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Do you think that society's views change the way we dress?

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Started: 1/14/2015 Category: Society
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For my Extended Project (A-Level) I am trying to research whether people feel pressurised by society or the media and maybe other factors to dress in a particular way. The idea of this is that I want to compare how people dress today (in the 21st century) to how people would have dressed and what would have been acceptable in say Regency England (15th to the 17th century). I personally think that people (especially women it seems so far from my research) do feel pressurised by the media and by society to change the way they dress to fit in the 'boundaries' of what they deem to be acceptable so to speak. So if you could please leave a comment of your opinion to the question posed and if the answer is yes, what influences your dress or why you feel pressurised by society to dress in a particular way, and possibly if you want what you deem to be acceptable dress in today's society. Thank you :)


As a society, society does influence the way we dress. But there are always outliers to society like hippies and general weirdos that dont like to "conform to society" as well as some people who do not dress at all(nudists). Women in generally are encourage to look sexy/feminine while men are encouraged to look masculine/strong/handsome. Society defines how we percieve beauty because as many enlightenment philosophers stated that ideas come from expierences and these can be morphed by perception. I suppose that society imposes its perception on what is beauty and therefore does have influence on how we dress. But society's views do not change how we dress, unless were new to the society. These perceptions are a behavior that we learned and conformed to and therefore is not much change, it's just how we grew up, culture. I believe the answer to what makes us dress the way is dress is culture. culture has implicitly left a perception of what is beauty through social norms, media, etc. society's views is just a collective group of people who deem some things acceptable and other things inacceptable. societal views are influenced by culture because back in the 15-17th century, wigs were the craze because artist painted people with wigs and major important/famous people wore them, which made people want them because of the culture. Culture and high society made wigs something like white old hair into something trendy. I think that culture has an impact on societies views, which in turn affect how we dress. Thank you.
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Posted by gannon260 2 years ago
your very welcome, i thank you for giving me something to ponder about in my free time.
Posted by LindaRose97 2 years ago
Gannon260: That's a really interesting point you have just made which makes me think differently about what can influence the way in which people dress. Thank you for your input :)
Posted by gannon260 2 years ago
that last speech may seem contradictory but we have to remember, change is different from influence
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
I wouldn't say it changes the way we dress, but it definitely influences our attire through social norms.
Posted by scots 2 years ago
well some people still choose to dress as the would like no matter how society has impacted it, and traditional garments are still worn.
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