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Does EE Cummings qualify as one of the greatest poets of the english language?

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Started: 4/27/2013 Category: Arts
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E E Cummings is an amazing poet. Just read Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town. He expresses his emotions in such an unorthodox way, but for some reason it works out.


I accept.

No, E.E Cummings does not qualify as one of the greatest English language poets,and here's why:

His syntax gimmick was played out.

Granted, Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town was a masterpiece, but it is not enough to include Cummings in amongst the greatest English language poets.

There are scores of better poets than E.E Cummings.

A point to clarify, if I may...

By 'one / of the greatest poets', what do you mean? Its a little vague. Which number would provide the cut off point that would win you this debate? Top 20? Top 100?

Might you be more specific please?

Debate Round No. 1


To answer your question, I mean top 100.

Sure, one could argue that the "syntax gimmick was played out", but one could also argue that the syntax adds an element of playfulness that you simply do not find in classic 300-year-old poetry.

I have to disagree with you about that Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town was not enough to include Cummings as a great English poet. That seems to imply that E.E. Cummings' only great work is Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town. A Connotation of Infinity is also a great poem. He has countless great works other than Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town.



Top 100 eh? Well, that's a little on the broad side.

I didn't say he shouldn't be counted as a great English poet. I said he can't be counted as amongst the greatEST.

But then, if your definition of the greatest includes 100 people, then perhaps you win.

Lets reframe the debate "Does E.E Cummings qualify as one of the top 100 poets of the English language?"

In which case, I'd have to say "probbly. I don't even know 100 poets, so yeah, probbly yeah" and concede the debate.
Debate Round No. 2


SashaSlavchosen121 forfeited this round.


I winsome handsomely
Debate Round No. 3
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Pssh. Poetry is for squares.
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