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Does god exist?

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Started: 2/7/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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God does exist,I need someone against it. Atheists' are fools that they don't believe in god


First I'm not atheist, but I still don't believe in a higher power, and I accepted to throw impossible questions at you, and to state in my opinion why he doesn't exist, and why I think that the bible portrays "god" as an horrific murder, and a dictator of the world.

First question: If the bible is thousands of years old, then throughout thousands of years, stories change making people better and greater then they normally where, due to this, what makes you think the bible is factual at all? What if the bible is old children stories that some kook believed and made a religion based off of those old stories? prove to me that the bible is indeed factual and historically accurate.

Second question: In this bible god made the universe, with a few spoken words, and with those few spoken words he made the first "image" of himself, A.K.A Adam and Eve. From science our early ancestors evolved from animals, and has been proven through older fossils found. Saying this The bible states that the first where humans not bacteria that evolved through the years, so even through science, we proved god was wrong, now tell me why you think that your god is true and real, by proving to me that Adam and eve where indeed the first humans.

Third question: Now that I proved your stories worn let me prove to you why I think god does not exist, Tell me why, if your god is so great, did he MURDER millions of lives, because nobody followed his rule, he is completely power hungry, YOUR god, a symbol of good, killed millions with his so called "power". But today he doesn't show his power against those religions that defy him, he doesn't wipe us off the planet for our evil sins, simply because he is false. Nobody talks to "god" like they once did, those who think that their prayer was answered, simply went through fate, if you don't pray the same thing is gonna happen whether you like it to or not, prayer was/and still is a motivator for those who ask for personal favors. So my question for you is, Why do you believe? What is your reason for believing in "God" and answer honestly don't give me that "because he gives me some security" and if that is the reason then I might as well tell you that I worship a grain of sand due to the comfort it gave me at the beach I found it at, I pray to this grain of sand, and it answered my prayer because I did win the lottery, that's not fate at all No.
your god is false, your god represents slavery, and your god is a high dictator on all religions,your god is a murderer, and above all your fate is your god.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not talking about the Christian god, I'm talking about the almighty Allah. If you read the Quran once you'll find out


Due to your mistake of not putting a religion preference up on your profile and not expressing which god we where supposed to debate in your title or your opening statement, I could only muster up the this simple statement.

It's your fault that you did not specify, and due to this problem, and me REFUSING to read a Quran, I forfit and I can only hope the audience understands your mistake, this is a loss on my behalf of refusing to cooperate.
Debate Round No. 2


mink204 forfeited this round.


Linkish1O2 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LiamGallagher 4 years ago
God does not exist.
We are another species which is the product of a process called Natural Selection. This is simply the process which explains how life forms become the way they are, completely without any intervention, purely biology. For millions of years before us, before God decided to "clean up the world" and get it read for was inhabited with dinosaurs, volcanoes, massive land slides, unstable atmospheric conditions and so on. It seems odd that it took god over 6 1/2 billion years to create humans (we've only been around for 100,000 years), and only in the last 200 years has he decided to intervene.

We've come about by natural process. We are a species that that has evolved to use our brains to the fullest potential, and unfortunately that function has been forgotten.
Posted by Linkish1O2 4 years ago
My problem is I have a very limited knowledge on the Muslim religion but a vast knowledge on Muslim extremist, my sole focus would be on how I don't like the religion since I'm sorely against the very idea of the Muslims, due to my army affiliation......if I where to continue this debate it would be an an all out hate and anger against someone who may not deserve it.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 4 years ago
Now,Linkish102, you also jumped right into the debate.
You started of talking about the bible and Christianity.

I would point out that you just focused on Christianity, however I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you would have used the other religions in your next rounds. I assume that since you already started the debate and then was told that it was focusing on Islam, that is why you will forfeit your next rounds.

Such a shame though. I was quite prepared for an interesting debate.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 4 years ago
What was that?!
Quote, "God does exist,I need someone against it. Atheists' are fools that they don't believe in god"

Firstly, you, mink204, said, "God." You never specified of which religion. You meant that there IS A God. Your debate is if there is a God OR not. You never specified of which religion.

Your second mistake, is that although your debate is on God, and you say He exists, you said and I quote, "they don't believe in god."

Again, I quote for emphasis, "god." You didn't say "God." You said, "god."
If you believe in God, there is a capital G in God and a capital H in He.
Posted by Linkish1O2 4 years ago
The simple comment in his first statement did NOT say Allah, it said god.
Posted by Kako 4 years ago
The question "Does God exist?" must first be defined in terms of which God you are talking about. Since you said the Christian God then the question is moot because "God" cannot be observed in our current state and thus cannot be conclusively proven, or dis-proven. To believe either as an absolute truth requires faith. But to profess an absolute over an ultimate unknown is folly. To attempt to debate it is moronic.

Posted by TheWarrior 4 years ago
Mink204 needs to learn that atheists are not fools. Yes I am a Christian and I believe that God exists but I know of many atheists who are much more intelligent than I will ever be. Yes, There are also Christians who are much more intelligent than I. An example is my older brother who has a Ph.D. in Theology. To say that all atheists are fools is a very misguided statement and will lose you a debate really quick.
Posted by Linkish1O2 4 years ago
Any god, now in the debate I do think this is about a Christian god, due to no explanation
Posted by TheAntidoter 4 years ago
You assume he is talking about christian god??????
Posted by Linkish1O2 4 years ago
I believe it when you catch "god" moving water and making nature, on video.
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Reasons for voting decision: Despite Con stating a forfeit in the second round, Pro failed to advocate arguments, specify when it was necessary in the first round, and refute Con's arguments from the first round. Pro also had grammatical errors in both rounds. Conduct points go to neither party as both forfeited the final round.