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Do you believe in government regulation?

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Started: 10/9/2016 Category: Politics
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I do not believe in the state because they waste tax money and leave the middle class stranded to pay back bail outs from the banks. Government have incredible power that allot limited people to make decisions for the majority of the population and they have no choice in the matter. Listen folks, do you believe in the use of force against me? or anyone for that matter? the underlying principle in agreeing with government is law back by violence. I can hold my own practices but i can not force you to follow me such as a cult. so why is it not the case for government.
I believe most people know by now that the war on drugs is an enormous failure, started by Ronald Reagan in the 80's. Its the prohibition all over again right?
Furthermore the amount of black men in jail in the united states is unrelenting, breaking families up and institutionalizing these men is irrational.
they come out of jail unable to get a job... anyway ill let the opposer state their case. thanks for your time.


Con's main problem seems to be with the government having too much power. While I do agree with the premise, the conclusion of having no regulation is ultimately destructive.

To be against all forms of government regulation is essentially to have no government, as any government would need at least some regulations.

So, there can be no higher power with regulations in place as that would just be a government. So, I propose the following problems.

Who would make them?
Who would enforce them?
Who would decide if these laws are ethical/moral or not?

Who would run them?
How would people be punished?
Who would get the power to decide such things?

National Defense
Who would run the military?
Who would be able to declare war?
Who would be able to declare a state of emergency if our country is attacked?

I'm not requiring you to answer these questions. My point is, how could a country function without even a basic, small government with some regulations.
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah thanks for that.

I retract my position in that my opponent has helped me understand some useful things about government.
Okay maybe government should not be abolished totally. I am for small government that looks after those bare necessities
that were mentioned.
Thanks for the ideas, take care.


That is a reasonable conclusion to reach. Glad we could discuss this. Thanks for the debate.

Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 2
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