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Do you think our school system should change?

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Started: 11/20/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Schools should change their system because of these following reasons:
1) School starts way to early, scientists prove that at 10 am is the average time a human being is fully awake.

2) I believe that kids in younger grades have to learn stuff that may be too advanced for them to fully grasp it.
3) There should be less homework, the stress gets lifted and it helps save some trees for paper.

4) Kids should be in an appropriate class for their own intelligent.
5) Kids should be treated as if they were young men and women ( This is more toward ages 10-16)


this will not be an easy debate to win because kids love to think this would be better
{1} there is a reason for school starting early but i feel they do not put enough effort in the school work during the beginning of the day so i feel core classes should go last and electives should go first this will most likely wake the kid up and get pumped for the classes ahead
{2}school is a place to learn each kid should get a minimal of 7-8 hour at school if you increase the time they sure will need a diner option at school
{3}the most amount of homework kids should receive a day should stay the same if they were not paying attention in class and did not receive homework how will they learn how will they progress
this is the only the only one i think should change
{4} finally school lunches should contain a decent amount of caffeine each day so if the kid is still tired it will wake them up because lets face it we all have at least one really boring teacher
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Posted by Sir_Shadow 2 years ago
Well, I meant I see how you could see it that way, not I see what you mean
Posted by Sir_Shadow 2 years ago
Oh, that's what you mean

Yeah, I agree with you there
Posted by DANACC 2 years ago
It's been scientifically proven that the human brain doesn't start fully working until 10:00 am. Not only that but kids are all taught the same way. Sure, you can rank them and put them in separate classes based on their knowledge on the subject, but every student is different. Every student learns differently. Not every student's brain is meant to take in information the same way others are. It's like getting an elephant, a fish, a monkey, and a bird, and saying "Hello class, today your assignment is to climb this tree."
Posted by Sir_Shadow 2 years ago
Kids can be adjusted into the right intelligence classes already, what are you talking about?

If you're not smart enough to keep up with societal minimum though, you'll end up living on the street.
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Sorry I clicked the wrong debate, but enjoy this anyway.
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Vote Placed by Evan_Of_Hearts 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made some good points as to why the school system should be changed. The argument for the electives being at the beginning of the school day is very interesting and I would like to see that be done. Pro stated that school should start much later. I disagree. I know that I enjoy sleeping and piddling before I go to school, but I would rather have my free-time after school. Pro also made many points that are already in place in most schools across America. IEP's provide kids with the tools and help that they need to accomplish some of the more difficult classwork, and they place children in classes that are suitable for their learning capacity. Nice debate. Good job.