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Do you think it"s possible to live in a world without money?

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Started: 12/23/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Our world is based on money, to live people need money, so we study at school to have a job and get money. That"s a circle without end.
Some people say money is synonymous of power, do you agree with that? Others say that money causes poverty of many people. What do you think about that? Do you think that all societies, even very advanced ones like those of the USA or France, can live without the current system based on money?


Money was invented as a symbol to exchange for goods and services. I exchangge money for books as an example. Money pays for important things like the military, legal council, healthcare, and so on. Regardless of how you feel about entitlements, money is needed. My healthcare providers have to get paid somehow to reimberse their services, and fund their personal needs. The Bible says the laborer is to be counted worthy of his or her wages.
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Yes, I totally agree with the fact that money was invented as a symbol to exchange goods and services.
Of course, money is necessary, it is our way of life, it pays for health.
But let us be realistic, money in today's society is not only a means of exchange and living, but it is also a system that turns some people's heads and dehumanizes them, money pushes people to consume. It defines our lifestyle without our consent. However, remember that tribal societies don't have this money system and they live well.
For me, we could live without this monetary system but at that moment it would be the whole of society that should change its way of living, it is possible with determination.


Fair enough. I'm not allowed to love money, but I respect it. How would a cashless society work? I wont get chipped for religious reasons, but maybe I would caryy a card that has a chip. Call me old fashioned. but I prefer cash, unless I use my debit card online.
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Posted by Autistic_Spider 2 years ago
Every species of plant and animal life on earth aside from silly humans gets along fine without money and 'trade' only transpires sometimes but in general natural economics is more aboout gifting than anything. Other hominids got along fine without money. In fact, without the concepts of 'ownership' and 'property' and exclusive possession and money being invented and perpetuated by silly humans the natural world wouldn't be degraded and suffering so much today.

The true answer to the question is yes and no. Yes it is possible if humans come to their senses but no it's not possible while they remain greedy and downright stupid. Perhaps the inevitable natural consequences for establishing and perpetuating this farce will be severe enough to wake-up these moron humans to their error in the next generation but i expect this species will probably, for the most part, cling to their stupidity to the bitter end. Ha, con can probably appreciate that his sacred book even predicts this will be the case.
Posted by WhiteHawk 2 years ago
Money is a currency. "I give you this in exchange for this." Anything sensible could be used as a currency. Beaver fur was once used as a currency in a special place and special time.
Posted by John_C_1812 2 years ago
Just so you know if you live in the United States you are living in a State without money. The Federal Reserve Note is an impartial receipt, and not money. Call the registered Note money is a first Amendment right, as you do not understand the self-value of the documented registration yet. The basic difference is A Note as receipt can be established, proved in judicial process, legal manner as being a legal form of all payment to debt. Money, credit, and value held by raw materials cannot. The raw materials can be used to pay such debt, though it is impossible to totally regulate away from many hidden basic crimes.

To understand this self-regulating power held by registered receipt over money. Look at the Dollars held in your pocket or friends, and write all the serial numbers down and their value. Some-one else also had those numbers as well as you. Now look at the value of dollar credit placed on the gift card, or credit card. Can you still see and read the serial numbers of those any of those dollars that gift card, or credit card are telling exist within the card?

This is not a bad thing on its own, but it should be remembered this is plagiarizing and it is a crime. Even if never enforced by the Federal Reserve on behalf of the Federal Notes. There are a great deal of complicated benefits to Impartial Note systems. I will spare the lecture and simple say yes to it is possible to live in a world without money. The United States had done it for quite some time after the Civil War and it was not till the turn of the 20 century States managed to move the note back to a money type system.
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