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Does Welfare benefit the economy?

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Started: 4/15/2015 Category: Politics
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Round 1- Just introduce yourself and your stance, also note that this only applies to people who can work but receive welfare, people who have disabilities are not included because I believe people who are disabled should have societies support.

Round 2- This is the main argument

Round 3- Rebuttal round

Round 4- answer the following question, no debating here, If you had absolute power, how would you handle welfare?


Thank you, ajg897 for creating and inviting me to this debate.
I will be debating that welfare indeed does benefit the economy.

welfare ~ financial support given to people in need

I am excited to hear my opponent's opening argument :)
Debate Round No. 1


ajg897 forfeited this round.


What is Welfare?

The US welfare system began in the 1930s when there were so many families suffering from the Great Depression. The system stayed in the power of the federal government until 1996 when the Republican congress passed a law signed by Bill Clinton. Now, welfare is controlled by each individual state. Any person or family that has an extremely low income may receive welfare from their state. This includes food stamps, health care, unemployment aid, housing assistance, and child care assistance.

Why is Welfare A Popular Topic for Debate?

Many people believe that these people who are receiving welfare are trying not to get jobs, and instead are mooching off taxpayer"s money. Some even say that these people on welfare are trying to either a) have more kids so they can receive more benefits or b) not marrying to qualify for certain benefits. People not participating in the welfare program do not wish to spend tax money on welfare because of the amount of people "abusing" their benefits.

Why Should We Keep Welfare?

According to a study from Pew Charitable Trusts, "safety nets" such as food stamps keep millions of people from poverty.

Official poverty rate in the United States: 14.5%
-45.3 million people

Without food stamps
-Another 8 million people would be in poverty

Without social security
-Americans 65 and over
-52.67% would be in poverty
-Currently 14.6%

Without tax credits
-Children under 18
-22.8% would be in poverty
-19.9% (currently)

As you can see, we cannot completely take away welfare, otherwise there would be an insane amount of people living in poverty.

But, how does welfare benefit the economy?

How Welfare Benefits the Economy

The idea of many Republican lawmakers is to cut most of welfare benefits for poorer people. "If we give "em discipline, they"ll get their acts together and finally find a job!"

"Americans in poverty have no one to blame but themselves! It"s all their fault. They should be able to find a job, in what, two days? And then get to work! Heaven forbid they should have children to take care of. And single parents? They don"t exist, it"s just a myth."

According to the USDA in 2010, 41% of SNAP participants lived in a household that earned an income. You have to realize that people in poverty may still have jobs. They just don"t pay enough for the person or family to live comfortably, like so many other middle class and upper class families can. It also takes time for people to find jobs. Many have been looking since the great recession happen in 2008. They can"t help it that there aren"t any job offerings in their area. And I don"t know about you, but I"m pretty sure I wouldn"t want someone with a P.H.D. having to take a job at McDonald"s because it was the only opportunity. Unemployment rates have decreased from 5.7% in January to 5.5% in April. This is the lowest the unemployment rate has been in seven years. This proves that there ARE people out there looking for jobs and finding them. The idea that every person on welfare is simply trying to live off other people"s money as long as they can is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, I realize that there are some people that may be abusing this system. But we need to keep welfare so that more and more people will be able to find a job and eventually "wean" themselves off welfare. And when more people have jobs, there will be more money being made, which means more people being able to pay their taxes, which will benefit the economy. Welfare is like the training wheels on a bike. People who aren"t able to ride comfortably without them can use them, but in time, they will be able to ride without them.

Obviously, there is no exact way to link the economy improving to welfare. It does cost state government quite a bit of money to provide for these people. But if more of these people get jobs, and corporations can provide more jobs and a higher minimum wage, the economy will eventually benefit.

Works Cited:
Debate Round No. 2


ajg897 forfeited this round.


I have no rebuttals as my opponent did not post an argument.
Debate Round No. 3


ajg897 forfeited this round.


If I had absolute power, I would keep welfare the way it is being handled now. I think that it should be in the control of the states, because every state's amount of people on welfare is different. I would just encourage states to try and monitor people on welfare a bit more closely, so that less people would abuse the system.

Thank you, and vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by FreedomBeforeEquality 3 years ago
Yeah state run like how Maine's doing it. We'd see a ton of improvement. I'd feel better about helping people if 79% of the money I pay towards it wasn't going towards the welfare abusers. Its like donating $10 to cancer research and only $2.10 makes it to the cause ... the rest just wasted.
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture. You also were the only one to have sources or an argument ... so I suppose yours would have to be better by default.