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Does God approve of abortion

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Started: 9/2/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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The girl tells the pastor 'tomorrow they will hang me for having an abortion. I broke the law and must be punished. But I will not repent as that would be dishonest and God will understand.'

Pastor replied God doesn't believe you did anything wrong. He will forgive you and welcome you into his Kingdom

I think the pastor is right. While the question is asked does God approve of abortion; the real question is does God approve of women making their own decisions...


I don't think God approves of abortion and I disagree with the pastor. For God it isn't a case of woman making their own decisions.

I think the only real question is'Does God approve of abortion'
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What God requires of a woman is she obey the laws of Caesar-- the laws which her community, society, and culture have made for her; and she must abide by her conscience and what her relationship with the Divine demands of her. There is nothing from God mandating any prohibition on abortion.
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Posted by ImmerRecht 10 months ago
Question: Which god? Wodan? Thor? Buddha? Vishnu? The Samarian rain god?

Just checking. Of course it is the Christian god, not another one.
This god has expressed himself in the bible. In this book the word 'abortion' does not appear.

'God' is a man-made construct and debating about 'what he approves of' really is arguing with his strawmen. God never takes part in the debate. Or can you point me to a talkshow where He has clarified his point?

But fortunately we have people, usually men, who can interpret the word of god for us, and they can tell us what to do.
Posted by cwt002 10 months ago
So what are you wanting to debate, Does God approve of abortion or does God approve of women making their own decisions or both? These are two completely different topics
Posted by kasmic 10 months ago
My thoughts exactly Philochrisos
Posted by philochristos 10 months ago
"Pastor replied God doesn't believe you did anything wrong. He will forgive you and welcome you into his Kingdom"

That doesn't make any sense. What's there to forgive if no wrong was done?
Posted by retroz 10 months ago
I don't think people realize that abortion doesn't equal women making their own choices. A woman chose to have sex, a woman chose not to use the pill, a woman chose not to use emergency contraceptives before conception. However, I believe God has nothing against abortion when used in rape or incest, but in any other case I believe God is anti-abortion.
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