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Do you believe the Big Bang Theory actually happened?

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Started: 12/1/2015 Category: Science
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Do you believe the big bang actually happened? Whether you're religous or not, because it says in the Bible when God said "Let there be light!" There was light. This could mean the Big Bang in a sense. My point is do you think it happened?

Me personally, I'm on the fence about it, it had to have started somewhere just like evolution from small bacteria or single celled organisms to create the complex beings we are today. But if you take the original Big Bang Theory as saying, "There was nothing, and then there was something." Which is the way I've always been taught and told about it. Doesn't this break the Law of Conservation of Mass? The law states that matter or mass cannot be create nor can it be destoryed. So without a magical being how could this occur. I'm not very religous I like to say irriligious. But opinions please!


I am taking the position that the Big Bang did occur and I will make 3 arguments to support this claim.

Argument 1: The Universe is expanding
When you see a car approaching you, you may notice that the noise it makes gets higher, but as it passes and drives on behind you, the sound appears to be lower than it would be if the car was stationary. This is known as the Doppler Effect. The movement of the car causes the sound waves to compress as it approaches you and stretch as it passes and continues behind you.

The same is true with light waves. The sun consists of helium which can be detected because the visible light spectrum is not complete as the helium atoms absorb some parts of the spectrum which can be seen by the black lines. The light from stars in other galaxies appear to have shifted towards the red end of the spectrum which indicates that the galaxies are moving away from us as the wave length appears to be longer than it should be (like the sound does when the car is moving away from you). Hubble noticed that the large majority of galaxies are moving away from us which shows that the universe is expanding.

If the universe is expanding as time progresses, it logically follows that if the go back in time, the size of the universe would be smaller than it is today. This trend continues as we go further back in time to when the universe was infinitely small which is known as the singularity. This singularity is the starting point of the Big Bang which contained all of the space, time, matter and energy that makes up this universe.

Argument 2: Einstein's theory of general relativity
Einstein's equations of general relativity predicted that the universe was either expanding or contracting, however Einstein personally believed that the universe was static. In order to avoid the problem of a dynamic universe, he changed his equations by adding a 'cosmological constant' which kept the universe static. When Hubble showed him the universe was expanding, Einstein realised that his original equations were correct and later declared that adding in the cosmological constant was "the biggest blunder of his life". This shows that Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted that the universe was expanding before Edwin Hubble gathered experimental evidence which provides further support for the Big Bang model because he have both theoretical and observational evidence which shows the same conclusion.

Argument 3:
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
In 1965, Penzias and Wilson discovered that there are traces of microwave radiation that could have been created because of the big bang. The steady state theory along with many other theories do not account for this radiation, whereas the Big Bang theory has predicted this radiation beforehand. The radiation is basically the heat that was left over from the 'explosion' of the big bang, showing that the Big Bang is probably true as the radiation shows signs of a cosmic 'explosion'.

These three arguments show that the universe is expanding which indicates that our universe began in a very concentrated point about 13.8 billion years ago. The universe began with an 'explosion' which is still detectable because of the background microwave radiation. All together this shows that the Big Bang is the most reasonable theory that accounts for the evidence whereas other alternative theories do not.

The Doppler Effect:

Red shift:

Edwin Hubble and the Expanding Universe:

General Relativity:

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation:

I have left links to the websites where I found the images that have been used. The images are not my own work, all ownership remains with the rightful owners.
Debate Round No. 1


NathanPoole234 forfeited this round.


As NathanPoole234 brought up the concept of the law of conservation of mass and I haven’t addressed it yet, I thought that I would base this round on it.

The law of conservation of mass and energy are true in a sense that it applies with closed or isolated systems. However, mass and energy are interchangeable so that mass can become energy and vice versa. Einstein’s equation E=mc^2 shows how this is possible.('E' is the amount of energy, 'm' is the value of mass and 'c' is the speed of light.)

This video may be helpful in showing how this works.

This shows that matter can be created without breaking the laws of conservation of mass and energy.

The Big Bang theory only describes how the universe has changed into its current state so there are still questions regarding the causes of the Big Bang. There are different ideas on the causes of the Big Bang but for the purposes of this debate, the Big Bang is still the most likely explanation for the origins of our universe due to the reasons I mentioned in round 1.

Here is an article that goes into the Big Bang and the law of conservation of mass that you might be interested in.

Debate Round No. 2


NathanPoole234 forfeited this round.


I have shown why I think that the Big Bang actually happened and I would like to thank Con for giving me the opportunity to do so.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NathanPoole234 1 year ago
Just go for it man I just want some answers!
Posted by Purple_Circle 1 year ago
I would like to accept the debate. Is the first round for acceptance only or are we allowed to begin opening arguments?
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