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Does Censorship Reveal Society's Lack of Confidence in Itself

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Started: 4/29/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Censorship Reveals Society's Lack of Confidence in Itself because of multiple reasons. When the government censors media and TV, they do it because they are not confident about their own people. They are not confident that riots will start, protests will happen, and that people might even lose their lives. The government is controlling our lives this way. We have the right to look at anything we want, but it is our decision whether we want to view it or not. We make the decision, not the government. That is why our society is so unbalanced. It is lacking confidence. And you know what is so funny. As the people, we are not confident enough to voice our own opinion about the censorship. Let me ask you: Would you be confident enough? No. The answer is no. Which is exactly why censorship affects the confidence in our society in a negative way.


Censorship is bad though because kids in our time won't learn the truth about our society, they won't learn the knowledge they need. Kids wont learn about their history, or the history of the country. Adults also don't want their children to learn about bad stuff, so in ways it is .
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You are supporting me, so you lose.
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3, 2, 1, bye-bye.
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Posted by quicksock123 2 years ago
Sorry I thought I was on the pro side and didn't realize I wasn't that's the reason I supported him, but all I did was repeat what he said so once again I am sorry.
Posted by MyWorstEnemy 2 years ago
As I read the topic several conversations with my ex wife came to mind. She was the type that wanted mass censorship for her ever changing religious views and for her convenience. She believe that anything that she found offensive should be completely banned to prevent our kids from ever seeing or hearing or even knowing it ever existed. To her, things like parental controls on television and internet annoyed her. She didn't want to have to set a control to protect her kids. Things just shouldn't exist in the fist place. The topics for her were porn, any religion that wasn't Lutheran, many forms of art, music that fit her description of devil music and on an on. She believed that society was so corrupt and unable to survive if it was not protected from itself and taught proper morals. I would fear a society that fit into her dream word. Rules and laws are needed but complete control based on a very small base of moral guidelines seems very dangerous.
Posted by chrisnfolsom 2 years ago
I don't specifically think it's a "lack of confidence", but actually a confidence or certainty that an idea, product, whatever may not be used correctly. Sure it would be nice to allow everything to everybody over every platform, but as with weapons you should have training and there should be safeguards to use any action or product. You have the right to speech, but we also have the right to make rules to run a civil society.
Posted by DiegoJuan403 2 years ago
It's not that they're confident it because they want to hide the truth.
Posted by Ariesz 2 years ago
Who would openly negate what your saying in the western world. The people that would disagree with you would already have censored or blocked.
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