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Does Garrett owe me 13$ (yes)? or only 12 (no)?

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Started: 12/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Me and my friends were playing pool one night with 1$ buy ins and one of my dumb friends did not have any money so he wrote an I.O.U. for 1$. I beat him and took the I.O.U and then another friend beat me a couple games later and I used the I.O.U to buy in so he took it. After this game we went off to play Black Jack. By the end of the night I won $35.50 and I received $17.50 because the Garrett did not have any money and Austin lost all of his money and was playing with change. Austin paid me the $5 he owed me and Garrett still owed me $13. But Garrett is trying to say that he only owes me $12 because I lost the $1 I.O.U to Josh, but Josh did not even play Black Jack.


Okay here's why your friend only owes you 12 dollars
Read carefully you might miss something

You got $17.50 dollars, but you're not counting the tax deductions, which is probably 0.5$, therefore in actuality you only paid 17 dollars.

Austin paid you 5 dollars but Garret was owed you $13 as you claim

But that doesn't make any sense because 5 and 13 make 18, and 18 is one more than 17, the amount you were supposed to get

Therefore Garret was right



You don't deserve that extra one dollar because you said yourself you were only supposed to earn 17 dollars

Back to you, although I wouldn't try refuting,

Because what I say is the truth, and you can't rebut the truth
Debate Round No. 1


No sir, you mislead what I was getting at, I won $35.50 by the end of the night. Garrett and Austin did not have any money. Austin lost $5 to me, and Garrett, lost $13 to me. Since they did not have their money, I received only $17.50. 17.50 + 5= $22.50. 22.50 + 12= $34.50. And there is no "tax". We are a bunch of teenagers. But what I ask you, sir, is where does that last dollar go? But if he gives me $13. 22.50 + 13+ $35.50. Then I get my full amount.


My opponent twists the truth once again. Look at the equation he posted in round one. He knows he had earned 34.5$ in total that he knows he got, and he already recieved $17.5. $34.5 minus $17.5 equals 17. Therefore 13+5 does not work out, as you earn the unfair amount of dollars, and you contradict your own story. Only with 12 dollars owed does your story make sense.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent once again, makes no sense. I said nothing about only winning $34.5 that night. I said I won $35.50. And I stand by my argument in the 2nd round with all of the math and such. It is $13.


In round two my opponent came up with the math last round and said himself 22.5+1=34.5. Only with the I.O.U. from the other friend did he obtain 35.5$. But that friend is not Garret . Note he said "ONE of my friends had an I.O.U.", never specifying which friend. So we can only suppose that Garret only has 12 dollars on himself because although he seemed to first owe 13 dollars, he already paid that one dollar, unlike the I.O.U. (which my opponent admits he owed in round one). Thus, I win. Garret only owes 12 dollars. Vote for 12 dollars.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
an epic tale of resolution sniping begins.
Posted by dtaylor971 2 years ago
How about we debate on an intellectual topic...
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