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Does America still have a gender inequality problem?

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Started: 11/16/2014 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance. Do not throw your opinion at me yet please.
Debate Round No. 1


I want to say right away, the way I wanted this to be was gender inequality towards women. I'm sorry if the title misled you, that was my fault I phrased it wrong. So it is gender inequality towards women.
Women earn about 80% of what men make for the same work. Women with degrees that should allow them to earn high wages get shorted out by being paid the same salary as less educated and less qualified men. Women with community college earnings end up earning the same amount of money as a male high school graduate. It is possible for women to achieve a high level, high paying position, but those who do are generally from wealthy families or they are self-employed. Only 4.2% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women. The tiny percentage of women who hold these positions are still not paid the same as a man would for the same job. These women are not respected as a man would be in that position. They generally do not have much power, and the only way to attain more is to be seen as a, pardon my language, "harda$$." This is because women are sexualized and more focus is put on whether a woman is attractive. There is more focus on the size of a woman's, pardon my French, a$$ than her brain. In the past, a woman's only purpose was to care for the house and the children. That outlook may not be the same, but it has certainly influenced the way women are paid and treated in the workplace.
2- Please watch these videos
As you see in the clips, sexual harassment is not something that can be brushed aside. It is a violation of a woman's human rights and it is in fact against the law to make discriminating remarks against a woman's gender. This harassment makes it harder to effectively enforce gender equality in the workplace, reinforces the idea of women being subordinate to men. This type of behavior furthers rape culture and continues to say "Its O.K. to sexualize a woman's body." Advocates for women's rights around the world have been working to end sexual harassment towards women. One of the most important aspects of this fight has been gaining recognition for harassment as violence towards women. Many people view sexual harassment as a compliment. Telling a woman that you want to "f*ck her in the a$$" is not a compliment. That is harassment and a violation of her rights. There was a study conducted in New York City where a young woman spent 10 hours walking the streets while a friend in front of her video taped everything. Here is the link to the video. Please watch it.
Sexual harassment especially in this form causes women to fear for their safety as it perpetuates rape culture. This causes gender inequality because as long as sexual harassment is considered a compliment or O.K, there will never be gender equality as women will continue to be viewed as sexual beings.
I encourage you watch this. It has great points, despite the language.


Recently many high schools have been enforcing stricter dress codes for girls as their clothes are "too distracting for boys." This promotes rape culture and gender inequality as it teaches girls that their educations are not as important as the educations of their male peers. When teachers send girls home for yoga pants or take them out of class it is telling them that it is more important that the boys not be distracted than it is for girls to get an education. This furthers the idea that it is okay to sexualize girls. Instead of sending a girl home for wearing yoga pants, schools should be teaching boys that it is not okay to treat women in a disrespectful way.
I will post all my sources at the end. I have no room.



gelkhoury forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


As my opponent has not posted their argument, I do not have anything to rebut. I admit I do not know what my opponent has been busy with or what has been going on in their life so I would like to say I hope everything is okay and j wish you luck if it is not. I wish to ask that for this round you post a sentence or a word or something just so we all do not have to wait for 3 days, if you do not have the chance to post an argument/rebuttal to mine. Again, I understand if you can't, I do not know what happens that makes you unable to debate, it's not my business.

Voters, I ask that you please vote for my argument as my opponent forfeited last round.


Lets look at this from a different perspective. My argument is that america does not have a gender inequality problem because gender inequality is in itself an illusion.

What defines equality between genders?
Why in history through every culture, do males have the primal role of hunting,protection, etc...?
Do you think that in recent times females are determined to fill in the position of a male?

The issue with today's society is they believe that just because a female is not suitable to perform certain roles in society than she is somewhat less valuable to society. This image is completely false and is destroying the Alpha characteristics of a male. Don't think that i am classifying the male role in society as more important than that of the female, but we must realize that every gender poses necessary attribution to the construction on a community/society. Females posses the role of fertility, raising a child, teaching the child what is rite and what is wrong. Without this our society will further crumble. Both of these roles are crucial to the construction of an individual, so they can pass on their knowledge/experience to them. When we begin to question an individuals roles in society, we subconscious begin to question their value.

Though this ideology i base my argument that male e and females posses fundamental roles to the development of the world, these roles of which are completely equal and necessary.
Debate Round No. 3


Beyoncebetwice forfeited this round.


gelkhoury forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by o0jeannie0o 2 years ago
Id like to mention that not letting your kid dress like a $l** is not saying rape is OK!

Rape "culture" is out of hand. Women deserve to be treated as equals YES. That doesn't mean that the social standards, that should be followed, do not matter. Yea parents should teach their boys not to rape but the girls should be taught that rape happens! Even though they are not "asking for it" a rapist will not see it that way (they are not mentally sound).

A rapist may see you in a short skirt and see-thru top and say to himself "there's someone who isn't afraid to get down" or "she is just asking for my attention". Parents may see you like that and think "has she no respect" or "dear lord i hope that's not my daughter". It does not matter what your intentions where with that outfit, style, attention, fun; people (mature adults) will not see it that way and they shouldn't.

Social norms exists, being original without disrespecting the social structure exists. If most people consider something "wrong" it usually is considered "wrong" and they laugh, are disgusted or angry. Sure some people don't care but most do that's why we see things like "people at Walmart" and "best and worst dressed" trending.

Your little girl wont have a body guards like Kim k, she wont have job security like Miley, and you cannot protect her at all times. Teach your kids that dressing appropriately is for their safety, social and physical. That they can be "sexy" and "trendy" without being trashy.
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
I would like to apologize for my forfeit. Something has come up and I was unable to make an argument. I would like to ask my opponent to, sometime in the future, be willing to redo this debate.
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
I agree with you Our country does have a horrible gender inequality problem. I think you would agree with my argument. I encourage you vote for me, as my opponent forfeited the last round
Posted by tata12345678913 2 years ago
YTes there is because men treat women like they are slaves and women should be treated equal
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
I just want to reiterate that I will post all of my sources at the end of the debate. I did not have any room left on my argument so that's why I didnt. I'm sorry if that affects anyone's vote or opinion. I just didn't have room left. Good luck to my opponent and I wish everyone a good night :)
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
Muricaman, are you saying you support pro? lol it's unclear to me but it's probably just me lol
Posted by muricanman 2 years ago
Cough ****Gender Inequality all the way***Cough
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
I respect your opinions that's fine. I am not debating you though. I am not trying to change your opinion, just show you my side of the argument. You can decide from there. If you disagree with me that's fine. You are entitled to your opinions and it's great you have such a strong sense of them. Have a good day cheyennebodie :)
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Lived a long time. Saw many things. I already have opinions that probably will not be moved.
Posted by Beyoncebetwice 2 years ago
Please wait to see the debate before making judgments cheyennebodie.
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Reasons for voting decision: I don't agree with the arguments posted but they where not refuted (argument point). organized and checked (grammar). loss of conduct as you asked con to post quick and did not yourself. How in the world is not dressing provocative by school code rape culture. I hate this argument. Boys cant go in form fitting clothing, crop tops or inappropriate dress code either.