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Does The Educational System Need To Be Fixed?

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Started: 12/11/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Greetings Craighawley215, I look to challenge you to a hefty debate.

The rules are that we are not to give faulty evidence just to keep your position on and going; respect rivals views such as not insulting the opponent, and that is pretty much it!

Round #1 Intro

Round #2 Arguments Rolling In

Round #3 Counterarguments

Round #4 Conclusion

I look forward to a challenging debate with you!


Greetings! I accept the challenge and welcome the prospect of a spirited debate!

However, before we begin, I would like to clarify that the issue of this debate is not whether or not the educational system needs to be fixed, as I had stated in our previous conversation that I agree the school system can and should be improved.

The crux of our disagreement was that I suggested that students should be required to take all of the "common core" classes, such as language arts, mathematics, sciences, and history. My stance is that allowing students to avoid taking these classes would be detrimental, and problematic on multiple levels.

In response to my stance, you disagreed, rejected the idea that students need a well rounded educational foundation, and then proposed that students should be allowed to choose which classes they would like to take, and that students should also be allowed to completely avoid taking classes they find uninteresting. You even suggested that teachers should play to the most advanced students, as opposed to doing what is best for the entire class.

This was the pretense for your challenge, and this is the concept that I intend to debate.

Keeping this in mind, I anxiously await your opening argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Progressive_Education forfeited this round.


America's educational system is one of the most accessible forms of education in the world. American education allows students to be exposed to a wide variety of subjects in one common place, which is vital to the progression of society as a whole. Exposing students to this variety of subjects allows students to be exposed to a wide variety of educational paths. If we choose not to expose students to the common or "core" subjects, these students may be unfairly uneducated, which could result in a lifelong disadvantage, and prevent many students from fully developing into successful adults.

In an earlier conversation, Pro suggested that students should be allowed to essentially avoid taking courses that they felt were dull, or uninteresting. I would politely suggest that allowing a student to neglect education in any field, is to place the student at a distinct advantage in said field. For example, if a student says they don't want to take a boring math course, they haven't actually skipped it, they have merely postponed it, and will have to take it at a later grade. The student can't skip algebra and then jump straight to calculus next semester. The student now has to go back and retake all the prerequisites, which could potentially take a year or longer.

In essence, allowing students to avoid classes they find uninteresting does nothing, other than potentially hurt the development of the student. Not every student is going to excel in each subject, but in order to set students up for success, it is important to provide them with every opportunity we can. That is why the school system exists; so that all children have a chance to learn subjects that they otherwise would not be taught. Put simply, it is unfair, and even harmful to not expose students to history, mathematics, sciences, language arts, and the fine arts. Exposing students to these subjects is how we create a solid foundation that benefits the largest majority of students.

Since Pro forfeited the round 2 argument, I look forward to Pro's both argument and rebuttal in round 3.
Debate Round No. 2


Progressive_Education forfeited this round.


Arguments extended.
Debate Round No. 3


Progressive_Education forfeited this round.


Because Pro has forfeited three rounds, I suggest that Pro has, by default, forfeited the debate as well. Pro did not argue, or even present any statements supporting their initial position(s), nor did they respond to my argument.

Due to Pro's overwhelming lack of effort, I suggest that Pro forfeits the points for conduct and arguments. I also question why Pro would have challenged me to a debate, and then not put forth a serious effort in said debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Craighawley215 2 years ago
You knew what we were debating. I clarified what I intend to debate in my intro. You acknowledged this in your first comment 2 days ago, and didn't ask for any response, so I didn't think you needed one.

But just for clarity, I'll specify again:

You challenged me to this debate, based on your multiple stances posted in comments on this particular opinion page:

You stated that students shouldn't be required to take classes they find dull, or uninteresting. You suggested that allowing students to bypass certain curriculum entirely is better than exposing them to it.

Please go back and reread our back and forth comments. That is what you challenged me on, and that is
what I intended to debate.

Please tell me how you would like for me to proceed. If I don't hear from you before the deadline, I will be forced to proceed with my argument in its entirety.
Posted by Progressive_Education 2 years ago
I am sorry for being too late on the argument, but I wanted to be sure on what to argue about, but you did not answer. I apologize, and hope for the better in the future.
Posted by Progressive_Education 2 years ago
Wait Wait Wait....I never said that the more advanced kids should get the cherry on top, but I apologize if you misunderstood.

The "foundation" argument was a little misguided too. as of right now I guess we shall argue about why the curriculum is broken ,and why the core classes should not be taught for such a long time.
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