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Do you believe in a monogamist relationship?

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Started: 2/7/2012 Category: Society
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do you think it's natural to involve your self with a single person sexual for your life?
Debate Round No. 1


but isn't it just sex. just because a person wants to sleep with another person doesn't mean they don't still love someone. I'm a firm believer in the understanding that humans are one of the only creature who believe in life long mates. and we live the longest. it's unnatural and is the result in most divorcees. so why don't people just realize that sex is just that sex. and just because my wife wants to feel another penis doesn't mean she doesn't love me and the same goes for me if i want to engage in intercourse with a different hole than that is all it is. nothing more it's called life is to long to believe a person will never yearn for another humans touch. i have never been in an exclusive relationship with a single person. i prefer openness and honestly.


First I would like to inform you that the debate question at hand is and I quote "Do you believe in a monogamist relationship?"

I am making the argument that someone can in fact believe in a monogamist relationship, the issue of partaking in one is a moral issue between two people. and not what we are debating.

Second i would like to point out that no matter what my opponents opinion is, has no bearing on weather a person can believe in said relationship..

my opponent had stated: " I'm a firm believer in the understanding that humans are one of the only creature who believe in life long mates. and we live the longest"

that whole statement is false.
First...we do not live the longest out of all species on earth
second... We are not the only creature;s who believe in life long mates here is a short list of at least 11 other species that have one mate for life.

conclusion: all opinions aside it is a fact that creatures including human beings can in fact believe in one mate for their entire life.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to point out that this is my debate topic you challenged me there for you need not make the rules or point out where the true point of the discussion lies. You want to decide where the true point resumes start your own debate. my debt is and was always intended to discussed as do you believe monogamy to be a natural for us humans. i realize people believe monogamy exists most of them are incorrect when it comes to humans.

Second:: i will point out the first line on the first page from the source my debate partner choose as his source.

"Humans like to think of themselves as a faithful species, but when it comes to true fidelity, many other animals offer better examples of how to keep a relationship together. Although monogamy and lifelong pair bonds are generally rare in the animal kingdom, here's our list of 11 animals that pull it off. "

Third:: my opponent state i made a false statement when i referred to humans being one of the only creatures to attempt to have life long mates and we live the longest.
No where did i say we live the longest out of all things on earth. my statement clearly meant out of creatures on earth that decide to have a single mate we live the longest. aside from that he wanted to attack the first part of my statement when i referred to use "one of the only" creatures who do this. this didn't say "the only" it said "one of the only" obviously to insinuate there are very few. and i would say out of the millions of different creatures on this planet our scientist have found only 11 makes my statement more than true it makes it a fact that it's rare thing on this planet. Not only rare but most creature appose the notion proceeding to mate with who ever hey can.

Why would humans believe that they can oppose the natural order and instincts of 99.999999999 percent of the planet. and breed / mate with a single person. it's rather unrealistic. over half of the people who claim to have a monogamist relationship don't they cheat, they divorce and find other mates. Over 80% of people on this earth have relations with multiple people before "settling down" with a single person. is that really monogamy. i would say not. in natures terms.
monogamy was also designed by religion as a way of showing my loyalty to god and the church's. but it wasn't intended by nature to be natural course of mankind.
"Should-be" monogamy never gained worldwide attention until the last few centuries. The should-be monogamy idea was not popular in previous generations, not until its strong uprising in the last 150 years or so. In fact, polygamy was still openly practiced in the last generation in non-western countries, and is today still practiced in modern societies, even though not so openly because of the outcry of the Western Feminism movement. How quickly the should-be monogamy concept has taken over, such that it makes polygamy appear sinful and wrong ever since the beginning. A worldwide ethnographic survey of 849 human societies show 708 whose customs are polygynous (more than 1 wife), 4 polyandrous (more than 1 husband) and 137 monogamous. Other than the religious and supremacy factors, there can be a few other reasons for this.
History brings forth a conclusive evidence. The enforced should-be monogamy, no matter how much it is sanctioned legally or socially, or how righteous it is portrayed religiously, it was never originated from the Scriptures, and has never been set as the only standard for marriage by God. It originated from the pagan Romans that had and are still overtaking the world under the modern title, Roman Worldview


Well I would like inform my opponent that he Did not give any information on how this debate would be structured nor did he list rules before the debate started, so I am very much allowed to discuss what I believe the point of the debate is just like you. Your not allowed to create rules in the middle of a debate that suit your needs. If you wanted rules and structure perhaps you should have pointed them at at before the debate begun.

Second by your very own admission the question we are debating is and I quote you: "my debate is and was always intended to discussed as do you believe monogamy to be a natural for us humans"

I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt as I re structured this question to ask "Is it possible for a human to believe in a monogamous relationship." But as you clearly had stated what your debate is about I will go ahead an answer this for you

Debate question: "do you believe monogamy to be a natural for us humans?"
Debate Answer: "yes"

do you see how your question has caused a problem for you? Let me make this clear for you you can not debate this question because I am your opponent and you have asked me a yes or no question.

The only defense you can have now is proving that I in fact do not believe in a monogamous relationship, and good luck with that.

As for your rebuttal to my previous arguments which are now moot. I would like point out that Everything you said in the previous round was completely false I have in fact already proving you wrong on your point. ( humans are not the only creatures on earth that have one mate for life)

Furthermore I would like to point out that It is in fact natural to want to have one mate for life as I have already proving several animals live their life this way, and while your argument that since the majority of animals do not live this way it is unnatural . Well then you tell me If an openly gay man has one openly gay mate for his life is that unnatural because they are not part of the majority?
Debate Round No. 3
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