between a man and a woman, like the way it is shown in the movies,or love for all of God's creatures(Agape)?
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