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Does Undertale really deserve this much attention?

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Started: 3/25/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Undertale, a widely known indie game made by Toby Fox is known across the whole internet. Almost all Youtubers play it, countless amounts of remixes were made for it, and not to mention the fan art. However, does it really deserve this much attention? Admittedly, it is a great game with a wonderful soundtrack, great story, and great characters. However, a game like this should not deserve this much attention from the whole internet. For example, the gameplay is somewhat lacking, it's a bullet hell with a some creativity on it. Also, it's a fairly short game, able to be completed in under 8 hours (depending on the endings you want of course). The maximum it should take with everything completed is about 30-36 hours.
Keep in mind, I never said it's a bad game, i'm only suggesting that it doesn't deserve THIS much attention for a game.


Hello, FieryBraixen. Before we formally start our debate, I would like to say nice to meet you, and amazing name, mostly thanks to the "Fiery" part hehe.

I do believe that Undertale deserve all this attention it has received. It has so much factors that makes it such an amazing game, that man, for such a long time, I've never seen any other game which has such a deep storyline. The amount of perfection placed in it, creativity, plot twist, surprise, humor; everything in this game make it deserve the spotlight. Before explaining how this game is indeed a masterpiece, I would like to explain how it has gained its popularity, and deserve every single one of it.

How does a game get popular? Wait, let's be more specific. How does an INDIE game get more popular? Well, for famous game companies such as Ubisoft or EA sports, they already have a fanbase. Announce a release of a game, and bam! The market overflows. Simple and easy. Just a simple announcement, and some marketing. Your huge company can afford that easily. (By simple, I was being sarcastic)

However, for an indie game, made by Toby Fox, a name never heard until the birth of Undertale, such scale of marketing is impossible. All he can do is pay maybe one or two Youtubers to make a playthrough of it. He may, or may not have done that, mind you. Another way he could've done it was advertising on Reddit, and such, and obviously, fingers crossed. Now, for the sake of the argument, let us separate it into two parts: Paying a Youtuber, and posting on Reddit.

Let's assume Toby did pay a Youtuber or two. They played, and done. What happens next? People who watch the video got interested and played it, too. Some Youtuber catches on, and uploads clips of his gameplay. The cycle continues. You need to understand Gaming Channels in YouTube choose their games wisely; to see whether the game they play would attract viewers or not. They're in this industry to capture your attentions. Considering the Gaming Channel's vast population, you'll need to filter out the best games there is, and Undertale apparently fits their criterias. Every other viewers that loved it played it even more, and it spread with the word of mouth, and video.

The second way this game could've been advertised by Toby is Reddit. If he did advertise it through Reddit, it'll be the people's opinion, as Reddit functions through upvotes. People like it, they upvote. People hate it, downvote. If you're upvoted, you'll appear at the top. If you're downvoted a lot, you'll be buried by other posts. An upvote is equivalent to a like, which means they actually like the game, and would like others to know about it, giving it its attention.

This takes effort. This take real creativity. There's no bandwagon for this. Even if there is, there's no fanbase that pre-existed to push this game to great heights. Game companies like Bethesda (Great company, check their games out) has fanbase that ride the hypetrain, and promote the game even more. For a game company that has zero publicity, it has to earn everyone's respect and enjoyment. From scratch.

Furthermore, the unique gameplay of this game is simply brilliant. Unlike the current meta of the gaming industry, which involves adventure, and highend graphics, Undertale is just... unique. It stands out. A simple game, which one would assume by its graphic, would leave the gamer breathless at the end, as they did not expect such depth and quality. Walking through some long walkways in the game, one can see the breathtaking sceneries. Walking through the castle, which told such a deep story accompanied by the well-timed and well-composed soundtrack. Everything about this game is perfection.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I formally begin my rebuttal, I would also like to say nice to meet you, and thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.

I do agree with you that it has a lot of creativity, surprise, humor, etc. This is also one of the few games that I've ever seen with these kinds of factors. In fact, it's my third favorite game of all time, and I have played tons of games with these elements such as Earthbound for example. However I do have a single question, how does a game such as this get this much attention if there are better games out there? The statement may sound opinionated to you, in fact it is, but it's heard that Undertale was roughly based off of Earthbound (my favorite game of all time, which is also the reason why I bought Undertale). Earthbound, a game with better gameplay, humor, story, and creativity (however it loses to Undertale's soundtrack). Why does a game based off of another game get significantly more attention than the original? You may be pointing back to how possibly Undertale was advertised or due to our modern technology, making it much more accessible. However, Earthbound was released for the Wii U a long time ago, in fact almost 3 years. The sales difference is enormous, Earthbound being 760,000 and Undertale being 1,349 thousand (both being estimated). Also, I still don't know many people who play or even have at least heard of Earthbound, a game being twenty years older than Undertale. You may also say it's due to Undertale being new, but again, Earthbound was released for the Wii U, a console that is quite accessible.
Overall, I never said Undertale was just a good, great, or wonderful game. I said it's one of the best, but everybody knowing about Undertale and little to none knowing Earthbound (or people ONLY knowing about Earthbound because of Undertale) makes me think that Undertale is a tiny bit overrated.


Before we enter Round 2, Thanks FieryBraixen! I've been in a few pretty serious debates, and this is one of the few "fun" debates, so let's get to it!

"However I do have a single question, how does a game such as this get this much attention if there are better games out there?"

Simple. Because the word "better" is subjective. To some, Undertale might be the best game ever. Also, another few reasons I would like to state.

Undertale is a game that requires little. Most PC can run it. Let's take games such as Fallout 4. It's a great game. But it's System requirements are high, therefore limiting it. Undertale is available to many other people. so yea. Like, Pokemon is also famous and amazing. However, it's limited to Nintendo consoles. So yea.

It's a time passer, and it's cheaper. Anyone can just pick this game up to pass time, as the game is very short, yet very deep. Furthermore, it's also cheap. Compare it to the other great games such as Fallout, or Far cry. Undertale is amazingly cheap compared to those games.

" Earthbound, a game with better gameplay, humor, story, and creativity"

Like I said, Better is subjective.

"However, Earthbound was released for the Wii U a long time ago, in fact almost 3 years. The sales difference is enormous, Earthbound being 760,000 and Undertale being 1,349 thousand (both being estimated)."

Like you said, it's 3 years ago. It might've had its hyped back then, but like anything, hype comes and go. As for Undertale, it received, and deserves all its publicity. It did not had a fanbase, it didn't have huge marketing; all it has was word of mouth, which is one marketing people do only if it deserves it. I wouldn't just recommend any games to my friend. I'd only do it for the best of the best.

"Earthbound being 760,000 and Undertale being 1,349 thousand (both being estimated)."

By 1,349 thousand, do you mean 1.349 million?

"...for the Wii U, a console that is quite accessible."

Still, not as accessible as the PC. Look, for PC, I'll just have to download the game, Done! Plus, most household will have a laptop or a PC. As for a Wii U, I'll need to buy the console, and then download, or look for the game. No as simple, huh?

"(or people ONLY knowing about Earthbound because of Undertale) "

Here's why people do that. Earthbound was famous last time. Like you said, 3 years ago. So, let's put ourselves in the shoes of an average gamer. After finishing an amazing, wonderful game like Undertale, finishing all the endings and finding all the easter eggs, what would you do? Simple! Go on the forums, and start saying "OMG BEST GAME EVER WITHDRAWAL NOW PLZ GAMES LIKE UNDIRTEAL" What would people reply with? Games similar to Undertale, in that case Earthbound, since like you implied, they resemble each other a lot. Maybe that's why people know Earthbound because of Undertale. This situation is normal. If we switch the positions of them, Undertale being released 3 years before, and Earthbound recently, people will know Undertale for Earthbound.
Debate Round No. 2


FieryBraixen forfeited this round.


As my opponent has forfeited the round and thus failed to rebut my points, I stand by my point that Undertale deserves all the attention it received.
Debate Round No. 3
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