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Does giving rights to women in India leads to men being discriminated

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance
My opponent has to prove that giving rights is leading to gender equality


I accept.

Giving 'rights', is something I hope you will explain better in your opening statement.
I will prove that legally enforcing rights leads to better gender equality for the *Majority* of Indian women.

Small cases of Urban elite women misusing laws does not count.

Wish my opponent all the best.
Debate Round No. 1


Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement; that is, rights are the fundamental normative rules about what is allowed of people or owed to people, according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory
Men are harassed by women by using the recent rights given to them like anti dowry laws, rape laws and social freedom to go to offices. In India,95% of dowry cases are false and you can't sat a "Small cases of Urban elite women misusing laws does not count.".It is believed in India that rape leads to defamation of a women.But what is the defamation faced by victims of false rape case . In India, 50% of rape case are false.Child abuse is another place men has to face discrimination .Research indicates that 52.94% of those abused are boys while 47.06% are girls in India . Still everyone thinks about girls being abused.Recent Help Age Report also confirms : 44% Elder abuse by Daughter-in-Law , 33% by Daughters and 22% by son , still in Media it is always shown the harassment by Men, a desperate attempt to hide the real fact of Harassment to Elders by Daughter-in-law or by Daughter .
People say women are smarter than boys, still in India ,women has 1/3 reservation in govt. colleges. They have 1/3 reservation in Parliament and Gram panchayat . Is this equality?
The most significant amendment in the bill was made due to our agitation. The bill will now even cover domestic workers who are employed for household work. However, the real challenge is how will this law be implemented.The bill states that it is the employer"s responsibility to provide a healthy environment to women at the workplace because any kind of sexual harassment means violation of human rights.Women get various rights related to their job. They leave before men due to laws and they are not allowed to overtime or under strict conditions . Leading to men doing extra work. Women get maternity leave. And all other benefits and also equal salary .Is it not biasedness?
Women in India have an extra benefit in Divorce as they get more share of the assets than man. And men has to give additional maintenance to women who are equal according to laws in India. Women are equal to men . Nowadays, self -capable too but still a maintenance.


Hi namit3157,
You still have not clarified what you really meant by 'Giving Rights'.According to your own definition,'Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement',they include freedom of speech and expression,the right to vote, the right to a free and fair trial, as well as education and information.

Tell me, how can giving women any of the above mentioned rights lead to discrimination of men?I realise that this is a semantic re-interpretation, but you did not prohibit this in your opening statement.As you are the instigator, The burden of proof is on you. For my part, I assert that gender equality is morally right and according to the constitution of Our country. Giving women these rights does NOT discriminate as men have the same rights too.

The other laws you mentioned for your argument are:
1.Anti-Dowry Laws
2.Special punishment for Rape offenders
3.Reservation for women in Government Colleges and in local body elections
4.Payment of Alimony in cases of Divorce
5.Work regulations( maternity leave and protection from sexual harassment)

Note these are not constitutional rights given to women, But special provisions made in the Law to protect women. I will explain why each and every one of these laws are beneficial for *majority* of women, and how these laws ensure *equality*.

1.Anti- Dowry Laws.

The Sub-Continent is probably the only country where this shameful legacy of Dowry deaths exists.I hope you agree that it is morally wrong.Many women are forced to pay obnoxious amounts of money to the family of their husbands as 'gifts' that many men demand.
According to Indian National Crime Record Bureau, in 2010, 8391 dowry death cases were reported across India. This means a bride was burned every 90 minutes, or dowry issues cause 1.4 deaths per year per 100,000 women in India.

These are just the reported cases.Most women in India(especially in rural areas) are raised to be submissive, and cases of abuse are never even reported.
I agree that there are a *few Urban women* who abuse these laws, but 8391 deaths a year, that too, in their own homes where women are supposed to be safe is not a Joke.

How you assert that 95% of these cases are false is something that baffles me, as you have not cited ant sources. Laws are made keeping the *Majority* in mind.

2.Special punishment for Rape offenders

Once again, the vast majority of rape cases in the country are not reported due to social stigma. The criminal procedures in are country are not sensitive to the humiliation of the victim, and until recently, victims were supposed to expose their vaginas to be probed by a doctor with his fingers to check for 'laxity',to check if they were raped.

Thus, special Laws are required to protect the victim from harassment from corrupt law enforcement officials.The Burden of proof is on you to site *Verifiable* and *reliable* data for relevant authorities to prove me otherwise, as you are the Instigator.

3. Reservation

I am personally against any form of reservation(including caste reservation), but nonetheless, i feel that women who constitute roughly 50% of our population are severely under-represented in the government.While i disagree with the wisdom of enforced reservation, i am fully with the intention of the law-makers to empower women through education and executive power as they facce severe challenges from society.

As you mentioned, Women outperform men time and again in High school as well as secondary school examinations, yet these same women under-perform in technical and college level examinations, simply because they do not get adequate support from most families.

I agree that this is changing in Urban areas, But most rural families are simply unwilling to send their female children outside the home to study.,It is the intention that this reservation will help off set the societal bias we have against women.

The burden is on you show that this does not exist *anywhere* and that this law somehow prevents boys from going to school or college, or from contesting elections.

4.Payment of Alimony

Nature has made women's bodies in such a way that they have most of the responsibility in child birth.They carry the child in their own bodies for 9 months, and feed the child with their own blood for the next year or so.The Man has to do none of these things, nor does he have any of these responsibilites.
It is only fair that he atleast has to compensate her monetarily for all this that she endures to bear HIS child.

Even society wise, society blames the mother for the upbringing of the child. This is the reason why women are always given more than 50% share in the cases of divorce through mutual consent.Divorce itself is a complicated subject.
There are several types and cases of divorce, and plenty of legal circumstances and moral ramifications. This is why it is even a branch of Legal speciality.

You must specify exaclty which types you feel are unfair and quote the actual law and show why.

5.Work regulations

There are two factors that i have already explained to consider here:
1.The special nature of women's bodies and the role it plays in childbirth.
2.The bias that a predominantly patriarchial society(such as India) has against women.

Taking these both into consideration, there is nothing in the nature of the Work regulation laws that discriminates against Men.You are yet to quote any reliable authority to prove your point.

I did agree that a small number of women misuse these laws.What you don't realise, is that the system also has laws to prevent this.
Women are not only equal to men, they are special and need to be protected.The quality of a society can be ascertained by how it treats its women.

Debate Round No. 2


namit3157 forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited his last debate, and hence i would like to carry forward all the arguments i posted earlier.

I urge you to vote for CON!!

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by iamanatheistandthisiswhy 3 years ago
What do you mean by rights? Could you give some examples and then I may be tempted to engage you.
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