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Do you think Olympic and Paralympic athletes get enough publicity in the media?

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Started: 10/23/2016 Category: Sports
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Olympics had started in the late 1800"s on the 6th April 1896 and the first Paralympics games were held in Rome, Italy in the late 1900"s in 1960 they had featured 400 athletes from 23 countries following that, Sweden staged the first winter paralympic games. These games are now the second biggest sporting event in the entire world. People argue that athletes may not get the appropriate amount of publicity in the media. Do you think the Olympics and Paralympics are a good idea? Is it worth funding for? Is all the athletes" effort and practice worth it? Rio 2016 Paralympics were frowned upon as there funding was satisfactory, the Paralympic set up was "not good" or "not good enough" in comparison to the Great Britain Paralympics 2016. Ultimately the Olympics and Paralympics are good but there are the disadvantages of them too. Some arguments are; the Olympics and Paralympics boost the host countries status, with a great deal of publicity to the country and along with lots of tourism. In 2012 a month after the Olympics and the Paralympics was over London, England saw a 12% increase in their tourism rates according to the Official for National Statistics (ONS). Having the Olympics or Paralympics forces the city to improve its facilities and area, wanting it to be a good impression and better the previous hosting countries the host city is cleaned up. Though cleaning facilities and the area was not the case for Rio 2016 Paralympics.


I think that the Olympic and Paralympic athletes do get enough publicity, this is because after there hard work and efforts have been embedded in their game that they part take in they're able to rejoice their win in front of the world. Talking about the countries, the Olympics give countries a change to partake in friendly competition. The games are a constructive experience among each other I think the Olympics are a healthy way of using sports to foster a healthier world. Regarding Rio de Janeirno and it being the host city according to Wikipedia and sourced from the website too, "the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) chose Rio de Janeiro as its bidding city to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, during its Annual Assembly on September 1, 2006. This was the city's first bid that proceeded to the Candidature phase, after three failed attempts to host the Games in 1936, 2004 and 2012."
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