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Do you think website age restriction should be allowed?

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Started: 4/13/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think age restriction should not be allowed. I once couldn't become a member of a website because I was young. There are many websites with age restriction, and many children can not use it. In, I couldn't say my opinions when I was younger. I can not see any wrong things about letting a child as a member of a website, and I think many children is waiting to get in.


My reason why there should be age restrictions
-the young don't understand
-to protect them
-there is no reason
-they're immature

My points
You mention as a website with age restrictions. Here are my valid points.
Some kids who go on dont understand what is happening. Bring a kid in and ask him about politics, war, or water problem.

To protect them
For example porn.
Simply how does porn improve you. At least if you tried to sign up for you learn debating, how to lose, and facts. But really porn only mess up your mind and there's studies that support that claim.

There is no reason
This one I go through briefly. Some webiste you don't need to be on. Meat spin, best gore, or 2 cups one girl.

They are immature
This is more of a stereotype of kids that i don't believe in but still should be considered. Some kids only say I f**k your mom, or kys.

My final conclusion is that a test should be place for mature kids like you so they can enroll.
Debate Round No. 1


I have some things to rebut your arguments.

1. can help kids that ARE interested in things like the water problem and wars. They can see how other people think about the topics. Also, it doesn't always have hard topics like that.
2. I think it is a great thing to do debates even though we are young. That can improve debate skills, such as persuading others. The time limits, and the rounds make it very real.
3. Students can search things if they don't the subjects.( politics, wars, technology etc. etc.)
4. I also think that parents can block not good or not helpful websites for their kids.
5. I think we can stop some problems, and children feel less freedom.
I don't understand parts like the test thing and f**k thing. I think I don't understand because I live in Asia, so I don't understand f**k.
Those are the reasons I think there should be no age restrictions.


I consider a kid someone who is doesn't understand the world. Someone who does I consider them a man or women. That's my ideology though not saying I'm right.

We both agree age restriction need to be enforced on porn websites, inappropriate website for example best gore, or just useless website.

I agree some website shouldn't have age restriction. But like my point above some website need age restriction.

I have a question how old do you have to be for age restrictions in you point of view? !) years old?
I hope you understand because I worded it a little weird.

Another point I think we both agree on if you debating a 10 year old would you respect him.

Oh man you live in Asia. Do get me wrong I'm pretty sure in Asia you respect the everyone right. I truly respect you. You don't understand f**k. Let me tell you in America you have immature kids swearing online, telling people to kys(kill yourself), or little boys saying I'm going to rape you. This is an American respect issue.
Debate Round No. 2


hahahahohoho forfeited this round.


Do you feel the bern
Debate Round No. 3
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