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Does Make-up companies objectify women?

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Started: 12/14/2015 Category: Fashion
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Does make-up companies objectify women? That's a subject that I am struggling for debate, who hasn't seen magazines and ads where they sponsor women various fashion products, most of this cause an addiction to this girls and women, where they struggle for looking beautiful according to a very exigent society. I am very open to arguments against this and would love to see how this debate ends.


I accept this debate.
Pro has told me in the comments to being arguing round 1

the fashion industry doesn't objectify Women because it gives them color, and a way to express themselves. Imagine if there was no fashion industry and we all just looked the same. That would objectify women, and men, and the human race as a whole. We are meant to express ourselves through any means many it be personality or clothing. The fashion industry simply sells more options for those who want to buy them
Debate Round No. 1


Before the fashion industry, everyone looked alike? Was everything colorless? If that were true, the essence and expression of women and human kind would be very boring and tasteless. I hope that is not the case.
Also, it is not a very viable way to express, since the mayor brands of fashion have only ONE vision in the fashion industry. Skinny women. This has lead to most, if not all women to want this type of body, the same body that is sponsored in most recognized brands, not only of fashion, but in any way that a skinny, over make-up women can attract the costumers to buy their product.



"Before the fashion industry, everyone looked alike? Was everything colorless?"
Yes. Have you seen the middle ages? Only the rulers had accsses to fashion, all the serfs had on brown, brown and black.

"the mayor brands of fashion have only ONE vision in the fashion industry. Skinny women."

The major brands of fashion dont care about Skinny women. The only reason they use skinny women as models is beacuse that is what sells their product. They are alot like beer compainies. If the image of bud lite was a fat, dumb man quietly sipping beer while crying to himself, no one would buy bud light. Instead the image of bud lite is a smart, athletic man having fun at a party. Why? because that is what sells. Same with the fashion industry, they want their models to sell their clothing If fat was sexy i would bet my life that the fashion industry would have tubs of lard advertizing their pruduct. Lastly, the fashion industry does not dictate what we find attractive. We are biologicly wired to find healthy people attractive. fat people are not attractive.

"This has lead to most, if not all women to want this type of body, the same body that is sponsored in most recognized brands, not only of fashion, but in any way that a skinny, over make-up women can attract the costumers to buy their product."

there may have been stores that used unattractive models however they must have gone out of buissness
Debate Round No. 2


daedalus112 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
while the i clicked the submit button i notice my arguement didnt have a period at the end of it.
Posted by daedalus112 2 years ago
Yeah, Put your argument ;)
Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
is the first round acceptance?
Posted by MakeSensePeopleDont 2 years ago
I'm not enthused enough about the subject to debate it; however, just for your knowledge and reading materials, a study was recently completed by researchers at a University in Canada. This study, consisting of "around 800 participants", after quick personal review, displayed rather convincing evidence that utilizing plus size models in advertising acting as a sort of security blanket for the viewers; giving the viewers a personally more acceptable viewpoint of obesity. What do I mean? Well, straightforward without politically correct tiptoeing, it means that being repetitively subjected to visuals of fat persons, the subject grows a stronger acceptance of fat people; the more fat people they see in positive, socially popular situations such as TV commercials where the fat person is celebrated, the higher the level of acceptance the subject gains. || Continuing to immerse the subject in these sorts of visual stimuli and obesity becomes so acceptable to them, they begin to alter their dieting habits, daily routines, exercise regiments, etc., allowing themselves to become obese themselves, while being oddly accepting of their changing appearance and declining state of health and well-being. The subject rationalizes this self-destructive behavior by convincing themselves that being fat is not really a big deal. The control group studied fit, healthier models and had an overall opposite outcome. || Although the participating group was relatively small, a distinct pattern was generated and reproduced, leading the researchers to agree this was a societal trend in individuals, to fit in with what they perceived to be the widely acceptable norm. Overall, I do not believe we are "objectifying" women, but instead, we are creating a healthy and fit visual influence which directly impacts and affects societal collective norms and general agreement of what is socially acceptable.
Posted by Chrysalism 2 years ago
I would accept but I agree with you. I am looking forward to reading this debate!
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