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Does Iran have the right to nuclear power?

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Started: 2/19/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Iran, a satanic country made to be known as the corrupt "Satan" of the middle east. It is all desert, but wait don't you mean Iraq?
Yes, unfortunately today that is the stereotypical view of the conservative Republic.
But that is completely wrong, Iran is extremely advanced in the field of sciences, mathematics and is not the isolated hermit kingdom it is made out to me. Just recently it has become the most recent nation to launch a live monkey into space and return it safely to land. It is a nation of thriving industry and culture and has managed to survive over 30 years of US crippling sanctions. It has signed the NPT and has tried to reassure the world it is only looking to use nuclear power for civilian purposes. But that has not stopped the aggression of America and its main ally Israel. Israel is a country with its own nuclear arsenal and is in its own internal conflict with Palestinians. It has a nuclear power-plant that the world has never been inside and is constant carrying out orders and attacks on nations such as Iran. But to add insult to injury it developed its nuclear weapons WITH APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA. There is definatly a double standard. So I ask you all today why shouldn't Iran have the right to nuclear power?


I would like to thank my opponent for making this topic.

I. "Iran, a satanic country made to be known as the corrupt "Satan" of the middle east. It is all desert, but wait don't you mean Iraq?
Yes, unfortunately today that is the stereotypical view of the conservative Republic." It's oh so ironic that you say that since that is one of the most stereotypical things i have ever read.

II. All those things were completed around 60 years ago, that would mean it is years and years behind but not limited to, the United States, France, UK, Russia, China, Israel, India, Germany, Belgium, etc. All of these nations are far more advanced than Iran.

III. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is crazy, plain and simple. The man who preaches death and genocide to an entire race of people and promotes it on live television. He also wants to have a joint nuclear alliance against the United States. Also Israel has a stable government. Not some fascist dictatorship with a crazy prophet
Debate Round No. 1


According to SCImago, Iran could rank fourth in the world in terms of research output by 2018. So I ask you to reinspect your sources, as Iran is one of the most scientifically advanced nations in the world. Despite international sanctions in almost all aspects of research during the past 30 years, Iran's scientific institutions have swelled from 100,000 in 1979 to 2 million in 2006. This point however is not a valid argument to prevent Iran from its right of nuclear energy. Are you claiming that a nation has to be scientifically advanced in order to prevail with peaceful nuclear energy? If you are then Iran definitely has that right because it is scientifically advanced. Although I am not a supporter of the president I believe it is preposterous how you would describe him as "crazy". I understand you are another victim of western medias twisting of a person's words. I believe you are reffering to his preaches of genocide as "wiping Israel of the map". Firstly you must understand he really said "wipe the ZIONIST REGIME" off the map, there is a clear difference; for example when the Americans wanted to drive out the IDEOLOGY of communsm they did not want to eradicate the Russian people but the Russian government. If you were Iran, a country surrouned by hundreds of bases of the US around wouldn't you want to form an alliance against theperpetrators? You also claim Israel has a stable government and not some "facist dictatorship with a crazy prophet". Well firstly I can assure you that the only facist government in the middle east is Israel. It is no where near as stable as Iran and currently still creating illegal settlements against the Palestinian people. Iran is a theocracy and I suggest you look into its governmental system as the people have a right to elect their government. And the "Grand Leader" is not a prophet but a spirtual leader just like the Dalai Lama.


I. Could you link this source? Anyways, research output that won't benefit human lives since the nuclear warheads will be used for deterrents, or worse. Many parts of Iran don't have any food, water, or basic living conditions? That compared to Japan, Western Europe and the USA where only about 1% of the population is hungry and thirsty is quite pathetic.

II. Yes because the president prevents a decent life for the population since he takes all the money and puts it into military and nuclear research.

III. "Ahmadinejad abides by Iran's long-standing policy of refusing to recognize Israel as a legitimate state, and wants the Jewish people who immigrated to Israel to return to their "fatherlands". Sounds like he want to get rid of the Jewish people doesn't it? The Quote is from wikipedia.

IV. Israel has a democratic system of electing presidents instead of shoving ballets like Iran. By the way do you think N. Korea is crazy? Well Iran sure doesn't.
Debate Round No. 2


According to the U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday September 13, 2011, America's poverty rate rose to 15.1% (46.2 million) in 2010 (Source Wikipedia), so I yet again request you revise your facts on those statistics as Iran's poverty rate is at around 17%, only 2% higher than America's. I believe you have not put enough research into your words.
Iran spends only around 2.1% of its GDP on military purposes and is ranked 61st in the world in terms of the money it puts into its military (Source
You also claim much of Iran's GDP is put into the energy sector, but you have forgotten what Iran's main exports are : Oil and Natural Gas. Of course it would spend much of its revenue on creating longer sustainable energy facilities, as they create new jobs and after all oil will not last forever. Iran has an anti-Zionist policy and does not support zionists taking over Palestine; that is a whole new subject on its own terms. Finally, Iran also has a democratic way of electing presidents and yet again you spill false words concerning Iran's democratic system, without any sufficent knowledge about it.
On a sidenote, you bring North Korea into the picture, out of nowhere, but if you wish I will answer: "Do you think N. Korea is crazy?". The answer to that question is not for me to answer, Iran and North Korea have a good freindly relationship and are both cooperating in fields of sciences.


I. Iranian Poverty:
I am afraid your offbeat Islamic sites do not provide facts, simply opinions that random people post. A nation with 50% of the population is in the range of poverty should NOT have nuclear power.

II. North Korea is a closed off nation with concentration camps and mass poverty, just look at some of these statistics.
North Korea has also done Nuclear weapons testing, a really reliable nation Iran is working with huh?

Yet another article proving evidence pointing towards nuclear weapons.

Conclusion: I had refuted all of my opponents points and defended all my own. I see no reason why Iran should have Nuclear weapons, the idea is silly.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by qopel 4 years ago
Wikipedia can't even be used in college papers. Don't use it in a debate.
Posted by 16kadams 4 years ago
Posted by chainmachine 4 years ago
That is indeed good to hear! I would like to debate again soon, since well I have to fix that horrible record I set last year. Lol.
Posted by 16kadams 4 years ago
Chainmahcine is back! Long time no see. Last time I saw you I was being chased by a witch hunt. I was found not guilty; truth prevails.
Posted by chainmachine 4 years ago
This text limit constrains the chance of an excellent debate, for future reference you might not want to do that again.
Posted by BigSky 4 years ago
If you're going to make a false statement about Repiblicans, you better be ready to back it up.
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