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Does Christianity and Islam worship the same God?

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Started: 8/7/2015 Category: Religion
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Good day ladies and gentle men, I would like to present the principles under wish this debate will be conducted.

Round 1:Open argument
Round 2:rebuttals
Round 3:rebuttals
Round 4:Closing statement(no new arguments)

I am looking forward to a wonderful debate, Good luck.
PLEASE NOTE: Sources of evidence should be provided.


: the religion that is based on the teachings of
Jesus Christ
Full Definition
: the religion derived from Jesus Christ ,
based on the Bible as sacred scripture, and
professed by Eastern, Roman Catholic, and
Protestant bodies

: the religion which teaches that there is only
one God and that Muhammad is God's prophet
: the religion of Muslims
: the modern nations in which Islam is the
main religion
Full Definition
: the religious faith of Muslims including
belief in Allah as the sole deity and in
Muhammad as his prophet

:a spirit or being that has great power,
strength, knowledge, etc., and that can affect
nature and the lives of people : one of various
spirits or beings worshipped in some religions

: the act of showing respect and love for a
god especially by praying with other people
who believe in the same god : the act of
worshipping God or a god

:resembling in every relevant respect



I would like to base my argument primarily on the fact that Islam and Muslims consistently refer to people, proclaimed by Christianity as well as Islam to be prophets of God, when talking about the 'history' of their religion and its apparent adherents. Islam clearly accepts the prophethood of Adam, Abraham (Ibrahim), Lot (Lut), Noah (Nuh), Moses (Musa), David (Dawud) to name a few. The mutual acceptance of these prophets and their message, along with the God they claimed to contact, shows that these religions both refer back to the same deity. In every account, differing or similar, of all these prophets, they all spread the monotheistic tradition with its God.
I didn't refer to Jesus in that point because christians accept him as more than a prophet; they claim he was the literal essence of God on earth in human form, his 'son'. Islam does praise and acknowledge Jesus (Isa) as a prophet of God, although not the literal incarnation of God on earth. Nevertheless, both religions do accept his connection with the divine and thus must accept the message it is largely accepted he preached: that of the one monotheistic God of Abraham. Therefore, even if they disagree about the actual divinity of the man himself, their acceptance of his connection with the divine does mean both religions worship the same god of which he spoke. Jesus did also reference the Torah and the past prophets, making clear he was talking about the god of Abraham, which means that if both religions accept Jesus' connection with God, they also accept the god of Abraham and so worship the same god.

One reason for confusion about this issue is the use of the Arabic word 'Allah' to refer to the one god of the monotheistic, abrahamic religions including Islam and Christianity. 'Allah' is not, as many people with slight ignorance on the matter typically assume, the name of the god Muslims worship; rather it simply means 'God'. The word derives from the Arabic word 'ilah' for the minor version of 'god' which can be pluralised, and literally means 'the one god'. Arabic speaking christians and Jews also say the word 'Allah' when speaking about their god and during their prayers and services, the Arabic phrase 'Alhamdulillah', for example, being not only limited to Muslims but used by christians and Jews as well. Why? Because they all worship the same God of the same prophets and the same tradition!

Finally, I would like to mention that Islam often refers to christians and Jews as 'people of the book', meaning that their monotheistic traditions are correct, although they may not have the full truth of Islam. This reference clarifies even further that Muslims certainly worship the same god of the same tradition as the Christians.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks very much my opponent for your salient points made, however this should not be the basis on which we are to judge that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Religion, God and Truth
If indeed Muslims and Christians worship
the same God, there would be little need
for disagreement, dialogue, and debate
between them. If I am satisfied to shop at
one grocery store and you are satisfied to
shop at another store, why should I try to
convince you to shop at my store or vice
versa ? Do not both stores provide the food
we need, even if each sells different
brands? The analogy is tidy, but does it
really fit? Deeper questions need to be
raised if we are to settle the question of
whether Christians and Muslims worship
the same God. First, what are the
essential teachings of Christianity and
Islam? Second, what does each religion
teach about worshipping its God? Third,
what does each religion teach about the
other religion? That is, do the core
teachings of Islam and Christianity assure
their adherents that members of the other
religion are fine as they are because both
religions "worship the same God" ?

Christianity and Islam: The
Claims, the Logic, and the
First, what are the teachings that each
religion takes to be absolutely true?
Although Islam and Christianity are both
monotheistic, their views of God differ
considerably. Islam denies that God is a
Trinity " that one God eternally exists as
three co-eternal and equal persons: the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
( Matthew 28:19 ). Islam also rejects
that God became a man in Jesus Christ
( John 1:1-18 ). These doctrines are
cornerstones of Christianity. But God
cannot be both a Trinity (Christian) and
not a Trinity (Islam). This is matter of
simple logic; it has nothing to do with
religious intolerance or being 'rigid'.
God cannot be both a Trinity
(Christian) and not a Trinity
For Christianity, humans are corrupted by
an inherited sinful nature that cannot be
overcome by any human means
( Ephesians 2:1-10 ). But Islam denies that
human have a deeply sinful human nature,
claiming that we sin because we are
merely weak and ignorant. Christianity
teaches that salvation is secured only
through faith in the achievements of Jesus
Christ " his life, death, and resurrection
( John 3:16-18 ). Islam, however, implores
its followers to obey the laws of the
Qur'an in the hopes that they will be found
worthy of paradise. Since these two
views contradict each other, both views
cannot be true.

Second, how does each religion say
worship should be offered to God? Muslims
deem worship of the Trinity to be
polytheistic and thus blasphemous.
Worship of Jesus " whom they deem only
human " is anathema. Yet these beliefs
are essential for Christian worship. One
must worship God "in spirit and in
truth" ( John 4:24 ). Worship requires assent
to the truth of God (the Trinity), belief in
the gospel, trust in Jesus Christ, and
submission to God's will. While Muslims
emphasize submission to Allah ('Islam'
means submission), they do not submit to
the God revealed in the Bible. This
exposes another irreconcilable difference
between Islam and Christianity.

Third, what does each religion make of the
other one? Muslims and Christians have
historically tried to convert each other,
since they both view adherents of other
religions to be misguided. Islam seeks
converts worldwide because it believes
Allah is supreme over all and must be so
recognized. Christians are commanded to
take the gospel into all the nations and to
baptize converts into the name of the
triune God of the Bible ( Matthew
28:18-20 ).
Neither Christianity nor Islam can logically
endorse the other religion's distinctive
claims and practices without denying its
Much more needs to be discussed
concerning Muslim and Christian relations
in a religiously pluralistic world. However,
we must conclude that despite their
common monotheism, Islam and
Christianity have very different views of
God, worship, and mission. Therefore, it is
unreasonable to claim that they worship
the same God. Although Islam and
Christianity are both monotheistic, their
views of God differ considerably.

See The Qur'an , Surah 112:1-4, which
denies that God "begat" a son. Surah 4:171
commands Muslims to not say "three" with
respect to God; see also Surah 5:73.
However, the Qur'an claims that the
Christian doctrine of Trinity affirms that it
is comprised of the Father, the Son, and
Mary (Surah 5:116). The Bible, however,
never attributes deity to Mary.


I wouldn't say Muslims and Christians need to worship different deities in order for them to disagree and debate with each other; what causes adherents of both religions to debate and try to convert each other is not the belief that their god is more real than the god of the other, it is the belief that the god they both worship demands worship and adherence in particular, correct ways, in order for the person to be saved and see paradise, or Jannah. Therefore, the debate between Christians and Muslims is no ground on which to say they worship different gods. You are right that both religions are monotheistic, and also that the religions' views on God differ. However, you even said it yourself in that sentence that their views differ on 'God', not on gods or which god. Their views differ when it comes to his nature; whether he is completely one or a trinity, whether he took on human form or not, but they do not disagree at all about which actual deity he is as he is, to both religions, the one god of Abraham, Adam etc.
Islam denying Christianity's claim that humans are born with original sin (due to the sins of Adam and Eve) and the sinful nature of humans is certainly a difference in their views on human nature, but, again, this is not really evidence that the two religions worship entirely different deities at all. The fact that Christianity teaches its followers to take after Jesus' example more than anything else, and that Islam teaches the Qur'an, the apparent direct, unaltered word of God himself, to be the ultimate guideline for life, again, does not mean they worship different deities. This is simply a contradiction about how God ought to be worshipped and followed, and not a contradiction about whether one's god is different or more real, ir superior, to the good of another. Islam goes as far as to teach that its primary prophet Muhammad is the seal, or final prophet of God's many, including Jesus (Isa). Islam views itself as a continuation. A completion, of this tradition, picking up where Jesus left off. It is not, therefore, proof they actually worship different gods just because they vary slightly in obligatory or recommended methods of living, acting and worshipping. The reason, also, that Muslims to not submit to 'the God of the bible' is that they believe the bible was originally the perfect gospel given to the prophet Jesus (Isa) and was then tainted and altered by mankind, and is not to be trusted as legitimate. They are not, therefore, submitting to a different god, but are submitting, in their eyes, to the same god as those following the bible, only they are doing it correctly.

I would also like to refer back to the importance of the term 'Allah' in leading people to falsely assume these two religions are referring to totally different deities altogether. Christian bibles printed in Arabic use the word 'Allah' for God, and even in old Aramaic, the language of Jesus, he is famed to have used the word 'Eloi' when dying on the cross (Mark 15:34) This is phonetically identical to the word 'Allah'. When we therefore ignore the difference in referral terms used to describe God or name him, we are left with very little, or no, irrefutable evidence that these two religions are worshipping different deities.

Finally, I would like to use a hypothetical situation to help get my overall point across. Imagine three people come to you saying 'I met Mark Smith, who lives at 5 hypothetical lane, yesterday'. Person #1 says 'he was very calm and stoic', person #2 says 'he was very hotheaded and angry', and person #3 says 'Mark Smith was very talkative and friendly, with lots of excited, positive energy in his voice and his gait'. (Let's just not make petty argument and agree that) you know all three people are talking about Mark Smith who lives at 5 hypothetical lane, and so you know they are all talking about the same person. They do, however, disagree and contradict each other on his nature and how he acts. Ultimately, though, they are all referring to the same person. I feel it is a very similar situation we find ourselves discussing when we talk about the God of the Islamo-judeo-christian monotheistic tradition.

'And (remember) when Ibrahim (Abraham) and (his son) Isma'il (Ishmael) were raising the foundations of the House (the Ka'bah at Makkah), (saying), "Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Verily! You are the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.' - Qur'an, Surah Al Baqara

'For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken to him.' - Genesis. 21:2
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks very much my opponent for your views, I first of all want to say that I will be arguing strictly by my definition of the word "SAME"
:resembling in every relevant respect

"For God so loved the world that he gave his
one and only Son, that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have eternal life. For God
did not send his Son into the world to condemn
the world, but to save the world through him.
Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but
whoever does not believe stands condemned
already because he has not believed in the
name of God"s one and only Son" ( John
3:16-18 ).

(quoting my opponent)
"what causes adherents of both religions to debate and try to convert each other is not the belief that their god is more real than the god of the other, it is the belief that the god they both worship demands worship and adherence in particular, correct ways, in order for the person to be saved and see paradise, or Jannah. There for me, the debate between Christians and Muslims is no ground on which to say they worship different gods. "

I reiterate that I will base my argument strictly by my definition of the word SAME which I have defined above. My opponent's statement is completely absurd, if really and truly Christianity and Islam worship the same God then what is the issue of converting Muslims to Christians and vice versa. Both ways should have being correct. Muslims considered their five daily prayers as obligatory and binding on them,but it has nothing to do with Christianity. Muslims believed that salvation is obtained only through your devotion to the will of "Allah" whilst Christians believed that salvation is obtained only through the son of God Jesus Christ. From these two principal belief of these religion, any logical person will definitely conclude that they are not worshipping the SAME God.

(quoting my opponent again)
"However, you even said it yourself in that sentence that their views differ on 'God', not on gods or which god. Their views differ when it comes to his nature; whether he is completely one or a trinity, whether he took on human form or not"

Yes of course there views differ considerably when it comes to the nature of God , not only that but also his kingship,his lordship, whether or not he has a son,the issue of salvation,whether sin came as a result of Adam and Eve, and even how he must be worship,to name but few. It is important to note that The Trinity is the building block of all Christian faith just as the Five pillars of Islam is also the building block of all Muslim faith. Muslims do not believe that "Allah" is a Father or that He has a son that is still living today in spirit or even believe in the existence of the holy spirit. On the contrary, the Christians believe in all three(God the Father,the son and the holy spirit).This bible verse will support my claims.

"God"s Son came in the form of man, a truth called the incarnation ( Luke 1:30-35 ; John 1:14 ; Colossians 2:9 ; 1 John 4:1-3 ). The Lord Jesus Christ conquered the penalty and power of sin by dying on the cross ( Romans 6:23 ). After rising from the dead, Jesus went back to heaven to be with His Father and sent the Holy Spirit to believers ( Acts 1:8-11 ). One day, Christ will return to judge and rule ( Acts 10:42 , 43). Those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus will live with Him, but those who refuse to follow Him must be separated in hell from the holy God."

From this bible verse, any rational person will logically conclude that these two religion completely worship different God.
Also your point that Muhammad is the seal or the last prophet is completely untrue as far as Christianity is concern because Muhammad did not pass God's first
test for a prophet. Deuteronomy 18:21-22 tells us that God will authenticate those He sends as a prophet by having them perform signs. Muhammad gave no sign as required by God. Your statement also about the authentication of the bible which Muslims believe is tainted by mankind is not true because even the Quran contains biblical information and it is important to note that the Quran denies history (Christ resurrection) and therefore it cannot be true.

Finally,Allah is the name of the only God in Islam. Allah is a pre-Islamic name coming from the compound Arabic word Al-ilah which means the God, which is derived from al (the) ilah (deity). The Arabic name for "God" is the word "Al-ilah." It is a generic title for whatever god was considered the highest god. Different Arab tribes used "Allah" to refer to its personal high god. "Allah" was being worshipped at the Kaa"ba in Mecca by Arabs prior to the time of Mohammed. It was formerly the name of the chief god among the numerous idols (360) in the Kaaba in Mecca before Mohammed made them into monotheists. Historians have shown that the moon god called "Hubal" was the god to whom Arabs prayed at the Kaa"ba and they used the
name "Allah" when they prayed. And also your hypothetical situation is not applicable to the discussion at hand since God is not a human being and therefore his ways and ours are not the same. Human beings can be happy this minute and the next minute they are sad but they can never be happy and sad at the same time. Also,
1)God cannot be a Father (Christianity) and not a Father (Islam) at the same time.
2)God cannot be a Trinity (Christianity) and not a trinity(Islam) at all time.
3)We humans cannot be sons and daughters of God(Christianity) and also his slaves(Islam) at the same time and all the time.

From these simple logic, one will definitely conclude that this two religions do not worship the SAME God. Thanks once more and I hope to hear from you next round, good luck


To answer your statement of 'if Christianity and Islam worship the same god then what is the issue of converting', it is not a matter of converting them to worship a different being, a different deity, it is a matter of the way in which they worship said deity. Muslims do not ask Christians to worship an entirely different being, for example, they simply tell christians that the correct way in which to worship their shared god is by saying the shahada, praying five times a day, Ramadan fasting etc etc.

Your use of 'Allah' to suggest that he is a different god to 'God' in the second paragraph/first point of your argument is futile as we have already covered that th Arabic word 'Allah' simply means 'the god', being a combination of the Arabic words 'al' (the) and 'ilah' (god). Arabic-speaking christians and Jews also use the word 'Allah' to refer to God.

I didn't say that Christianity agreed with Islam's claim that Muhammad is God's final prophet, I simply said that Islam's claim that he is the final prophet, concluding the list that includes Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus etc etc, means they accept the same god that the Christians do as they accept the prophethood of the same people that were apparently sent by said god. Also, Muslims do in fact claim that the bible is tainted, as they believe the Qur'an was necessary to be given to humans because many of the past revelations like the bible and its message wer changed overtime by man (which makes sense as the amount of contradictions in the bible is ridiculous). 'the Quran denies history (Christ resurrection)' are you implying here that the resurrection of Jesus actually happened? I'm not sure what you mean by this.

Your paragraph about the original use of 'Allah' to describe high gods and chief gods is very true and you must be intelligent for knowing it, but I don't quite see how that helps your argument. It is a language link you are mentioning and the fact they referred to high deities as 'Allah' before the apparent revelation to Muhammad doesn't mean Muslims and christians worship different gods, it simply shows the origin of the word 'Allah' and its interesting historical context.

You do make good points about it being impossible for God to be a trinity and not a trinity at the same time etc, but I must stand by my earlier point that these disagreements about how he presents, manifests himself, his behaviour etc are disagreements on what he does and what form he takes etc, not who he is.

I apologise if my argument seems sloppy or rushed but I was forced to type this one up late with very little time. Good luck
Debate Round No. 3


Thanks very much my opponent for posting your argument which you fail to back up with concrete evidence and therefore they cannot be relied upon. it is important to note that no new argument will be posted on this round so I will try as best as possible to defend my earlier points.

New International Version
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Spirit,(Mathew 28:19)

Firstly,I believed that my co-debater lacks concrete evidence to refute my argument. I stand by my point that Muslims and Christians try to convert one another with the believe that ones God is supreme than the other and so either of the religion thought it fit that their own God must be worship. Jesus Christ the Son of God ordered his disciples to go to the end of Earth and share the good news that he is the savior of mankind for no man cometh to Father but by him and Muhammad said in many places that he has been "ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger." In the last nine years of his life, he ordered no less than 65 military campaigns to do exactly that. From the above, One sees that these two religions worship entirely different God.

It is important to note that "Allah" is a title and not the name of a particular God that is why ancient Arabs use it to refer to their high gods or deities before Muhammad force them into the worship of one god. for example, President is a title and not the name of a particular person,the constitution allow certain people to be called President because people believe that it is the name that will best suit their leader. for instance; if you and I are staying in America and both of use the title Mr president when talking on the phone, will you immediately conclude that both of us are talking to president Obama when their are number of male president in the world?
Of course no, you will not unless you look at the undeniable similarities like the president's voice,phone number,country governing, whether or not he has a son or whether he is marry etc then you will logically conclude that we are talking to the same president. So the fact that Jewish Christians call Allah when praying does not mean that they are referring to the same God of Islam as there are a lot of differences in their religious ideology.

Every good thing must come to an end, and so this debate also must surely come to an end. Muslims and Christians do not worship the SAME God and this can be seen by from my earlier point,I believe I have convinced my audience in pointing out undisputable facts that these two religions never worship the same God. thanks once more and good luck.


I stand by my point that the fact that Muslims and Christians try to convert each other does not mean they worship entirely different deities altogether. The fact the 'imventors' of both religions claimed it a responsibility to spread the message and belief that they are th representative of God, still does not really mean they are talking about different gods. Muslims themselves do, in fact, believe that they worship the same god as christians, and that christians have simply strayed away from the 'straight path' or 'sirat al mustaqim'. If they themselves actually claim they worship the same god, I would think it is very probable that they do, as whichever god you worship comes down to nothing other than which god you yourself think you are worshipping and devote your worship.

You make a good point about the word 'Allah' being more of a title than a name, and you are right. However, your rejection of my earlier point about our friend Mark Smith because it, and I quote, 'is not applicable since God is not a human being', would make your point relating God to the presidents of the world largely hypocritical, unless you were to accept that that point too is 'not applicable'. It can only be one or the other.

To conclude I would like to thank you very much for a good, entertaining debate. Your points have given my plenty to take away, ponder on and use to improve my own knowledge, and I thank you dearly for that sir!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Therearenogods 2 years ago
For the love of god somebody vote please 😂
Posted by Blazzered 2 years ago
Quite a debate.
Posted by HarrisonJHamilton 3 years ago
As a Christian I truly believe Islam is Satan's ultimate deception. I believe Mohammad was visited by Lucifer posing as the Arch Angel.
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
Why do you not give yourself an opening argument? Should R1 just be for acceptance then?
Posted by TheWORDisLIFE 3 years ago
Christians worship the image of the beast and Muslims worship a stone.
Posted by PericIes 3 years ago
Posted by Mike_10-4 3 years ago
If there is one human race, then why so many languages and cultures?

However, all cultures must work with the same Laws of Nature to move forward in technology, food production, and medicine.

All religions believe the Divine created the universe and everything in it, which includes the Laws of Nature. Therefore, the Laws of Nature is the handwriting of God and the scientific method is a way to read God's handwriting.

Also, life's Unalienable Rights are part of the Laws of Nature. Empirically, when governments follow the Laws of Nature (God's handwriting) amazing things are accomplished within the awesome machinery of nature.

On the other hand, man is known to be fallible, prudent caution is served when studying man's written scriptures about the Divine. One may misinterpret of what God wants; therefore, God gets"and, in some cases, God help us all (72 virgins killing infidels, etc.).
Posted by dsjpk5 3 years ago
If Jews do. Muslims do
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