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Doctors should be paid more than footballers.

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Started: 6/27/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes they should. Doctors save lives. Save lives. How much can you buy life for? Footballers entertain people for money and get paid more than doctors. Why is this? They are famous.
I'm a football fan, but don't you think its a little bit unfair?
Thousands of people die everyday, millions of tears are shed everyday but this number could decrease with doctors. If we pay them more they will work more! More lives saved already.
Nobody cries when their football team looses. That's because football is not alive. Family and friends, however are.
How would you feel if one of your loved ones are about to die? Would you just rather watch a game of football, or go and call the ambulance?!


First of all, you seem to confuse the idea of importance with demand. Yes, doctors are extremely vital part of society because they save lives. However, that has nothing to do with demand. Football players are paid so much because their large audience pool is willing to pay a big price for their performance. Sure, football players are entertainers and they're not as "important" as doctors when it comes to saving lives. However, important is a subjective term in which different people interpret differently. Saving lives are important, but so is entertainment. If people are willing to pay for entertainment in order to increase their utility level, then that's all it matters. Whether there is any element of stupidity or irrationality is the topic of another debate, but a lot of people as a collective are just willing to pay these entertainers for what they're "worth". It's not unfair for them to make much more than doctors if they can generate much more revenues than doctors.

Sure, if there're more doctors, they will be able to save more lives. But then again, we're talking about pure economics here. They're paid for what they're worth. While it's hard to quantify the value of life, it's for sure that they don't make as much as football players because not everyone is able to afford millions and millions of dollar for one life. Therefore, supply and demand simply takes over. Football players are paid by their fans, but who is going to pay the extra salary for doctors? The government? The individual patient?

Comparing losing a game to losing a family relative is like comparing apples to oranges. The nature and magnitude of these two events vary so drastically; it's almost meaningless to compare them in such a way. I can also argue the following way: would you rather see your favorite football player die or have an allergy for two days? Your false analogy is simply irrelevant here.
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Well played. We put price tags on football players. Those price tags They're like objects to the clubs. They do what they are told by the manager. The fans are just their to encourage the players. Doctors have no fans. all they have are smiles and many
"Thank you"s
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Posted by 2 years ago
I'm not sure the framing of this question is correct. Many doctors do in fact make more than many footballers - hundreds of thousands, up to millions, per year - just not the footballers at the very top. And the footballers at the very top make most of their money through their marketability. But there are doctors at the very top making obscene amounts of money as well, i.e. Dr. Phil and his annual salary of $70 million. Dr. Oz also apparently makes $4 million per year. The question you're asking is the wrong question, the right question is "should marketability be worth more than skill".

If I accept the premise of your question though, the answer is no, under current conditions. What you make is based on what people are willing to pay you and what value you add, and tied into that is who else can do your job and how much money are they willing to do it for. Top footballers add massive value to their organizations (shirt sales, games won and thus prize money, etc.) and are rewarded accordingly. We could pay them less, but then the owners would just get more, and I'd imagine that's not the outcome you're looking for either. In the case of Doctors, they could be paid more...but who would pay them? Us? Why would we do that by choice? Doctors generally make a very good living, it doesn't seem logical that this perceived imbalance would be addressed by paying them more, it would be addressed by paying footballers less, which I already addressed above.
Posted by eZminT 2 years ago
Doctors get paid for their services - which is to treat ill people of all sorts. If a doctor "should" be paid more then that necessitates that people become more ill. Why do you want more sick people OP?
Posted by hasnat614 2 years ago
English Football. Soccer for you american guys.
Posted by TheWorldIsComplicated 2 years ago
Wait, American Football or English Football?
Posted by BrandonHyde 2 years ago
Employers of doctors aren't that wealthy. The wages of doctors is determined by the revenue of medical firms. Rich millionaire/billionaire individuals own football clubs.

This shouldn't be a debate - it is common logic and basic free market.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
yes i have nothing in my pocket
Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Then reach into YOUR OWN pocket and pay them more. Nothing is stopping you.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
or we should watch doctors more O.o
Posted by hasnat614 2 years ago
speak english. dalir. And not everyone will agree.
Posted by dalir.kosimov 2 years ago
I dont see why anyone would oppose you statement, surely everyone would agree with this? Anyone logical, of course.
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