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Does every American have the RIGHT to Food, Water and Shelter?

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Started: 1/23/2016 Category: Society
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First Round: acceptance
Second Round: opening arguments only
Third & Fourth Round: arguments and rebuttals


I accept and take the con position because rights come from God and this is not one of them. In addition, to say you have a right to the food, water and shelft that another produces is to say you have a right to their labor, making them your slave and slavery is immoral.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to ask Con: What proof do you have that Con is real? If he is real, how do you know that food, water, and shelter aren't rights he gave us? says that a right is "a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral". So really, the question is "Does every American have the title to Food, Water, and Shelter?"
Another question that I would like Con to answer: If we have the natural right to life (which means our life can't be taken by the government), then if I were to say we have the right/title to food, water, and shelter, then that means the government can't take it away.
Then, Con says that slavery is immoral. Irrelevant entirely.


The only reason I did rebuttals instead of opening arguments was because Con posted his opening arguments early.

Thanks, CodeFunny


The same proof I have the color is real, but that is not relevant, for the USA was founded on the notion that rights come from God and His word is clear that you have no such right.

Yes, you have the God-given right to life, but that does not mean that you have a right to the fruit of my labor to maintain that life.

So where is this defense of the existence of this right? And who do you say should be foced to pay for your fool, water and clothing?
Debate Round No. 2


I think Con is misunderstanding my points. I should probably clarify.
To have the right to food, water, and shelter is different than having someone else pay for yours. As I mentioned before, a right represents something not that is given, but something that can't be taken away.

Next, I will make note that in 1776, yes, the nation was founded under god. However, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, the church is not over the state. So "god-given rights" are irrelevant to this debate.

Con is right that I haven't yet defended the existence of this right. I will now.
It comes down to the Ninth Amendment of our American Constitution. This states that there are more rights than listed, and they cannot be violated. I am quite sure that not having your food, water, and shelter stolen or taken by the government is definitely one of them.


Again, nonsense. The 9th Amendment enshrines the notion of God-given rights being superior to the Constitution.

But if you mean that you having the right to fool, water and shelter means only that the state cannot take them away from you, which is to say the state cannot prevent you from eating, drinking or building yourself a home on your own land, then you and I are in full agreement.
Debate Round No. 3


CodeFunny forfeited this round.


As Con and I are actually in agreement now that the misunderstanding of his position has been cleared up, there is nothing more to say.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
NO; They have the right to not be restrained from it if they honestly earned it.
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
@CodeFunny, you should debate me on this specific topic.
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