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Do you know more about sharks than me?

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Started: 6/22/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I may only be 17 years old but i have a wide knowledge on shraks including truths behind propaganda, myths and legends about sharks.

90% of all species of sharks have became extinct due to shark finning or capture or accidently getting trapped in fishing nets. There are over 400 different species of which a very select few are dangerous. A few sharks you might of heard of are;
The legendary, Great white
Bull or known in Africa as Zambezi
Hammerheads (the great, and scoled)
Nurse sharks
Whale sharks
And Tiger sharks.

I wish luck to my opponent. A few qustions for my opponents on sharks.

1) For how many years have sharks populated the oceans, etc?
2) How much sperm do whale sharks produce for mating?
3) Name the person who survived a great white attack and worked with peter benchley and steven speilberg in the making of 'Jaws'?
4) Name one type of shark that has became extinct?
5) what colours do divers specifically don't wear incase of a great white encounter?
6) Why do sharks attack human?
7) How well do we know great white sharks?


Criminal sharks

Divorce sharks

Business sharks

Land sharks

Answers to your questions
1) Ever since the first lawyer figured out how to swim
2) How would I know ;)
3) Chuck Norris (the shark was Bruce lee)
4) An environmental lawyer
5) Anything that represents the human emotions of happiness or pleasure
6) Usually for money
7) Humans have much knowledge about lawyers, and they are artificially mated and breed everyday. Please join my charity called let lawyers back in their natural habitats.
Debate Round No. 1


1) Wrong. Over 3 million years ago
2) Wrong. 360 tons
3) Wrong. Rodney Fox
4) Wrong. Cow shark is an example
5) Yellow and red.
6) Wrong. Usually they mis-identify us but on the other hand they may attack us if they feel threatened.
7) Wrong. We don't really know much about great whites but they have been know to jump out of the sea when catching their prey.

I suggest my opponent reads over the questions closely before answering. This debate is about the animal 'shark' not the type of sharks my opponent is referring to.

A few more questions i think.

1) Why are sharks important to us?
2) Name four books by Peter Benchley associated with sharks.
3) How many species of sharks are there?
4) What type of sharks are most common in the Galapagos Islands?
5) In Peter Benchleys book 'shark life' he wrote a short story in one of the chapters to show the importance of sharks, what was the story called?
6) What year was the event that 'Jaws' was based on?
7) What size can a bull grow between in length?
8) Name 1 protection program for sharks?
9) If i say sharks are in the Elasmobranch family, explain what i mean?
10) What are dermal denticles?
11) What is a nictitating membrane?
12) What is Ampullae of lorenzini?
13) What is the caudal keel?
14) Why is killing sharks wrong? And how can it affect us?


Ohhhhhh the animal sharks I got you.

1) Sharks are important to us because they make a lot of money as the CEO's of most companies.
2) Shark life, shark life 2, shark life 3, and How to become a CEO of any major company.
3) CEO's, politicians, Presidents, and anyone involved in the stock market, so about 4
4) Usually, the sharks that live near the Galapagos are the most common
5) The importance of sharks
6) I live in the town it took place in, therefore I am exempt from this question due to awesomeness levels
7) Bulls can usually grow about 6-8 feet in length, but that question is retry irrelevant being we are talking about sharks.
8) Money
9) Rich
10) A terrible attempt at alliteration
Feel free to make the questions harder next time.
Debate Round No. 2


1)Wrong. They are imporant as they keep the ecosystem in order as they control the population of fish, seals etc and kill of the weak, deformed and injured.
2)Wrong. Shark!, Jaws, Shark Life, Shark Trouble.
3)Wrong. Over 400 different species.
4)Wrong. Tiger Sharks are most common at the Galapagos Islands
5)Wrong. The day all the sharks died
6)Wrong. you are not exempt to this and the answer was 1916
7)Wrong. Bull sharks grow between 7ft - 11ft in length. This question is relevent as it is about a shark just a specific type.
8)Wrong. PADI project or Shark trust.
9)Wrong. They belong to a family of which do not have a skeleton instead they are made up of cartalige.
10)Wrong. Dermal Denticles are tiny scalelike teeth that that make up the skin of the shark.
11)Wrong as you didn't answer it. The ampullae of lorenzini is bundles of sensory cells connected to nerve fibers in the head of a shark that allows it to detect electric fields.
12)Wrong as you didn't answer it. A nicitating memmbrane is the inner eyelid that closes to protect the eye.
13)Wrong as you didn't answer it. The caudal keel is the horizontal ridges along the tail fin of sharks.
14) Wrong as you didn't answer it. They play a vital role in the ecosystem and peter benchley proves this in his short story 'The da all sharks died' as businesses vanished, people lost jobs and homes etc.

I suggest my opponent re-thinks his answers before submission and reads and answers all the questions.

Sharks are magnificant creatures that many of us misunderstand. The only way we can truely understand them is to observe their behaviour and satallite tag them so we can monitor where they travel to migrate, and reprduce etc. Information recieved on these tags are vital to the understanding of sharks.


1)Why do you have an unhealthy obsession with sharks?
2) Where do you find this useless information?
3) Why do you believe that while people are starving, we should spend millions in studying fish?
You have strayed from the debate. I know more about sharks than you because I live in the town in which the shark attacks that inspired jaws took place. I have also watched shark week.

More questions for you...
1) why are sharks soulless?
2) What are the steps necessary in order to create an efficient shark genocide?
3) I could beat up a shark if I wanted to
4) Who would win in a fight, Chuck Norris or a shark?
Debate Round No. 3


1) i don't have an unheathly obession, sharks are endangered and we need to understand them more.
2) Its not useless information, i've got this from a cobination of documentaries, books and the web.
3) Because its true, overfishing has caused a massive decrase in fish so not as many small sharks can eat as there isn't enough to go around so only the strong and the fast survive. many seals also die from this as they eat fish so only the big the strong and fast will survive with decreses the number in big sharks as they eat seals so therefor there isn't enough to go around.

Just because you live in the town which is where shark attacks inspired Jaws doesn't mean you know everything about them.

1)sharks aren't souless, we can tell their personality by the way in which they move. When the pectoral fins are almost horizontal it means their relaxed but if their become slightly vertical it means their stressed out. You can also tell their personalities through watching the way they swim of which the majority of sharks are quite curious of new things, 'Aliens in the sea' as Peter benchley says it.
2) I am not gonna answer that as sharks don't need to be killed off the need to be re-populated, as they are endangered as we have wiped out 90% of all shark species.We need to save them because they play a major role in our ecosystem and if they all becaome extinct the whole ecosystem will collapse which will also cause the whole of our sociaty to collapse.
3) I am not going to answer that as beating up innocent animals is wrong. The only way i could say it was to be right is that its done through self defense but in theory if a shark attacks you it has a right to as you entered its territory. Sharks have been on this planet before the T-Rex ever exsisted, we need to learn to stop killing and harming these animals before its too late, these animals are a major part of the ecosytsem if they all die it will be catastrophic for sea creatures and us.
4) Invalid question. Sharks don't randomly attack people, if they feel threatened or mis-identify you for a seal then yes they may attack you but sharks don't usually kill humans as on average only 4 people die from shark attacks, more people die from dog bites and falling out of bed.

I suggest my opponent actually puts some Valid information forward.

Sharks are amazing creatures of which not many people go into studying them which is unfortunate. People usu ally believe that sharks are blood thirsty creatures when in real fact their not. Nurse sharks love humans as they always love getting turned over on their backs and get their belllies rubbed which shows that their affectionate creatures. In theory you can actually swim wh=ith Great Whites and Bulls freely without cages and they won't even care that your their that proves their not blood thirstyas if they were they would of attack us. Most sharks you can swim with freely without bother from them, which many people never seem to understand that their not blood thirsty creatures, unless your a seal or a fish or some chum hung over the side of a boat they won't attack. An amazing thing about sharks is that their always producing teeth so if one falls out, one will grow back in place by 4-5 days, the teeth its self are amazing with ridged egded all down both sides of each tooth. Sharks can't swim backwards as their caudal fin only moves on way stopping that from happening. Another reason why is that for them to breath water has to pas through their gills, as the water they absorb by osmosis into their blood stream they also excrete salts through their gills. People may think we kniw a lot about sharks but in real extent, we don't know much.


Have you told anyone who got attacked by a shark this?

If the shark attacked me first, than I could beat him/her up (better?)

4) False, the second Chuck Norris smells blood, he would go in for the kill.

Why do we need to understand sharks more?

Why not let nature run its course and if sharks die out, they die out? They have had a pretty good run. (Or swim as some would say)

It is true that only the strong will survive, this is natural selection and is actually good for species.

If a shark attacked you would you beat it up?

Do politicians have pectoral fins?

I know everything about sharks because I inspire to be really really rich, or a politician.
Your turn
Debate Round No. 4


Politicians don't have pectoral fins.
You don't know everything about sharks, you have avoided almost every shark related question by answering it with your immaturity. Like I said sharks are vital for our ecosystem. Great whites can put over 2000N into one bite and they can swim fast because of their torpedo shape. Whale are the largest sharks alive today and can produce up to 360 tons of sperm for mating. They eat plankton because unlike most big sharks whale sharks are more like vegetarians than carnivore's. Sharks are rapidly decreasing in numbers as we are killing them off which needs to stop before its to late. People need to wake and see the beautiful they are destroying and if sharks are wiped out the whole ecosystem and society will crash.
Their are over 400 species of shark (extinct and alive) here are a list of some:
Tiger shark
Bull shark
Great White shark
Nurse shark
Lemon shark
Port Jackson shark
Six Gill shark
Reef shark
Hammerhead shark
Bonnet head shark
Basking shark
Thresher shark
Mako shark
Oceanic white tip shark
black tip shark
Whale shark
Wobblegong shark
Goblin shark
Cookie cutter shark
Cow shark
Sleeper shark
Leopard shark
Prickly shark
Silky shark
Bronze whaler shark
And so on .....

All species of sharks are on the red list because of our stupidity.

I suggest my opponent reads through what he has written and make sure its shark related and isn't immature. I also suggest my opponent stops saying that's he more intelligent when it comes to sharks than me as saying that he lives in the town where the incident where jaws was based on doesn't mean anything as it doesn't prove your smarter than and if you were you would of answer all of my questions correctly and came up with some sensible, good relevant questions himself instead of referring to chuck Norris who has no relevance to sharks. I suggest my opponent recaps on what we both especially himself has said before posting his final evidence.


MattHarrison forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by sharkcrazy 4 years ago
yeah but still its better to get info from a more reliable source
Posted by Jegory 4 years ago
You've found false info, but have you ever found correct info? Of course you have. Don't write something off because not all of it is perfect; just take what it says with a pinch of salt.
Posted by sharkcrazy 4 years ago
you can't actually it can only be changed. Over my years in school using wikipedia i have found quite a lot of false info, reason why i never really turn to it instead i use professional websites
Posted by Jegory 4 years ago
Actually, if they have a record of adding bad or false information into articles, they can be blocked, preventing them from editing. Wikipedia isn't a bad resource, merely one that needs to be used with care.
Posted by sharkcrazy 4 years ago
actually anyone can. as long as they have internet access and a computer/ipad etc, they can edit it
Posted by MattHarrison 4 years ago
Not anyone can edit wikipedia
Posted by sharkcrazy 4 years ago
wikipedia includes sometimes false info as anyone can edit it so shouldn't be relied on. Your better looking for professional websites.
Posted by drfroes 4 years ago

now i know more b!tch
Posted by MattHarrison 4 years ago
Pretty much actually
Posted by Fictional-Reality 4 years ago
Does anyone else find this whole debate flawed in its method. I mean behind a screen, I can know anything about everything as long as Google provides the answer, therefore trolling this entire argument; or shark quiz as it's turning out to be.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: FF of last round by PRO. Arguments: CON's arguments were very flawed; a simple Google search could have provided the answers. Yes, CON was trolling but it did manage to be quite entertaining.