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Do you like to see states like Califorina have disasters?

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Started: 1/31/2014 Category: Economics
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California is an extremely liberal state. When disaster strikes I say good for them. Same for New York. Two states that control [dictate]how the rest of the country will live, as far as elections with the electoral college.


Pro has not specified whether this is a formal, or informal debate.

I don't like to see people die. That's why I contest that i do not like to see states such as that have disasters.

It's also not their choice to hold a large portion of the vote.
Debate Round No. 1


While I tend to hate human suffering as well I hate those two states. New York is totally useless, it a liberal cesspool, and while California is as well it is the gate way to China's goods.


So because you hate liberals, and think that most people there are liberals, it justifies the killing. Just as long as they kill people that don't agree with you it's okay.

This is nonsense.
Debate Round No. 2


I think if you look at how the world really works , it simply stated is "that "way.

I don't think any one has the right to kill others to accomplish their goals, but we see it day in and out all around the world. While I wouldn't take up arms to kill my enemies, I sure as hell won't shed a tear for them in their time of need nor would I lend a hand to help them.

Based on the debate, all I feel all I needed to prove is why I like to see states like California have disasters. California is a radical progressive/ liberal state. California is the "dictatorship" state of the Union. with more laws and regulations than any other state. And what do you see in California as a result? When presidents are elected by popular vote I will hate them a little less, but they can keep their way of life in their own state. They better hope we keep buying from China to keep their port cities prospering keeping the liberal state afloat even with its poor policies.


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Holy crap... Con may have forfeited the last round, but Pro is a complete psychopath. Just because you don't like a state's political ideology doesn't mean that everyone in that state deserves death! No sources were cited and S&G were equal...