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Do you think schools should remove their firewall?

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Started: 4/24/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that schools shouldn't block anything and completely remove their firewall.

First of all, many useful, insightful forums essential for doing reports and debates are blocked due to the fact it may contain adult content. This makes finding insightful websites with genuine information hard to find using the school's network. Making working at school challenging at times.

Secondly, the school already filters what student searches. For instance, multiple searches that involve the word "suicide" will be reported to the police in some other, larger city, they will then report to your school and they will find you. So it doesn't really matter if the students search for adult content because it will just go to the police and the students will get in trouble.

Lastly, students can easily hack into the school and make themselves admin. There is also another, simple way to avoid the firewall. if you download a anonymous web browser that masks your IP address by using layers of encryption. This makes their IP address seem to come from another country.So it doesn't matter if there is a firewall because it can easily be avoided.

That is why I genuinely think that schools should remove their firewall.


I think schools should keep the firewall because, Some students may use the internet for porn or something. Also, what if they try to buy drugs or guns the the deep/dark web. As we all know FPS games are banned, well any thing containing guns is pretty much banned so if they get on those then they will be in trouble.
Debate Round No. 1


It seems as if you didn't read my argument at all. The school already filters searches for shady things such as pornography, suicide etc. so it won't even matter if they search for things of that nature because it will just get them in trouble. Yes they can just insert the web address into the address bar, but they probably will add a filter for certain content that might be inappropriate.


Your write I didn't read your first comment but you completely missing the point. I know the y have blocked porn sights ETC, I do admit you serve a pretty good point about certain research website being blocked. Although not everybody uses computers, laptops or net-books for research purposes, like you for example.
Debate Round No. 2


The valid point you have is the one that I have covered multiple times. If students search for anything inappropriate they can track them down. It is true students can buy drugs and guns on the dark web, but that is not relevant to the debate really. Virtually everyone can order drugs and guns on the dark web. Yes people might not use the computers for educational purposes, but they don't have to at all times. The fact students can search up inappropriate things is not a very strong point, and that was the only strong point that you or anyone else every had.


You have a fair point but you forget to mention that the JK/Sk class use the computers too, so if they stumble on to one of those websites then they could know about sex and all the other bad stuff on the internet. Yes I get that this is pretty much the same argument but some kids could be searching up things like how to make a Bomb or something so we need a firewall that allows teachers to be able to see exactly what the students are viewing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by counterret 3 years ago
@m4j0rkus4n4g1 Thanks for siding with me on this. There is multiple ways students can avoid the school's firewall. Either you hack into the school's network and make yourself admin. The other more legal option is to download a browser known as Tor. This masks your IP address making your location appear to be somewhere else. This makes it possible to view websites you wouldn't normally be able to view on Google Chrome( albeit slower than Chrome). The reason I did not write any resources is because I know from personal experience and knowledge that this is the truth. You can easily read articles online about this stuff. Hope this changes your mind.
Posted by m4j0rkus4n4g1 3 years ago

I agree with Pro on this one and I do think that Pro made some strong points in favor of the resolution. Pro's points about firewalls blocking proper research sites is valid. Pro did not cite a source to back up the point about student searches prompting police reports. Pro also did not provide the best explanation of how students can "hack" into the school's network, which would have made that point more valid. Con's arguments centered around the fact that firewalls protect students from discovering inappropriate information, a point which is obviously valid, as this is why firewalls exist at all. Con's argument was somewhat refuted, but seeing as Pro did not back up every point with evidence, I see both sides as having just one good argument, equally convincing. Pro had very few mistakes in S&G, while Con misspelled words like "right/write" and had many grammar mistakes. Both sides had fine conduct as the debate structure was not too rigid. Neither used sources. I am willing to reward Pro 1 point for S&G and I see the other three point categories as being tied.
Posted by Himans45 3 years ago
I don't think con understands that they will still be able to see what you are looking at, but the sites will not be blocked.
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Vote Placed by salam.morcos 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: was good from both. Spelling/grammar: I rarely give points on this, but Con made some spelling and grammatical mistakes. No points. Sources: None. So no points. Arguments: Con didn't even argue! Pro gave a couple of reasons (although I don't agree with them). Con should have rebutted each one of them, but instead claimed that people can watch sites such as porn. Pro argued that the firewall is useless because kids would end up accessing these sites anyway. I don't agree, but Pro wins this debate.