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Do you think this could cure cancer?

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Started: 12/13/2016 Category: Science
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I've been studying cancer all my life. I think I have come up with an idea. If we take stem cells' dna and combine it with antibodies dna, this would act like a fighter and a healer. The stem cell would be the healer and the antibody would be the fighter. Here is the argument on why cancer should be cured. Say your opinion and I'll comment but don't try and steal my idea because I have it submitted into the Johns Hopkins medicine program. But I know none of you would do this.

Should cancer be cured?

Cancer is an uncontrolled division of not normal cells in the body. Cancer takes many lives in our world. Families suffer through the pain of seeing their family member having cancer. In order for cancer to be cured there has to be a cure. Cancer has taken 564,800 lives.
Should cancer be cured? This is a question that ponders everyone"s mind. First, cancer is very uncontrollable. This is one reason why cancer should be cured. Also, cancer develops when parts of the body stops working. These reasons show why cancer should be cured.
Cancer also is a very dangerous disease. First, you can have moody moments during cancer. Above all, cancer messes with your brain, Cancer makes you think the worst can happen. For instance, if you have cancer you will not feel good about yourself at all. This might lead to depression.
A lot of people say that if cancer is cured people would overpopulate the world. This is true but people die every day. Also, people in my opinion and in others, people need to live a long wonderful life.
In conclusion, cancer should be cured because people to live a long beautiful life. Also the big thing is that cancer has taken 564,800 lives. My great aunt is going through cancer and I wish she did not have to suffer. If we put our minds together we can save people and let them live the life they were suppose to live, cancer free.

sorry if I put too much I just wanted to give you my idea in my own words.


You seem to be inviting two different debates.

1. Will your idea cure cancer?
2. Should we cure cancer?

To be honest, I think Pro is asking more for a discussion than a debate so, I'l join in under that premise.

The answer to the first question is - it doesn't matter, we already have cured cancer. The main problem with cancer was it depended on our own bodies immune system to protect it. The drugs we used against cancer were largely rendered useless by the lack of bioavailablity.

But we solved that problem with nano-sizing the drugs.

Even a simple drug like Aspirin can cure the worst Brain Cancer that exists, once it's been made bioavailable.

The researchers tested the new drug on cancer cells from tissue taken from adults and children with brain cancer. They found that both individually, and in combination, the drug ingredients were ten times more effective at killing tumor cells than any combination of other currently used drugs.

New aspirin hailed as 'potential game-changer' for brain cancer

SCIENTISTS have revealed that a new formula which includes soluble aspirin could be ten times more effective than other drugs in treating brain tumours.

This is only one of many drugs that have been developed and then kept off the market.

One Drug to Shrink All Tumors
A single drug can shrink or cure human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver, and prostate tumors that have been transplanted into mice, researchers have found. The treatment, an antibody that blocks a "do not eat" signal normally displayed on tumor cells, coaxes the immune system to destroy the cancer cells.

Nanoparticulating drugs was studied and proven effective long ago.

Drug delivery and nanoparticles: Applications and hazards
One of the therapeutics under intensive study is paclitaxel (taxol). For paclitaxel the nanoparticle formulation resulted in enhanced cytotoxicity for tumor cells in vitro, and at the same time an increased sustainable therapeutic efficacy in an in vivo animal model (Win and Feng 2006). The paclitaxel was encapsulated in vitamin E TPGS-emulsified poly (D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticles, and this system resulted in a higher and prolonged level above the effective concentration in vivo, reflected in an increased area under the curve (AUC)

But the Trillion dollar drug industry has no use for cancer cures.

On a single day, 36 BILLION DOLLARS changed hands over the results of one test.

BMS loses its lung cancer lead to Merck as Opdivo data comes up short

The tested drugs in question, Keytruda and Opdivo, have little to no effect on cancer. To receive Keytruda, a person first has to pass a genetic test, leaving it unavailable to most people. But even then, it only works in about 25% of patients for about 1 year.

Alfacalcidol, a vitamin D analog proved more effective than either multi-billion dollar drug.

Three patients out of 11 patients (27%), 2 glioblastomas and 1 astrocytoma grade III, exhibited a particular response, consisting in the progressive regression of the radiological lesion, with a decrease of the gadolinium-enhanced area. Simultaneously, the patients showed a complete clinical remission, observed respectively for 7, 5 and 4 years.

But there is no money in Alfacalcidol, so a permanent cure goes undeveloped, while a temporary treatment collects billions.

So the sad truth is even if your "cure" worked, no one would develop it.
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I'm the one who will create the formula. I'm going to become a scientist. Also there has been no cure for cancer yet. They only made medicines to nick it but not fully kill it. I will create the formula. I can get the stem cells from an umbilical cord. Also I'll find a way to get the stem cells.


Well good luck with that, nobody is rooting against you.
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Thank you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.
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