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Does Santa Claus truly exist?

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Started: 12/22/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Greetings, fellow debaters.
This debate will be pertaining to the belief of the existence of the Christian Santa Claus, a.k.a "Saint Nicholas", "Kris Kringle", or "Father Christmas". Proof or evidence will be required for a valid debate, and why you believe so. To optimize bias and maturity, I request that those who accept the debate are over 18 years of age and are also of the Christian faith. I find this as an appropriate debate due to the fact that the Christmas holiday is near in time. Although many may find this entire debate "funny" or "ironic", this is for serious inquires only. This debate will be in this following format:
Round One: Position
Round Two: Rebuttal
Round Three: Counter-Rebuttal
Round Four: Final Statement

I am seeking the interests of one who is AGAINST the existence of Santa Claus.

Ahead of time, To whoever decides to accept the challenge, I appreciate your interests. I shall begin my position statement as follows.

Santa Claus is a religious figure in Western Christian culture. He is almost exclusively given belief to those who are in their childhood. One common misconception is that the parents of the said child bring gifts to a position, commonly a tree, while they are asleep. I do not believe this. My theory is that when Santa Claus is present, he controls brain neuron signals through high-energy frequencies through a sleek device when the guardian(s) are alseep, thus altering their state of belief through "fake memories" that they were the figures responsible for the gifts. He uses wormholes in space-time to reach millions of homes within a few hours, traveling east to west across many latitudes, to regulate time consumption. Santa Claus, his sleigh with reindeer, and his base are created entirely from quantum particles, which become completely non-existent at notice of any article, and reappear instantly with no notice. Nearly all media that are for the existence of Santa Claus are merely fake depictions of Santa Claus as a figure which is malleable for young minds to comprehend. I, on the other hand, while I also do believe in his existence, I believe that it is a infinitely more complicated system.

I can provide any of my specific positions on the topic, as you wish.

Once again, this is a SERIOUS discussion. Please do not accept the argument if you believe some of these opinions to be "funny" or "ironic".

I personally thank you for your interest.




Hello, friend.
Since this is round one, and you stated this round is when we state our position, than I will assert, as a Christian, Santa Claus most definitely does not exist. And by Santa, I am indeed referring to the one you seem to believe in - that is, the modern conception of Santa, who flies in a magical sleigh and delivers toys to children around the world on Christmas Eve. And to state broadly my position (and I will go further into it during round two), the burden of proof lies on the one making the claim that Santa Claus exists. For example, to explain, Bertrand Russell asserted that if he proclaimed a microscopic teapot orbited around the sun, his claim cannot technically be proven nor disproven. However, we would have the right to dismiss his claim as unreasonable due to the fact that he has absolutely no evidence for such a belief. Let us keep this in mind throughout the debate, as I believe you are making a lot of baseless assertions with no actual evidence that such things actually occur in reality. For example: you stated evidence must be needed to debate, but I'm quite confident there is no rational evidence for Santa traveling through wormholes (nor do I believe there is evidence for wormholes themselves existing).
I'm excited to see your rebuttal/response.

In Christ,
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Posted by 12274021 2 years ago
since i am a christian i dont believe there is a santa clause BUT, in the ealy 19th century their was a man named kris kringle and he did make toys by hand to give kids in an orphanage on christmas
So, no i dont believe in santa but i do believe in a man named kris kringle who does portray the image of santa because of what he did which where santa came from
Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
A quick trip to the mall can settle this pretty quickly.
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
Though I am neither Christian nor above 18 (worry not, my age is not a contributory factor towards bias against Santa Claus), I would like to accept the debate.
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